How To Open A Graco Stroller

Trying to learn how to open a Graco stroller?

Then let us help you with this step by step Graco stroller how to open guide!

If you’ve been struggling on how to open your Graco stroller, then you’re not alone.

When you see a super parent getting their stroller out it can often be like a scene from the Transformers, but there’s no need to get embarrassed – this is a really easy skill that many master pretty quickly.

The often complex folding-out systems are pretty easy to operate, and the engineering often takes care of itself, but it can certainly look a little complicated from the other side.

So we’re going to take the stress away and to tell you how to open Graco strollers.

It is much easier than you expected so don’t worry. And the best part is this skill can easily be applied to any other stroller, while they have different mechanisms they often rely on the same logic.

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How To Open A Graco Stroller

Not all of the Graco stroller models open the same way, so let’s dive in and take a look at how to unlock Graco stroller based on their specific model.

How To Open A GRACO NimbleLight Stroller

The Graco NimbleLite is great to take around the city, it has cup holders and other useful bits of storage to stop drinks being thrown out the stroller, as well as all the safety features you would expect from a company like GRACO.

The folding mechanism is a super simple one, and is even easier than you would expect thanks to the really light design, as the name suggests. You simply unlock the frame where the belly bar makes contact with the rest of the frame.

From here you simply pull the top part of the frame, where your handlebar is, back towards you and the stroller folds up and down easily in one step – easy to do in any situation.

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How To Open The GRACO Modes Nest2Grow Stroller

This is a really clever and practical stroller from GRACO that is made to last. The main feature of this stroller is that it changed sizes to grow alongside your baby.

In other words it is 4 strollers in 1, it can fulfill the role of an infant car seat, an infant carry seat, a toddler stroller, and even a double stroller for more than one child – so useful!

GRACO suggests there are 15 different modes of use for this one piece of mobile furniture.

With this innovative design, you would imagine it might be hard to fold, but is it? Not at all.

This Graco Stroller easily has a one fold design that you can complete with one hand. All you literally have to do is apply pressure to your handlebar, and the rest of the stroller should follow!

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How To Open A GRACO Modes Pramette Stroller

This is another stroller from GRACO that prides itself on being multi-functional and not being a one time purchase. This stroller can turn into a few different modes like the previous, but is better for younger babies.

The stroller can actually be a mobile bassinet in its earliest version, also has a reversible seat for young babies, but turns into a stroller too for older kids.

Sounds complicated, but GRACO utilizes another really easy and helpful one hand folding and opening system.

Simply apply pressure downwards on the handlebar and watch the child’s belly bar come up as the stroller easily folds into one piece, easily doable with one hand.

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How To Open A GRACO Breaze Click Connect Stroller

This stroller is ideal for an older child like a toddler, but with the right bassinet you can easily use this with the younger children in other GRACO seats.

Some wheel locks make the stroller super safe, a great canopy can even protect from 50 UV sunlight rays, super helpful wheels too as well as wheel suspension for smooth riding.

But what about folding and opening? Most GRACO strollers are easy to close, but this is even easier with a super helpful lever you simply have to pull for the whole thing to collapse leaving one hand to pick up your child.

You could even carry both in the same trip as this is such a lightweight stroller.

Final Thoughts on How to Unlock Graco Stroller

There you have it, it is super easy to open and close a GRACO stroller. Their clever design and development teams have made nearly all their strollers into a one hand folding system, one which is both easy and practical to do.

They almost all close either with downwards pressure on the handlebar for the parent, or they have a locking frame or level. But almost all of the recent GRACO models incorporate this one hand fold design.

A stroller which doesn’t have this one hand folding system can be a real pain, when your kid is out of the stroller, and you are trying to fold a complex system with two hands, they may get up to all sorts while you are trying to fold down the stroller.

This isn’t safe or practical, so these one hand designs are an ideal piece of equipment for any parent.

We hope this article has helped you in your quest to close your stroller, whether it is second hand or a new buy, almost all GRACO strollers will close in a similar fashion and usually with one hand, this is why parents love GRACO, for it’s super clever and practical designs.

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