Fantasy Boy Names

Looking for the best fantasy boy names with meanings?

Then this list of cool fantasy boy names & sci fi boys names with meanings is for you!

Naming a child can require a little imagination, especially if you are looking for a boy name that is based on fantasy! 

So to help make your search a little easier, we have done the hard work for you and put together this list of the best fantasy boy names from all your favorite fantasy and sci-fi books, TV shows, and movies!

Here you’ll find creative medieval fantasy boy names, futuristic names for boys, unique fantasy boy names, male fantasy names, alien names male, and their meanings for your little hero!

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Best Fantasy Boy Names

Best Fantasy Boy Names


– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘earth’ or ‘soil’


– of Gaelic origin meaning ‘handsome’


– of Greek origin meaning ‘defender of humankind’


– of Norse origin meaning ‘bearer of martyrs’. Aro is also a vampire character in Twilight series.


– of Greek origin meaning ‘goddess of the moon, hunting, and chastity’


– of English origin meaning ‘from the protected tower’


– of English origin meaning ‘white’


– of English origin meaning ‘kindly and loved’


– of German origin meaning ‘bold’


– of Gaelic origin meaning ‘handsome’


– of French origin meaning ‘from Airelle’, ‘darling’, or ‘beloved’


– of English origin meaning ‘wealth’, ‘fortune’ or ‘prosperous’


– of English origin meaning ‘old, wise leader’


– of Irish origin meaning ‘universal’


– of French origin meaning ‘fountain, water source’


– of English origin meaning ‘hollow valley’


– of German origin meaning ‘mind’


– of English origin meaning ‘son of Jack’


– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘he who supplants’


– of Persian origin meaning ‘treasurer’


– of English origin meaning ‘Jehovah has been gracious’


– of French origin meaning ‘youthful’


– of Irish origin meaning ‘slender’ or ‘fair’


– of English origin meaning ‘meadow’


– of Greek origin meaning ‘rising in the sky’


– of English origin meaning ‘woodworker’


– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘God hears’


– of Scottish origin meaning ‘landholder’


– of Norse mythology origin meaning ‘thunder’


– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘laughter’; ‘the Lord recalled’

Sci Fi Boy Names

Sci Fi Boy Names

Anakin: Warrior
Angel: messenger Of God
Bail: someone who lived by the outer wall of a castle
Ben: son of
Cade: round or barrel
Cassian: hollow
Dameron: nickname for a foppish or effeminate young man
Darth: variation of dark
Dash: to run quickly
Dukat: fictional character from Star Trek: Deep Space 9
Eli: high, elevated
Elihu: Jehovah is God
Gaius: happy, rejoice
Geordi: Farmer
Grant: large
Han: God is gracious
Jean-Luc: God is gracious
John: Yahweh has been gracious
Kenobi: to know, or be acquainted with
Leonard: lion strength
Luke: the bright one
Mal: smooth brow; star of the sea
Maul: someone with a deformed mouth
Miles: a soldier
Neelix: created
Pike: a spear
Poe: peacock
Sarek: fictional character; Spock’s father
Saru: warrior
Scotty: from Scotland
Sisko: fat or overweight
Spock: maker of wheels/spokes
Sulu: Shining heaven
Tuvok: prayer
Wallace: foreigner
Wedge: force into a narrow space
Wesley: dweller near the western wood or clearing
Will: resolute protector
Worf: fictional character from Star Trek

Unique Fantasy Boy Names

Aang: peaceful soaring
Achilles: thin-lipped
Aladdin: nobility of faith
Atreyu: bold guardian
Boromir: fictional character from Lord of the Rings
Faramir: sufficient
Gandalf: staff-elf
Idris: interpreter
Jareth: created
Joffrey: peace of a stranger
Jubal: rams-horn
Kaladin: born unto
Kerr: someone who lived by a patch of wet ground overgrown with brushwood
Legolas: green leaves
Lucius: light
Perseus: to destroy
Poseidon: husband of the earth
Reaver: robber, marauder, or pirate
Roxas: light and dark
Sauron: foul, putrid
Scorpius: the scorpion
Septimus: seventh
Tetsuo: wise man
Tyrion: rock
Vaan: full of life
Wikus: glorious in battle
Cool Fantasy Boy Names

Medieval Fantasy Boy Names

Alderman: member of the governing body
Arthur: noble, courageous
Asher: ash maker
Barda: daughter of the earth
Benedict: blessed
Bishop: overseer; guardian
Borin: pine tree
Bryce: speckled, freckled
Carac: character
Chancellor: chief; secretary
Clifton: town by the cliff
Dain: brook
Doran: fist; stranger, exile
Duke: the leader
Earl: warrior
Edmund: prosperity
Favian: man of wisdom
Frederick: peaceful ruler
Gavin: God send
Geoffrey: God’s peace
Josef: Jehovah increases
Justice: Just; upright; righteous
Lancelot: servant
Leif: beloved, descendant
Leofric: beloved kingdom
Merek: strong ruler
Oliver: olive tree planter
Quinn: counsel
Rulf: renown wolf
Simon: flat-nosed
Terrin/Terryn: late summer
Thomas: twin
Tristan: noise of arms
Tybalt: from bald people
Ulric: power of the wolf
Walter: powerful army
William: resolute protector
Zane: God is gracious

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Cool Fantasy Boy Names

Apollo: destroyer
Bastian: man of Sebastia
Blaize: to lisp, stammer
Chay: fairy tale
Constantine: constant
Damon: to tame, subdue
Delvin: godly friend; proud friend; bright friend
Eiran: watchful, vigilant
Eragon: freedom and hope
Falkor: people, tribe
Fox: wild dog
Galen: calm
Kaidan: companion
Korben: raven-colored
Lando: land
Logan: descendant of the warrior
Loras: sorrowful
Remus: oar
Ronan: little seal
Rune: secret
Rylan: island meadow
Sirius: glowing
Sokka: inquire
Soren: stern
Spike: long, heavy nail
Stefan: crown, wreath
Talyn: large claw of a bird of prey
Tyrell: stubborn
Viktor: conqueror
Ward: guard; watchman
Xavier: bright; splendid

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Cute Fantasy Boy Names

Bilbo: fictional character from the Hobbit
Brody: broad eyed
Casper: treasurer
Conan: hound, wolf; high
Draco: dragon
Elliot: bravely and truly
Frodo: wise by experience
Harry: home ruler
Innis: island
Kylo: sky
Ludo: renown warrior
Marty: dedicated to Mars
Milo: soldier or merciful
Neo: new
Nico: people of victory
Odo: wealthy
Percy: to destroy
Pippin: traveler; pilgrim
Ren: water lily; lotus
Rory: red-haired king
Rowan: little red-head
Sebastian: venerable
Sora: sky; conch shell
Sully: south meadow
Vincent: conquering
Westley: western meadow
Winter: winter season

Final Thoughts On Fantasy Names For Boys

Finding the perfect fantasy boys names is never easy but we hope we were able to help inspire you to find a boy name that you love!

And if you’re still looking for more great boy names, try these uncommon boy names, tough boy names, edgy boy names, and modern boy names.

Unique Fantasy Boy Names