Best Non Baby Gifts For New Parents

For many of us, the moment that we hear about the pregnancy of a friend or family member, we start shopping for those gorgeous newborn baby gifts!

And really, who can blame you for wanting to buy up all those adorable baby outfits and toys. Especially as you search through all the items on their baby registry.

Everything is so little and cute!

Yet, what we don’t often think about is that being a new parent, while exciting, is also really nerve wracking and stressful (especially for first time moms).

New parents face a serious lack of sleep and an entirely new kind of life.

So, while new parents are always going to love and appreciate the baby gifts being given to them, maybe it’s time that we put some focus on the new parents themselves. 

That’s why we put together the below list of our favorite non-baby gifts for new parents.

From postpartum essentials for mom to practical and time saving gadgets discover some of our favorite ways to bless a new parent.

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Best Non-Baby Gifts For New Parents

If you want to bless your friend or family member with a gift, then check out these awesome non-baby gifts for new parents. I know I would have loved to have received any one of these after having my babies!

1. Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are an awesome non-gift for new parents. First of all. Sometimes you just want to sit back and enjoy some music, or your newest audiobook (let’s face it, you won’t have time to sit down and read for a while). Plus, once you have a child, you always need your hands free, so holding your phone for a phone call is a no-go. Wireless earbuds solve both of these issues!

2. Ring Video Doorbell

A Ring Video Doorbell makes a great gift for two reasons. One, because you just don’t want to have to get up and answer the door unless you absolutely have to. And two, because once you have kids, your concern about safety increases and you can take comfort in knowing that you know what is going on outside.

Ring Video Doorbell
$64.99 $49.99
02/28/2024 11:03 am GMT

3. Luxury High Thread-Count Cotton Sheet Set

Having a new baby is stressful and exhausting. Help the new parents relax a little bit with some new, soft, high thread count sheets.

02/26/2024 08:03 am GMT

4. Tile Bluetooth Tracker and Finder

I cannot stress enough that once you have children, your brain kind of switches off in some places. Even if you don’t normally misplace items, you can bet that you will now! That’s why Tile trackers make such great non-baby gifts for new parents.

02/28/2024 09:03 pm GMT

5. Give The Gift Of Amazon Prime

New parents are tired, stressed and let’s face it, covered in baby spit up. The last thing they want to do right now is be heading to the shops instead they want to be cuddling their new born on the couch while watching the latest chick flick. So, why not give the gift of Amazon Prime! They’ll get free fast shipping for eligible purchases, streaming of movies, TV shows and music, exclusive shopping deals and selection, unlimited reading, and more.

6. Instant Pot

Once the baby is here for a bit, the new parents will be ready to get life back to normal, but they still don’t want to cook all day, every day. Surprise them with an Instant Pot to make their meal prep time shorter and easier!

7. Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker

Because when you have an infant waking you up at all hours, you need a quick cup of coffee to be available at the touch of a button. The Keurig is perfect for just that.

02/19/2024 08:03 pm GMT

8. Gallery Wall Frames

New parents want nothing more than to show off that beautiful new baby of theirs. This set of Gallery Wall Frames is the perfect gift to allow them to do just that.

9. Turkish Cotton Bath Towel

If anyone appreciates a shower, it’s new parents! It’s hard for new parents to get that time, but once they do, a soft, luxurious towel makes it that much better.

10. Fitbit Health & Fitness Smartwatch with Heart Rate

Smartwatches are such a great gift. Perfect for those looking to get into shape, of course, but also great for getting notifications without searching for your phone. Plus, new parents typically have plenty of alarms to follow up on and the reminders right there on your wrist are easy to get.

11. Echo Smart Speaker with Alexa

Want to give someone the gift of a more streamlined life? A gift of an Alexa will let the new parents listen to music, set up smart lights in their home and so much more!

12. White Noise Sound Machine

Okay, this gift does go in the baby’s room, but it is still a gift for parents! A white noise machine can help the little one sleep through other sounds in the house allowing parents to get a little more rest.

13. Self Warming Coffee Mug

Once you become a parent, there is simply no such thing as a quick cup of coffee. Your coffee will get cold and fast. A self warming coffee mug is perfect for keeping coffee warmed up while parents are busy tending to the little one.

02/27/2024 09:03 pm GMT

14. iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum

No one wants to have to worry about vacuuming, but this is especially true for new parents. They have far too much to get used to each day, so a robot vacuum is a great idea.

15. Local Restaurant Gift Card

Want to give the gift of not having to worry at all about cooking meals? Grab a local restaurant gift card or a Doordash gift card so they can order takeout or pick up some food. They might even want to save it for when they are ready to head out for a date night; it’s up to them how they want to use the gift card.

Final Thoughts On Non Baby Gifts For Parents

New parents are often blessed with a bunch of gifts for their new baby, but sometimes it is the new parents that need something for themselves.

We hope this guide has been helpful by giving you some great gift ideas for new parents that they are sure to love!

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