Nicknames for Sienna

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Sienna is a beautiful girl’s name that originates in the Italian word Siena which means orange-red. The reddish brown clay that originates in Siena, Italy gives the name Sienna a romantic and earthy vibe.  

And it certainly helps that royal Princess Beatrice just named her sweet royal baby girl Sienna Elizabeth Mapelli Mozzi! That, paired with famous actress Sienna Miller gives notoriety to the beautiful girl’s name!

Sienna has never been an overly popular name, but it is rising in popularity, ranking in the top 125 names for 2022.

So, if you too love the name Sienna, then we’d love to help you find the perfect nickname for Sienna! 

Here you’ll find the best cute nicknames for Sienna, funny nicknames for Sienna, cool nicknames for Sienna, and even a ton of famous people named Sienna!

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Nicknames For The Name Sienna

Best Nicknames For Sienna

  1. C
  2. Sia
  3. C-Anna
  4. Sian
  5. C-enna
  6. Siania
  7. Enna
  8. Sien
  9. Enners
  10. Sien-Zen
  11. Ennie
  12. Sienski
  13. Miss Sienna
  14. Sierra
  15. Nana
  16. Siesie
  17. Nene
  18. Sina
  19. Nens
  20. Sinana
  21. Nina
  22. Sine
  23. Saia
  24. Sinni
  25. Seanna
  26. Sinnie
  27. Senna
  28. Zen Sien
Funny Nicknames for Sienna

Cute Nicknames For Sienna

  1. CC
  2. Sens
  3. Ce-Ce
  4. Sie-Sie
  5. Cece
  6. Siena
  7. Cee-Ce
  8. Siena bear
  9. CiCi
  10. Sienna bear
  11. Cissy
  12. Sienna run
  13. Nenna
  14. Siennsienn
  15. Nenna bear
  16. SiSi
  17. Sen
  18. Sissy
  19. Sen sen
  20. Spicy
  21. Sena
  22. Sweet Cheeks
  23. Senny
  24. Sweet roll
  25. Seno
  26. Tienna
Famous People Named Sienna

Funny Nicknames For Sienna

  1. Any
  2. Send it
  3. Cinna
  4. Send-a
  5. Cinnamon
  6. Si
  7. Cinnamon Roll
  8. Sianna banana
  9. CNA
  10. Sienaminroll
  11. ENA
  12. Sienester
  13. Enny
  14. Sienna-bun
  15. Ens
  16. Sienna-man
  17. NE
  18. Sienna-man-bun
  19. Sauna
  20. Siennasaurus rex
  21. Sea
  22. Sin
  23. Sea Sea
  24. Sinister
  25. See any
  26. Sinnabun
  27. See see
  28. Sinner
  29. Seen it
  30. Yes
  31. Seen-a

Cool Nicknames For Sienna

  1. Anneis
  2. Sheina
  3. Anners
  4. Sie
  5. Annie
  6. Sie-na-na
  7. Cee
  8. Siene
  9. Ensie
  10. Sienna beena
  11. Mina
  12. Sienna bennena
  13. Nen
  14. Sienna bienna
  15. Nia
  16. Sienna penna
  17. Sam
  18. Sienner
  19. Sana
  20. Sneha
  21. Sensie
  22. Zen
  23. Sheena
Cool Nicknames for Sienna

Famous People Named Sienna

  • Sienna Guillory (British actress)
  • Sienna Miller (American-British actress)
  • Sienna Rodgers (English journalist)
  • Sienna (American professional wrestler, her real name is Allysin Kay)
  • Sienna Elizabeth Mapelli Mozzi (daughter of Princess Beatrice of York)
  • Sienna Blake (Fictional, character from Brittish soap opera “Hollyoaks”)
  • Sienna Morris (American artist)
  • Sienna Cammeniti (Fictional, character from Australian soap opera “Neighbours”

Final Thoughts On Sienna Nicknames

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Best Nicknames for Sienna