Traditions To Start With Grandchildren

Are you looking for the best traditions to start with grandchildren?

Then let us inspire you with these fun things to do with grandchildren!

It can be hard to know who has more fun when it comes to a little grandparent and grandchild time.

But one thing for sure is that the time spend together creates cherish lifelong memories.

So, to help you decided what traditions to start with your grandchildren we have put together this list of meaningful traditions for grandchildren.

The good news is, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to starting grandchildren traditions.

You can rebuild family traditions by redoing special activities that you used to do with your children.

Or your can create new family traditions that have meaning for you and your grandchild.

The trick it to discover something you both love, schedule in a regular time (whether it be weekly, monthly, or even annually), and then have fun together while doing it!

And don’t forget to take some photos for your memory books or social media and capture them with your favorite quotes about grandchildren!

Reading Stories Together

Best Traditions To Start With Grandchildren

We know that spending time with family is important, so to help make your time together fun and exciting, here are some traditions to start with grandchildren.

And who knows, these may even turn into lifelong family traditions that get passed down from generation to generation!

1. Teach A New Skill

Do you have a skill that you’ve been perfecting over your lifetime? Then that might be the perfect place to start when it comes to creating a new tradition to do with your grandchildren.

Children are often quick learners and love to learn new skills. So why not set time aside to teach them what you have spent hours and hours learning and fine tuning.

From making a certain recipe to gardening or even a sport or musical instrument, find a skill your good at and pass it on to your grandchild. No doubt they will love learning from the best!

Grandparent traditions

2. Plan Regular Outings

It is no secret that children love outings. Be it a visit to the zoo or museum, or a walk in the park, your grandchild will be very excited right from the planning to the actual activity. You can plan one every week or once a month, depending on your time together, and select exciting places together.

These outings do not have to be expensive or very long at all. A small picnic basket for your trip to the zoo could become your favorite outing ever!

3. Show Up!

One of the most exciting things for a child is to have their family cheering them on during school or club activities. Whether it is a sports activity, a school play, or a scouts rally, attend it with your grandchild.

This may be challenging if you have several grandchildren who live close by participating in a lot of things or if you live far apart. But just do your best and attend whatever you can even if it is just one special event each year. This will form one of the fondest memories for your grandchildren.

4. Create Mealtime Traditions

Whether it is blueberry pancakes for breakfast or a Sunday roast for dinner, your special mealtime can become your tradition. You can even make it as simple as a meal out to your favorite restaurant.

5. Tell Stories

Children love stories, and they will especially enjoy real stories of your or your children’s lives. You can talk about your childhood, the places you visited and games you played, even funny stories about your pets. Stories are also a good way to reinforce good habits or create awareness about your family traditions or cultures.

You may even want to try out these would you rather questions for kids to learn more about each other in a fun and engaging way.

6. Sing Songs

If your grandchildren live with you, establishing a routine for bedtime stories or lullabies can be fun. It can be something you both look forward to every day. This can also be a weekly activity for when they visit or do a sleepover.

Grandparents playing games

7. Play A Game

Depending on what your grandchild enjoys, playing games together can be a lot of fun. Be it a game of throw ball, checkers, or scrabble, you will both enjoy the special experience. If your grandchildren are interested in more complex games, they may find chess or monopoly more to their liking.

8. Explore Your Belongings

You may have some things that you’ve gathered over the years. Take your grandchildren on a tour of your basement or attic and explore things. The children will love finding out about parts of your life that are hidden now.

Grandparents and grandchildren Fishing - Family Traditions

9. Go Fishing

All children love fishing. Whether you for fishing on a boat or the nearby pond, it will be a very interesting experience for them. You can teach them how to add bait to a hook and how to cast a line. The excitement on their faces when they catch a fish will be priceless. If they don’t, you can still enjoy a nice chat while waiting.

10. Have a Makeover

Whether it is at home or a salon, your granddaughter will love spending time with her grandmother. Even a simple braid-making activity can be especially good as a bonding activity. You can also do some nail painting and have a girl-to-girl chat.

11. Watch a Movie

Depending on your grandchild’s age and interests, you can watch movies at home or the theatre. For a child who loves ballet, watching the Nutcracker can be fun, while a superhero fan would love watching Superman or Batman.

12. Rediscover The Artist In You

Most young children have a particular fondness for artwork, be it drawing, coloring, or craftwork. You can also talk about what messes their parent made as a child while doing artwork. There are some very good resources available online for DIY projects that are simple to make and very popular with specific age groups.

13. Practice Letter Writing

You can write a letter to each of your grandchildren. Write about your feelings when they were born or your hopes for their futures. This could become a regular feature or activity and you could each reply to these letters. This could also be a yearly family tradition and you could write one on every birthday.

Grandparents and grandchildren talking online

14. Embrace Technology

If your grandchildren live far, you can reconnect by adopting technology. Talk to them over the internet and establish a daily or weekly routine. You can create your personalized ritual for greeting each other or giving virtual hugs.

15. Volunteer Together

If you are a part of volunteering activities, take your grandchild along. Whether it is a soup kitchen at your local church or a beach cleaning drive, your grandchild will learn the value of compassion while spending quality time with you. If you are not currently involved in any volunteering, you can explore possible opportunities that are suitable for young children.

What Family Traditions With Grandchildren Are You Going To Start? 

Quality time spend with your grandchildren will never be wasted. Not only will you create amazing lifelong memories, but you will also be investing your time and love into your grandchild, which goes a long way in their development.

So, we hope these ideas for traditions to start with grandchildren inspired you to start some incredible family traditions of your own and help build your special family bond!

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