Free Family Activities

Are you looking for some fun ways to spend time as a family and make incredible memories (without breaking the bank)?

Then why not challenge your family to a no spend weekend!

A lot of people know why spending time with the family is important, but that doesn’t always make it easy to do.

It takes time and effort to come up with something fun and exciting to do each weekend and in a lot of case it also takes quite a bit of money too (especially if you are on a tight budget and already looking at money saving ideas for the family)!

And let’s be honest, when the weekend approaches and the whole family starts asking what you are going to do or even worse mentions the ‘bored’ word, it can even become a little stressful!

Yet, spending time with your kids on the weekend is something that is important for everyone involved.

It gives your kids a chance to spend some quality time with their parents and it also gives you a chance to relax and unwind from your busy week.

That’s why we think a no spend weekend is the perfect solution.

And to make it a lot easier for you, we have put together over 75 fun and free family activities that you can do without breaking the budget!

What Is A No Spend Weekend?

Things To Do For Free With Kids

The aim of a no spend weekend is just as it sounds, it is going Saturday and Sunday without spending any money.

Depending how strict you want to be, you may also want to include Friday night, making it two days and three nights of no spending.  

The purpose of a no spend weekend can vary for people, but mostly it is to budget and save money.

For some though, it is about being more present in your relationships, wasting less, and becoming more creative with your activities as you are no longer paying to be entertained.

Fun Family Activities Ideas For Your No Spend Weekend

Free Activities For Kids

If you are looking for the best free things to do with kids this weekend, or any other no spend weekend you are planning, then we have you covered!

Below is our list of 75+ free family activities to help you have fun with your family and create some awesome family memories:

– Have a family bake off

– Visit your local library

Have a family fun night

– Play together at a local park

– Pack a picnic and enjoy it outdoors

– Dig out a favorite family board game

– Go on a hike in your local state park! Check your local travel guides for all your local options. Depending where you live, you’ll find a ton of great places for a family hike like Cedar Fall Hock Hills, in the stunning Hocking County, Ohio.

– Enjoy a movie marathon together

– Create a memory book for everyone in the family (check out these awesome baby memory books for all those adorable first moments)

– Start a new hobby the whole family can get involved in like photography or painting

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Fun Family Activities

– Get artsy and have a craft day (this is especially fun around holidays like Easter and Christmas)

– Visit a free museum or historical location

– Visit an art gallery

– Play a sport together in the yard

– Visit a botanical garden

– Make a family time capsule

– Take a walk down memory lane and go through your family photos

– Pick flowers & leaves from the garden and make floral arrangements

– Declutter your wardrobes and make a clothing donation

– Visit your extended family and have a playdate with cousins

– Research and then go on a walking tour of your local city

– Build a blanket fort in the family room

Family Activities

– Turn on the sprinklers, fill the water balloons, and enjoy some backyard water games

– Get into nature and start a compost or worm farm

– Do a puzzle

– Make homemade gifts

– Read your favorite books together

– Go on a bike ride or scooter ride

– Go fishing

– Make a fairy garden

Fun Free Things To Do With Kids

– Collect shells from the beach

– Fly Kites

– Create a scavenger hunt

– Make and fly paper planes

– Have a home spa day

– Research your family tree

– Plant a vegetable patch

– Make slime

– Star gaze in your backyard

– Enjoy a night or day of karaoke

Cheap Activities For Kids

– Make playdough

– Make a family scrapbook

– Visit the local farmers markets

– Attend a local community event

– Have a yard sale or visit local ones around you

– Visit an RV or Boat show

– Volunteer as a family

– Go geocaching

– Have a teddy bear’s picnic

– Rake up the leaves then jump in them

Family Fun Activities

– Wash the car

– Build a snowman

– Go swimming

– Build with lego or blocks

– Make and decorate cookies

– Tell stories together

– Write and act a simple play

– Create a puppet show

– Color in together

– Draw a map and go on a treasure hunt

Free Stuff To Do With Kids

– Play dress-ups

– Form a family band

– Have a dance party

– Get out the chalk and draw on the pavement

– Do a family puzzle together

– Cook something new and eat dinner together

– Jump on the trampoline

– Play hide and seek

– Put on a family fashion show

– Entertain each other with a game of charades

Family Fun This Weekend

– Go ‘camping’ in your family room for the night

– Watch the sunrise or sunset together

– Play family-friendly video games together

– Make tie-die shirts together using food coloring

– Feed the ducks at the local pond

– Have a pajamas day

– Paint pictures and make an art gallery

– Make a book (everyone contributes one line to the story on each page and then use magazines to cut out pictures or draw them in).

– Go rock hunting and then paint your finds

– Make homemade ice-cream in all your favorite flavors

– Ask your children what they want to do, and then do it! 

Final Thoughts On No Spend Weekend Ideas To Do With The Kids

Spending time with the family doesn’t have to be expensive!

We hope this guide has been helpful by giving you ideas on how to create great family memories without spending a dime!

And if you’re looking for more great family time ideas, then check out these summer bucket list ideas for families, traditions to start with grandchildren, and mother daughter date ideas.

No Spend Weekend Ideas