Baby Trend Vs Graco

Trying to decide between Baby Trend vs Graco brands?

Then let us help with our guide on Graco vs Baby Trend.

When you’re shopping for baby items, it’s always worth identifying the best brands for your particular budget. And one of the key pieces of advice is to pick a brand that you like, and stick with it as far as possible.

That way, all your baby items will be fully compatible and work perfectly together.

Baby Trend and Graco are both great brands for baby items, with a very wide product offering. What’s more, both brands offer superb quality products, and all at reasonable, affordable prices.

Which means it’s kinda hard to choose between the two.

That is why we’ve put this article together, so that you can see just how the two brands compare and contrast in different areas. And here goes.

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Overview Baby Trend Vs Graco


The longest established brand of the two is Graco, by a landslide. They were established as far back as 1942, and have become a leading manufacturer of all kinds of baby gear. 

Their products are solid and sturdy, and they also cater to more age groups. And despite their old origins, many of their products are quite high-tech. 

And with so many plus points to their name, they can afford to charge just a little bit more than some of the other brands.

Baby Trends

Although it’s not as long-established as Graco, the Baby Trends brand has been around for several decades now, having been established in 1988. 

Like Graco, they have also gone on to become one of the leading manufacturers of baby gear. Their products are primarily designed for younger age groups, and their products aren’t always as high-tech as those from Graco.

But what they do offer is more affordable products.

Now, let’s go through each of the main product categories.

Graco vs Baby Trend Car Seats


The Graco brand offers infant car seats, convertible car seats, all-in-one car seats, and booster car seats. 

Their infant car seats feature a special base for safety, and they start from about $150 all the way through to almost $300. They are snug and secure, and above all safe.

12/04/2023 01:03 pm GMT

Baby Trend

The Baby Trend brand offers infant car seats, convertible car seats, booster car seats, and booster car seats with a harness for better safety. 

Their infant car seats are notably more affordable than the Graco ones, all coming under $200 when this article was written. Like the Graco brand, these infant car seats also feature a special base for better safety.

For those of you who don’t already know, a convertible car seat is one that’s suited for different age groups that can be secured to the car seat in different ways, as per the child’s age group.

An all-in-one car seat meanwhile is a basically convertible car seat that lasts even longer than a traditional convertible car seat. 

Baby Trend Vs Graco Strollers


Graco’s line up of strollers includes lightweight strollers, full-size ones, joggers, and double strollers. And you can often pick up a Graco lightweight stroller for under $100, whereas a double stroller from Graco can cost as much as $250.

So despite Graco being considered a higher ticket brand, their strollers are actually quite reasonably priced, and have all the features you could want.

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Our Top Pick
Graco FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller

This lightweight jogging stroller is fantastic across all terrains including snow thanks to its super maneuverable, air-filled tires, and excellent suspension.

The three-wheel design which makes steering and maneuvering more accurate, especially as you can lock in the front wheel as needed.

Better still, the fast action fold means that this stroller collapses down to a neat storage size in just one smooth movement. No flipping, clipping, or tricky fastenings involved!

Baby Trend

The Baby Trend brand also covers lightweight strollers, full-size strollers, and joggers, but they also offer several other types of stroller besides…

These include Snap-N-Go strollers, which are basically a frame to which you can attach a one or two infant car seats.

Then there’s Baby Trend’s Stroller Wagons, which are more like a pull along box wagon that can house 2 children, with a flip up canopy and flip over basket. And they also offer Sit N’ Stand Strollers, which feature a standing board for older children to ride along on.

Our Top Pick
Baby Trend Range Jogger Stroller
$139.99 $109.99

The huge composite tires on this Baby Trend Range Jogger Stroller are designed for all-terrain! And the 3 wheel system (with a locking front swiveling wheel) makes this stroller very easy to maneuver.

Better yet it comes with an extra large storage compartment, is compatible with the Baby Trend car seat and is very reasonably priced!

12/03/2023 07:03 pm GMT

Baby Trend Vs Graco Travel Systems

A travel system is arguably the most important system a new parent can have for transporting their infant around, because it consists of both a stroller, and a compatible car seat that you can attach to the stroller.

