Mother Daughter Date Ideas

Are you looking for some fun mother daughter date ideas?

Maybe a great Mother’s Day activity?

Or a Valentine’s Day date idea to do with your daughter?

You know the ones where you can hang out with your daughter or your mom, your best friend, and build on the special bond that only exists between a mother and her daughter.

Well you have come to the right place!

Having a daughter is a feeling that no one can explain.

It is a special bond that continues to grow as your daughter does.

And no doubt you want you express just how important she is to you with spending meaningful, quality time together.

Time spent laughing, enjoying, and building a lifelong bond with her that instills trust and support for her.

That’s why we have put together this list of the perfect date ideas for mom and daughter that not only will have you enjoying yourselves to no end but will also strengthen your mother daughter relationship.

Mother Daughter Relationship | 30+ Fun Mother Daughter Date Ideas That Will Also Strengthen Your Mother Daughter Relationship

Why You Need A Mother Daughter’s Day

Life as a mom gets busy.

It’s not an excuse, it is just the truth.

Sometimes there is just not enough mom to go around.

And in the mix of it all, there is no doubt that your little girl is growing up way too fast.

That is why I love mummy daughter dates.

You can plan in advance special time to spend that 1:1 time with your daughter.

So ‘busy’ doesn’t become an excuse.

You are actively making time to show your daughter (or mom) how important they are to you.

It gives you both something to look forward to.

They can be loads of fun!

While you are busy doing fun things with your daughter, you are also creating memories that can be treasured for a lifetime.

And let’s be honest, what girl, big or small, doesn’t love spending time with their mom.

Mother Daughter Bond | 30+ Fun Mother Daughter Date Ideas That Will Also Strengthen Your Mother Daughter Relationship

What To Do On Your Mother Daughter Day?

Whether you are looking for date ideas for teens or toddlers, this list of different mummy daughter date ideas is sure to spark some ideas:

Book In A High Tea

Depending on the age of your daughter a high tea is a beautiful and classy way to spend time together and feel special.

Make A Mother Daughter Time Capsule

Capture all those meaningful things that make your mother daughter bond special with a time capsule.

If you’re not sure how to make one, then check out this post on family time capsule ideas.

Get Manicures Together

Even if your daughter is younger, she will still love going to the salon with you and getting pampered and a pretty color on her nails.

Or if you want to go all out, make it a spa day!

It doesn’t have to be expensive either, you can set up your own day spa at home or even spend the day making and testing your own beauty products like this DIY lavender sugar scrub.

Enjoy A Lunch Date

A simple lunch date together at a café is the perfect way to sit together and have a conversation without interruptions from others.

Have A Tea Party

If your daughter is too young for a high tea, why not set up a tea party at home with her and a little tea set.

Don’t forget to invite the dolls and teddy bears.

Get Crafty And Have A Craft Night

Why not set up a craft station and sit together creating beautiful little keepsakes that can be given as gifts to family and friends.

Date Day With Mom | 30+ Fun Mother Daughter Date Ideas That Will Also Strengthen Your Mother Daughter Relationship

Do A Yoga Class

Even younger children love trying out the different yoga poses.

It also gives you a chance to relax and destress with your daughter and be in a good mindset to chat.

Go To A Market

Set the alarm for early one Saturday morning and pop out to the local markets.

Spend a few hours walking around, chatting, and looking at the different items.

Take A Cake Decorating Class

For those with older daughters, enrolling in a cake decorating class is a great way to get out of the house, have some fun and learn something new.

Visit The Library

Spend some time choosing a few new books to read at bedtime, check out the different activities the library has to offer and enjoy a morning out of the house.

Go For A Picnic

Get together a basket of food, a blanket and your hats and head out to a lovely park or garden for a picnic with your little one.

Go Swimming

You could go down to your local swimming pool or you could find a fresh rockpool to go and have a dip in during the warmer months.

Enjoy Some Window Shopping + Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love a bit of shopping? Why not have a morning of shopping with your daughter and splurge a little.

Head To The Cinema

Is there a favorite movie showing that one of you want to see?  Book in some time to visit your local cinema and indulge in a movie together.

Or if you prefer to stay in, you can easily have a movie night at home! You can keep it simple with just your favorite treats, or go all out an theme the whole movie night experience!

For example, if you’re planning a Valentine’s Day mother daughter movie night at home, then you could make a few packs of this adorable popcorn valentine, love heart shaped pancakes, heart shaped chocolates, the options are endless!

Take A Train Trip

Even if you do not have a set destination in mind, a train ride is a great way to explore and also sit together and chat.

Play A Game Of Bingo

A number of different clubs now offer a kids bingo during the school holidays.

It gives them a chance to do something fun and possibly win a prize or two.

Mother Daughter Day Ideas | 30+ Fun Mother Daughter Date Ideas That Will Also Strengthen Your Mother Daughter Relationship

Bake Something Together

Big or small baking together is great.

You can pass down family recipes, chat together, and teach her some great life skills.

Have A Slumber Party

Grab the sleeping bags and set yourselves up in the loungeroom for a girly night with movies and popcorn.

Or join your daughter in her room for one night, just the two of you.

Get Your Hair Done

Why not book in so you can both relax and have your hair washed at the hairdressers and then braided – braids are VERY popular with kids of all ages these days.

Play A Game Of Cards

Why not crack open a deck of cards, set up some munchies and music, and enjoy a few laughs and healthy competition.

Attend A Show

Choose something that you will both enjoy, either a music show or a play and make an evening of it.

Look At Old Photos

Dust off the family photo album and take a walk down memory lane together.

Whether you look at her baby photos, photos of you as a kid, or even old family photos it makes for a fun day seeing how much things have changed and listening to childhood stories.

Investigate Your Family Tree Together

Not sure on your family heritage? Why not research your family tree together and discover your family history.

Color Together

Grab a coloring book (there are a ton of fantastic adult coloring books) and some pencils and spend some time coloring in together.

This is great whether you have a big or little daughter.

Mother Daughter Day | 30+ Fun Mother Daughter Date Ideas That Will Also Strengthen Your Mother Daughter Relationship

Take Turns Taking Photos Of Each Other

Make it serious or fun, but my guess is having some beautiful pictures of each other (and a pile of selfies) will be something you treasure for a lifetime.

Play A Sport Together

Want to get active?

Find a sport you both enjoy and sign up together.

Nothing like a mom and daughter duo working together to kick some goals!

Volunteer Together

What better way to teach you daughter about kindness and giving back then spending a few hours volunteering together.

Train For A Race Like A 5K

Train together, support each other, then run it together.

Meet Your Daughter At School Or Work For Lunch

Surprise her for lunch by bringing her favorite meal or a special treat.

Have A Staycation

Book in a night or two away in a hotel.

Don’t forget to order room service and make the most of it!

Take A Class Together

The possibilities are endless but find something that interests the both of you and take a class in it.

Start A Garden

This is something that you can create together then each day have a little bit of special time as you water it and watch it grow.

Final Thoughts On A Mother Daughter Date Day

Your mother and daughter day does not need to be full of expensive, life-changing experiences.

It should be quality time spend together doing things that you enjoy.

The aim is to let each other know just how special they are to you.

So pick an idea you both love, schedule it in, and have fun together as mom and daughter.

We hope this guide has been helpful by giving you some fun mother and daughter date ideas!

And if you’re looking for more great family time ideas, then check out these reasons why spending time with family is importantfree family activity ideas, and traditions to start with grandchildren.

Mother Daughter Dates | 30+ Fun Mother Daughter Date Ideas That Will Also Strengthen Your Mother Daughter Relationship