Summer Bucket List Ideas

Are you looking for some memorable bucket lists ideas for summer to do with your family? Then you have come to the right place!

First, let’s start with the basics like ‘what is a bucket list exactly’?

Well, simply put it is a list of things that you want to complete or achieve over a set period.

For example, for some people, it might be a list of 100 things to do before you die or must do Christmas bucket list ideas. And for others it is things they want to achieve over the new year (new year bucket list).

A bucket list is a great way to work out a list of things that you want to do, that excite you and that are goals that you want to achieve.

But rather than creating just a personal bucket list, why not set up a bucket list that the whole family can enjoy?

A list of all the things you want to do as a family this summer.

A summer family bucket list is a great way to spend time together as a family, time to build connections, have fun, and experience a few new things together (especially over the school holidays).

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Not Sure What To Put On Your Summer Bucket List?

Well, whether you’re looking for a summer bucket list for teens, toddlers, or the whole family, our 100 awesome yet simple bucket list ideas below will surely provide you with a bunch of inspiration.

How To Make A Fun Summer Bucket List

To get started, you’ll want to have a family brainstorming session.

A word of advice: make a first draft of a summer bucket list before involving the kids.

That way you’re clear on priorities before the kids add their ideas.

Once you have a running list of ideas, you’ll want to narrow them down to what is practical and fits within your family’s priorities.

After your list has been finalized, put it somewhere where it can be easily updated like the fridge or a whiteboard.

You’ll want it in an easy to access place so when you think of a great idea you can write it down or when boredom strikes, you can easily find something fun to do.

Having it in full view also acts as a great motivator. It is exciting to tick off all the items as you go and to look back at the end of summer to see all the memory-making moments you have had together.

Bucket List Examples | 100 Summer Bucket List Ideas For Families

Summer Bucket List For Kids

Below is our list of 100 family bucket list ideas to help you start your family’s summer bucket list:

Hike a new trail

Discover a new playground

Create a family time capsule

Go on a nature scavenger hunt

Take a train or bus ride to a new city

Plant a vegetable garden

Go on a camping trip for the weekend

Research your family tree

Go Fishing

Visit the zoo

Visit a museum

Take a history tour of your town

Learn a new card game like these easy card games for kids

Watch a movie at the drive-ins

Start a family music band

Go on a vacation to an exciting family holiday destination like these cheap places in Europe for a summer vacation!

Watch a sports game together at the ground

See the sunrise/set

Go stargazing

Learn a new sport

Learn a new language

Create a memory book for everyone in the family

Fly a kite

Watch fireworks together

Build a sandcastle as a family

Enjoy a screen-free day together

Bucket List For Family | 100 Summer Bucket List Ideas For Families

Explore the farmer’s market

Have a water fight in the backyard

Create your own jewelry

Hold a garage sale

Enjoy a family picnic

Spend the day at the beach collecting seashells

Have a lemonade stand

Make a fairy garden

Attend a local community event

Head to the local pools for the day

Dress up and have family-themed dinner

Bake and decorate cupcakes together

Watch an outdoor movie (all you need is a projector and a white sheet)

Make a slip and slide in the backyard.

Have a family dance party

Make bird feeders

Visit the local fire station

Go to the lake

Take a road trip to somewhere you haven’t been

Paint a family mural

Go for a family bike ride

Spend the day at a theme park

Try out a free kid’s workshop at a local home improvement store

Attend storytime at the library

Make tie-dye t-shirts

Join a book club or create your own

Make paper planes and race them

Visit a farm and pick your own fruit

Learn to knit or crochet

Summer Holidays For Families |  100 Summer Bucket List Ideas For Families

Built a fort in the living room

Draw on the sidewalk in chalk and play some games

Have a family game night marathon

Make ice-cream from scratch

Go bowling

Visit a farm

Take a factory tour

Create a herb garden

Visit a historical site

Have an arts and craft day

Play a game of mini-golf

Put on a family talent show

Learn to create simple origami animals

Make a family music video

Learn a magic trick

Be a tourist in your own city

Do a science experiment

Have breakfast for dinner

Visit an aquarium

Become photographers for the day

Go canoeing or rafting

Do a random act of kindness (If you need a little inspiration, check out these 100 Acts of kindness for families)

Try a new food

Complete a jigsaw puzzle


Hug a giant tree

Take a cruise

Take the family geocaching

Explore a cave

Have a family photoshoot

Go on a chocolate tasting tour

Go paddleboarding

Start a family blog

Learn to horse ride

Brew your own kombucha

Catch fireflies in a jar

Follow your child’s lead for a day and see where you go

Sleep in a hammock

Make memory stones

Get the paddling pool out

Make sun catchers

Go to the skate park or a skating rink

Organize a street party

Paint pet rocks

Roast marshmallows over a real fire and make s’mores

Final Thoughts On A Summer Bucket List For Families

Your bucket list does not need to be full of expensive, life-changing experiences. It can simply be a list of things that you haven’t done yet but would like to do as a family.

Make the list together and get everyone involved in the fun and excitement.

We hope this guide has been helpful by giving you some fun bucket list ideas for summer the whole family will love!

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Bucket Lists Ideas For Summer | 100 Summer Bucket List Ideas For Families