When To Start Eating Lactation Cookies

Wondering when to start eating lactation cookies? Then let us help you decide when to start adding lactation cookies to your diet.

Breastfeeding is an excellent way to provide your baby with all the things they need for a healthy start in life.

But breastfeeding can also cause a lot of stress in a new mom, especially if it seems like the milk supply is running low.

The best way to increase your supply is to keep on breastfeeding! Frequent nursing should actually grow milk production, rather than slow it down.

And to help increase milk supply, many moms also choose to try additional lactation supplements, such as lactation smoothies and lactation cookies!

So, if you’re thinking about trying lactation cookies, let ask help answer your question on when should you start eating lactation cookies!

when to eat lactation cookies

What Are Lactation Cookies?

Lactation cookies, sometimes known as breastfeeding cookies, are cookies made with ingredients designed to increase breast milk supply.

They’re eaten by new moms, although some moms choose to start eating lactation cookies before the baby has arrived, hoping to kick-start milk production.

Lactation cookies are made with ingredients such as brewer’s yeast, and ground flaxseed. These ingredients are known as galactagogues, and are associated with stimulating milk supply.

Eating lactation cookies is meant to help build milk supply in moms who might have lower milk levels. 

Lactation Cookie Ingredients

There are a few common ingredients that you can expect to find in lactation cookies. These are the ingredients that are added to stimulate and build milk production. Some ingredients to look for include:

  • Brewer’s yeast.
  • Fenugreek.
  • Flaxseed.
  • Oats.
  • Linseed Meal.

When To Start Eating Lactation Cookies

There’s no strict timeline as to when you should start eating lactation cookies, but many moms start eating them in the two weeks leading up to their due date.

This gives you time to introduce lactation cookies to your diet, and check for any side effects.

Lactation cookies can start working within just a few days. After only a few lactation cookies, you might be lucky enough to notice an increase in milk production.

However, for most moms, it will take a little longer to see any results. If after a few weeks of nursing and eating lactation cookies you aren’t seeing any difference in your milk supply, you might want to try new methods of building milk production.

Prenatal Lactation Cookies

Eating lactation cookies before giving birth can help build a milk supply, and give you a boost before the baby is here. Many lactation cookies are also made with nutrients intended to help enhance the properties of the breast milk, so this can also be a benefit!

Postpartum Lactation Cookies

Some moms prefer to start eating lactation cookies when they’ve noticed a drop in milk supply.

You might notice your baby is fussing after feeding, less milk is expressed when you pump, or your breasts feel softer. If this happens, you can start eating lactation cookies to try and increase milk production. 

For many moms, milk supply can feel low when your newborn starts going through a growth spurt. Known as cluster feeding, this is when a baby starts to eat frequently, sometimes only unlatching briefly before going back for more.

Although this regular feeding actually stimulates milk supply, it can leave you feeling a little empty! To compensate for how much the baby is nursing, some moms turn to lactation cookies.

When To Stop Eating Lactation Cookies

There’s no real time when you have to stop eating lactation cookies. The only obvious time to stop eating lactation cookies is when you stop breastfeeding! Until then, it’s your choice when to cut the cookies from your diet.

While not having enough milk can be an issue, a lot of moms find they have the opposite problem — too much milk!

It’s good to build up a supply of breast milk, but it can’t be kept forever. If you feel you’re producing more than enough milk, then it’s time to stop eating lactation cookies.

If you aren’t seeing any results from lactation cookies, then you might want to stop eating them, and switch your focus to more effective methods. 

How Many Lactation Cookies Should I Eat?

As with all things’ lactation cookies, there’s no exact guideline for how many you eat. Part of the reason for this is the cookies can come in very different sizes!

If you’re buying cookies, check the packet instructions to see how many you should eat in one day.

There are a few reasons why you should avoid eating more than two to three lactation cookies in a day. For a start, these are still cookies, so they aren’t the healthiest of snacks. 

Second, lactation cookies can lead to side effects such as gas, bloating, and constipation. A cookie a day might not have any effect, but if you start eating three or four, you might notice some issues.

Finally, if you feel you need to eat multiple lactation cookies throughout the day because of a low milk supply, there might be other issues that need investigating. Focusing too much on lactation cookies might prevent you from finding a more effective solution.

What Time Of Day Should You Eat Lactation Cookies?

You won’t see the effects of lactation cookies right away, so there’s no need to take them just before a scheduled feed.

Instead, eat a lactation cookie whenever you’d normally stop for a snack. By working them into your routine, you’re more likely to keep up consistent use.

So, consider having a lactation cookie when you stop for your morning break, or when you need a snack in the afternoon.

Breastfeeding can increase the appetite, and it’s important to make sure you’re choosing healthy snacks. A lactation cookie can satisfy your hunger, stop you reaching for the chocolate, and potentially boost breast milk!

Do Lactation Cookies Actually Work?

Research into lactation cookies (and other lactation foods) is lacking, so there’s no clear-cut evidence saying they work to increase milk supply.

But there’s also no evidence to say that they definitely don’t work. And while scientific evidence may be minimal, anecdotally, many women have felt they’ve benefitted from eating lactation cookies.

With that in mind, lactation cookies tend to taste nice, and are often made with healthier ingredients than standard cookies.

They might not be guaranteed to improve your milk supply, but if you’re reaching for the cookie jar anyway, it’s definitely an option to consider.

If you are having frequent issues with milk supply, then it’s important to speak to a doctor. While lactation cookies might offer some help, they’re no replacement for guidance from a certified lactation consultant.

Lactation Cookie Side Effects

There are limited side effects to taking lactation cookies, but some moms do experience bloating, gas, and constipation.

Some of the ingredients commonly used in lactation cookies, such as brewer’s yeast, aren’t recommended for moms with other medical conditions. 

Final Thoughts On When You Should Start Eating Lactation Cookies

Lactation cookies can potentially help increase breast milk production, and many moms feel eating the cookies has helped to boost milk supply.

You can start eating lactation cookies in the two weeks before giving birth, but many moms prefer to enjoy the cookies once they’ve started nursing. 

We hope this guide has helped you to learn more about the use of lactation cookies!

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when to start eating lactation cookies