Easter Family Traditions To Start This Year

Are you looking for some fun Easter traditions to start this year with your family?

Then our list of Easter ideas for families is sure to inspire you!

Whether you are religious or not, Easter is a special time that brings families together.

It is a time filled with traditions for both young and old.

So to help inspire you this Easter, we have put together this creative list of fun Easter traditions for families and fun ways to make Easter extra special for your whole family for years to come.

Here you’ll find the best Easter ideas for families, Easter traditions for kids, Easter morning traditions, Easter egg traditions, and more!

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Why Are Family Traditions Important?

We all know spending time with family is important, especially as the years seem to go past so quick!

But did you know that family traditions also play an important part in shaping our kids? 

Family rituals tell children a story of who they are and what is important to their family. They help build family connection which helps give our children a sense of belonging. They help us celebrate our family and make our kids feel like they are part of something unique and extraordinary!

And most importantly growing up with fun family traditions creates positive memories of their childhood.

So, whether they are new or old, simple or complex, having family traditions hold a special part in our hearts.

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Easter Family Traditions

There are many Easter celebration ideas to help your family celebrate Easter.

Some of the traditions will help your family focus on the true meaning of Easter, while others are just for fun.

The truth is, each of the Easter family traditions you create all make it that little bit more special.

So, whether you’re looking for Easter traditions for toddlers to Easter traditions for kids of all ages your sure to find a great tradition below to start with your family this Easter!

Easter Traditions For Families

Decorate Easter Eggs

Natural Dyed Easter Eggs
Photo Credit: Hilda’s Kitchen Blog

Want a fun a natural way to decorate your eggs for your Easter egg hunt? Then learn how to dye your Easter eggs with this natural egg dye tutorial from Hilda’s Kitchen Blog.

Make Easter Baskets Together

If you are planning to do an Easter egg hunt, then you are going to need some cute Easter baskets to carry all your finds. And what better way then to do it with a fun DIY Easter Egg Basket that you can make with the whole family. The baskets also make for a fabulous Easter gift when filled with all your adorable Easter treats and crafts.

Host An Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

Who says an Easter egg hunt must be done outdoors? Sometimes it just isn’t practical, but that doesn’t mean the family needs to miss out! Check out these indoor Easter egg hunt ideas to see just how easy and fun hunting for eggs inside can be.

Plan A Community Easter Egg Hunt

Community Easter Egg Hunt
Photo Credit: Sustain My Craft Habit

Bring the whole community together as part of your Easter traditions by planning a community Easter egg hunt.

Hold An Annual Scavenger Hunt

Not sure where to start? Then check out these easy 5 steps to an unforgettable Easter egg scavenger hunt.

You can also make it an extra fun game with these free printable Easter egg scavenger hunt cards.

Play Some Fun Easter Games

These fun minute to win it Easter games are sure to bring some excitement to your family’s Easter! Not only are they fun and inexpensive, but they are also great for practicing fine motor skills with your little ones.

Award Egg Trophies At Your Family Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Trophies
Photo Credit: Lovely Indeed

Starting an annual family Easter egg hunt? Then you might want to consider making these super cute egg trophies. Not only do they make for a little friendly competition but how fun of a family tradition would it be to see the coveted trophies traded annually as every compete to get the most (or fewest) eggs.

Read Children’s Easter Books With The Kids

There is something special about snuggling up in bed and reading Easter books each year with your children. Watching as they get excited about Easter and all the festivities to come.

Create Your Favorite Easter Treats Together

Bird Nest Easter Treats
Photo Credit: Art From My Table

Get the whole family involved with creating some delicious Easter recipes. These Bird’s nest Easter treats are an adorable no bake cookies topped with mini chocolate eggs. It’s also an easy fun recipe to make with your kids.

Share The Story Of Jesus’ Resurrection With Resurrection Rolls

Resurrection Rolls
Photo Credit: To Simply Inspire

These resurrection rolls are a wonderful family tradition you can make to share the story of Jesus’ resurrection with your family year after year.

Leave Bunny Bait Out To Lure The Easter Bunny Into Your House

Bunny Bait Easter Snack Mix
Photo Credit: Crayons & Cravings

Bunny bait is fun and easy to make. Leave a bit out the night before Easter and it will help lure the Easter bunny to your house!

Pop On A Pair Of Easter Pajamas

It does not matter what age you are, if you are all in super cute Easter pajamas it is going to look damn cute!

Why not start a tradition of everyone wearing the same thing.

You can change throughout the day but even for a little while if your kids see you wearing the same clothes as them they are going to think it is so special!

Plus it will make for some amazing Easter day photos.

Make Little Bird Houses

Little Bird Houses
Photo Credit: Crayons & Cravings

If your family likes making gingerbread houses at Christmas time they will love starting a new Easter tradition of making these little Peeps Chick houses!

Make And Decorate A Family Easter Tree

Decorate A Family Easter Tree
Photo Credit: Decor Hint

Brighten up your family home with a homemade Easter Tree. It is a tradition you can do with your family every year, by foraging for branches and decorate eggs together!

Make A Kindness Chain

Easter Kindness Activities
Photo Credit: Coffee And Carpool

Teach your kids about kindness as they count down to Easter with these 15 Easter Kindness Activities. Turn them into a kindness chain and 15 days before Easter, rip off one of the links and do the kindness activity together.

Teach Your Kids About Kindness With A Kindness Tree

Kindness Tree
Photo Credit: Natural Beach Living

This simple Easter kindness tree activity is a great way to teach your little ones that small acts of kindness can add up into big acts of love.

Enjoy An Easter Parade As A Family

An Easter Parade it a ton of fun for the whole family! Check your local listings to see if there is a parade held in your town or city.

Make Lunch Extra Special With An Easter Egg Lunch Hunt

Easter Egg Lunch Hunt
Photo Credit: Glue Sticks Blog

Make your kids’ lunch into an Easter Egg Lunch Hunt! They’ll have a blast opening each egg to see what surprise awaits them! Lunchtime has never been so fun!

Have A Traditional Easter Dinner With Your Family

Get the whole family around the dinner table and sit down to a feast filled traditional Easter menu.

Attend An Easter Church Service

Take your family on Easter Sunday to attend a special Easter church service.

Final Thoughts On Easter Family Traditions

Easter is a great time to pause, reflect, and spend time with the ones you love.

We hope this guide has been helpful by giving you ideas on how to make your Easter extra special that by creating your own Family Easter traditions!

And if you’re still looking for more great family time ideas, check out these family fun night ideas, summer bucket list ideas for families, and mother daughter date ideas.

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