How Much To Spend On Baby Shower Gift

Have you been invited to a baby shower and wondering how much to spend on a baby shower gift?

Then our guide on how much to spend on baby shower gift is for you!

Babies are truly a blessing from heaven, so if someone that we know is expecting an adorable little baby, it only makes sense that we should want to celebrate with a special gift for the parents to be. 

When it comes to baby showers, it’s pretty much the norm to bring along a gift to make the celebration truly memorable.

From useful gifts that new parents are sure to love, to more memorable gifts that will commemorate the special day, there’s plenty of gift options to choose from.

The only question is, how much should you spend on a baby shower gift? This is where we come in to help.

In this guide below, we are going to be providing you with some helpful tips on how much do you spend on a baby shower gift for your upcoming baby shower, no matter who invited you!

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how much to spend on a baby shower gift

How Much Should You Spend On A Baby Shower Gift?

So, how much should I spend on a baby shower gift?

While there are plenty of things to consider when trying to decide how much you should spend, one of the best ways that you can give yourself a general idea of how much you spend is by considering the relationship of the parents to be.

Let’s take a closer look at this below:

Co-Worker, Client, Or Employee Baby Shower

If the baby shower that you have been invited to falls within this first category, then we recommend that you opt for a smaller gift instead of a larger one. Why?

Well, it’s important to note that the people that fall into this category aren’t your closest friends or immediate family, which is why it’s much more appropriate to opt for a smaller gift.

That being said, if you have been invited to a co-worker’s, client’s or even an employee’s baby shower, then a small gift is suitable.

Typically, you can expect to spend $25-$50 on a baby shower gift for a coworker.

But, in order to gauge how much is going to be appropriate for you to spend, we highly recommend that you consider how close you are to the new parents.

If you’re in need of inspiration for someone you know within this category, you could consider purchasing some useful items such as diapers, or even a memorable gift that the parents will always remember such as a teddy bear or small hamper.

You can find a ton of great options in our inexpensive baby shower gifts guide!

Friend Or Distance Relative Baby Shower

There’s a pretty big chance that you’ll be invited to a baby shower that falls within this category a few times in your life, and if your upcoming shower falls in this category – a price range from $50-$150 is more than acceptable.

If you’re stuck on what to purchase, then we recommend asking the mom-to-be if she has prepared a baby registry.

A baby registry is a great way to see what the parents need for the little one, and can help to ensure that you end up purchasing a gift that the parents actually need. 

If you’re super stuck on what to get, opting for a gift card is a great gift to give them, too.

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Amazon Baby Registry

When it comes to creating your baby registry it is hard to go past Amazon.

With Amazon, you have access to almost all of the brands and products you love in one convenient place. You can even add products from other websites using their Universal Registry feature!

When you register with Amazon, you’ll get a 10-15 percent off a one-time purchase of products from your registry (for Prime members).

It has an incredible 365 extended returns period as well as free two-day shipping on registry items. 

Best of all, it includes a free welcome box of mom and baby products that you can test out after your little one arrives, valued up to $35. 

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Close Friend Or Family Member Baby Shower

This is likely going to be the most common type of baby shower that you find yourself being invited to, and you’ll also likely find yourself spending the most for baby shower gifts that fall in this group. 

If you are planning on attending a baby shower for a loved one or super close friend, then you’ll likely find yourself spending anywhere from $80-$250, especially if you are celebrating a baby shower for a sibling or best friend.

That being said, if you’re in the mood to splash out and really treat your loved one or best friend to an expensive gift for their baby shower, then this is completely appropriate for you to do. 

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Additional Factors to Consider

Now that you have a better idea of how much you should consider spending for your upcoming baby shower, we are now going to be outlining some additional factors that you should make sure that you are considering prior to beginning your gift shopping.

Let’s check them out:

Your Closeness With The Parents

This ties in closely with what we’ve spoken about above, but we still think that it’s important to note.

Generally speaking, the best way for you to make an appropriate decision of how much you should spend on a gift is to consider your closeness with the expectant parents.

If you’re not so close with the parents, then you might find that a smaller gift is better, and if you’re very close with the expectant parents, then you might want to consider spending more.

Your Budget

This is a very important factor that you should consider.

Alongside everything that we have already discussed in this guide, you should also make sure that you are considering what your budget is, as this will help you understand what you’re comfortable with spending on a baby shower gift.

By taking the time to outline a budget, you will be able to ensure that you do not go over your budget.

Gift Preferences Outlined By The Parents

Last but not least, the final factor that you should take into consideration when choosing a gift for the baby shower is any preferences/requests that have been made by the parents to be.

Sometimes, parents will make a baby registry (or something similar) in order to give baby shower guests a clear idea of what they would like to be gifted.

If you are very close with the mom-to-be and she has not created a baby registry, why don’t you consider asking her if there is anything in particular that she would like either for herself and her partner, or for her little one?

Final Thoughts on How Much To Spend On Baby Shower Gift

Gift giving is truly one of the best ways to show a new mom and/or parents how much you love and care for them, as well as to show them how excited you are for their new adventure into parenthood. 

That being said, it’s totally normal to wonder how much you should spend on a gift, especially given the fact that there are no set rules on the general price range that baby shower guests should shop within.

Needless to say, now that you have taken the time to read through this guide, we hope that we have been able to give you some helpful inspiration on how much you should spend on a gift, all depending on what type of baby shower you are going to be attending.

Just remember, there are plenty of amazing gifts that you can purchase at all levels of price points.

Thanks to this, it means that you should be able to find a gift they are sure to love without overspending or going overboard. It’s always the thought that counts!

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how much to spend on baby shower gift