Easy Father’s Day Crafts

If you are looking for some easy Father’s Day crafts to make with your toddler and/or baby, then you can’t go past these adorable Father’s Day craft ideas.

They are sure to make dad feel extra special this Father’s Day, especially if it is his very first Father’s Day.

I love getting the kids involved in making Father’s Day crafts because it is a ton of fun and they also make for the perfect keepsake gift for dad (or grandpa) to treasure for years to come.

And let’s be honest, there isn’t much sweeter than those gorgeous hand and footprint crafts. Especially when you start to realize how fast your little one grows!

So, in honor of Father’s Day and celebrating all the amazing dads out there, I have put together a list of the cutest Father’s Day crafts for toddlers and babies I could find.

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Easy Father’s Day Crafts

1. Daddy & Me Fingerprint Coffee Cup

Photo Credit: craftsbyamanda.com

Talk about a super cute Father’s Day keepsake! This fingerprint ‘Daddy and Me’ mug is great for Father’s Day or a birthday and perfect for taking to the office. I love that you can make this no matter the age of child, which makes it perfect for babies and toddlers alike!

2. Turtle Handprint Father’s Day Card

Turtle handprint card
Photo Credit: www.redtedart.com

Dad is going to need a super cute Father’s Day card and it doesn’t get much cuter than this Turtle Handprint Father’s Day Card! I am sure your toddler will love making this one too!

3. World’s Best Dad Trophy

Every dad needs a trophy! So why not get you toddlers having fun while creating this super easy World’s Best Dad Trophy!

4. “King Of The Grill” Lion Handprint BBQ Apron

Photo Credit: onmykidsplate.com

Does dad love to grill? Then he is going to love his personalized ‘King of The Grill’ handprint apron!

5. Dad Rocks Picture Frame

DIY-Fathers-Day-Rock Frame
Photo Credit: wheredmysanitygo.com

Your littles will have a ton of fun creating this special ‘Dad Rocks’ frame for dad. And no doubt dad will be feeling pretty special too! It only takes a few supplies and is quick and easy to make.

6. Father’s Day Questionnaire Printable

Photo Credit: www.thewildwest3.com

This free Father’s Day Questionnaire printable makes for the best Father’s Day tradition! If your child is too young to answer for themselves, you or even their siblings can answer on their behalf.

7. Paper Plate Medal for Father’s Day

Photo Credit: www.redtedart.com

Does dad deserve a medal? Then have your toddler make him an extra special one with this paper plate medal for Father’s Day.

8. Baby Hand Print ‘Love’ Sign

Handmade wooden keepsake sign that says love with hand and foot prints.
Photo Credit: ourcraftymom.com

This adorable Keepsake Baby Hand Print Love Sign can be made in under 30 minutes and for less than $15! It makes for a super cute DIY Father’s Day gift from your little one that can be treasure for years to come.

9. DIY No-Sew Bow Tie for Dad

Photo Credit: www.splendry.com

What I love about this DIY No-Sew Bow Tie for Dad (other than the ‘no sew’ part) is that the dots are made with your little ones finger prints! Adorable and fancy!

10. Father’s Day Little Monster Print

Handmade handprint monster fathers day card.
Photo Credit: www.teach-me-mommy.com

This free Father’s Day Keepsake Printable is a simple yet adorable activity to do with your little one. Once finished frame it for the perfect keepsake!

Final Thoughts On Easy Father’s Day Crafts For Toddlers

No matter what Father’s Day craft idea you make, there is no doubting that dad, grandpa, or any other father figure in your life is going to absolutely love getting!

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Easy Fathers Day Crafts For Kids