How To Give Your Child A Big Life When You Feel Like You Can’t

I want my kid to live a big life.

But maybe big doesn’t mean what we’ve made it mean.

Maybe a big life is one where we slow down for them.

A life where we let them walk the toy aisle at the store and look at all the new shiny things that make them giggle.

Just because.

Maybe A Big Life Is One Where We Humble Ourselves For Them.

Reading With Child

A life where we let them wear that Halloween costume for daaayyys because pulling that baby shark outfit over their little body makes them jump for joy and smile from ear to ear.

Maybe a big life isn’t about traveling the world, or experiencing all the things.

Maybe it’s a life where we let them swim everyday.

Or one where we read the same book to them night after night.

Because that’s THE thing they adore right now.

Maybe A Big Life Is Simply A Few Extra Minutes To Splash In The Bubble Bath.

Child Having Bubble Bath

It’s sitting in the front seat at the drive-in to munch on French fries.

It’s dance parties for no particular reason.

Maybe a big life is pausing to let them check out the clearance kiddy pool that they find so intriguing.

Maybe it’s letting them help mix up the cookie dough even though you know they’ll make the biggest mess.

A Big Life—It’s Not Extravagant Living Or Fancy Things.

Kissing Child

A big life is a life overflowing with kisses.

And tickle fights.

And bedtime snuggles.

So, when you feel like you can’t give your child a big life.

Remember A Big Life Is Found In The Simple, Everyday Joys.

Mom Playing With Child

I want my kid to live a big life.

SO, today I let her brush my hair.

And eat ice cream before bed.

And I listen intently to her silly stories that I certainly do not understand, asking questions all along the way.

This post was written by Sarah Lango from Gracefilled Growth. For more of her work, follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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