We have already touched up on the quality of both Graco and Baby Trend strollers and car seats, and can confirm that this high standard is also present in their travel systems.


The Graco brand offers lightweight, full-size, jogging, and double travel systems. And their prices range from as little as about $260 up to a whopping $835. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, but they are all of excellent quality.

Our Top Pick
Graco Click Connect Travel System | Includes the FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller and SnugRide 35 Infant Car Seat

When it comes to the Graco classic connect vs click connect, it is hard to beat the ease of the one step, secure connection of infant car seat to stroller that the click connect technology provides.

11/27/2023 01:03 am GMT

Baby Trend

The Baby Trend offers both 4-wheel and 3-wheel standard travel systems, together with jogger travel systems, modular travel systems, and single to double travel systems. 

Their prices start from about $150 and go up to about $440, making them noticeably cheaper than the Graco brand across the board.

11/30/2023 02:04 am GMT



In addition to baby gear for when you’re out and about, you’ll also need baby gear in the home too, where your infant can sit and play, and have their diaper changed. 

They’re usually referred to as playards, but some of them in many ways are more like a travel cot.


Graco offers a wide range of travel-cot-like playards that are suitable for newborns, up to the age of when they start to go on the move. 

They typically feature somewhere for the baby to lie down with their toys or mobile, somewhere to change their diaper, a removable comfy seat, and sturdy pockets for keeping their diapers and diaper cream in.

They also offer playspaces for older infants that can walk and get around. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, and keeps the toddler away from dangers such as kitchen appliances and flights of steps, giving them plenty of room to have and play and at the same time keeping them perfectly safe and secure.

Baby Trend

The Baby Trend brand also offers small mini nursery playards, that are very much like the travel-cot-like playards offered by Graco. But they don’t always provide a special area for changing diapers. 

But unlike Graco, they also offer nursery playards specially designed for twins.

Baby Trend also offers a very affordable selection of portable playards, which are tall enough for your toddler to stand up in without the risk of escape, which is perfect for keeping them occupied while you are busy cooking, cleaning or working. 

The walls are a see-through mesh fabric, so they can still see you while they are in there, and you can continue to talk or sing to them. And some have wheels on one side, so you can move it from room to room.

But while Baby Trend is far more affordable for its playards, the Graco ones are of even better quality and certainly have more features.

High Chairs

If you’re a family who likes to eat at the table, you’ll need a high chair for your toddler as soon as they are ready to sit up straight and come off milk.


Graco has an excellent range of high chairs, ranging in price from about $100 to about $230. 

12/02/2023 10:03 am GMT

Baby Trend

Baby Trend high chairs are also of excellent quality, but are significantly more affordable, with their prices ranging from just $60 or so up to about $90. 

12/03/2023 12:03 am GMT

Graco Summary Of Pros And Cons


Graco baby gear is of the utmost premium quality, and their products tend to have slightly more features than the other brands do.

The Graco brand products come with phenomenal customer ratings and reviews, often attaining full 5-star ratings on sites like Amazon.

The Graco brand also caters more for slightly older children.


It’s clear that Graco products tend to be more expensive across the board.

Baby Trend Summary Of Pros And Cons


The Baby Trend brand has much more affordable offerings, and will never charge more than necessary for their products.

Baby Trend receives a lot of praise from customers on sites like Amazon, where they typically achieve average Amazon customer ratings of at least 4 and a half stars out of 5.


They’re not a high-end brand due to their affordability, though their products are of very good quality.

Final Thoughts: Which Brand To Choose

Of course, there’s no reason why you can’t choose some items from one brand, and some from another (except when it comes to travel systems, of course). 

And this is our stand on the issue. You can pick and choose some items from one brand, and also have some from the other.

Our key piece of advice when shopping for baby gear is to consider safety first before anything else. And to be honest, both brands can hold up their end in that regard.

As for which is best, they both certainly have a lot to offer, and they both offer excellent value for money. But as a general rule the Graco brand is typically more expensive than Baby Trend, so if you have a limited budget, products from the Baby Trend brand may be more affordable for you.

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Baby Trend Vs Graco