Where To Put The Baby Monitor

Wondering where to put the baby monitor to provide a clear feed with no interruptions? Find out how to safely and effectively install your baby monitor here.

There’s nothing like a baby monitor for giving parents peace of mind when the little one is sleeping!

With the baby unit transmitting to the parent unit, the monitor can provide consistent updates on just how well nap time, play time, or bed time is going.

Unless, of course, the baby monitor is at the wrong angle. Then you might find yourself watching the corner of the crib, or an extreme close up of your little one’s legs!

Finding the right angle isn’t necessarily difficult, but it does mean you can’t place your monitor on any old shelf and hope for the best.

To ensure you get a clear picture of just what your little angel is up to, we’ve put together this guide on where to mount baby monitor. We’ve also looked at important factors you need to consider when considering where to put your baby monitor.

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where to put the baby monitor

Factors To Consider When Deciding Where To Put The Baby Monitor

When you’re trying to decide where to place the baby monitor, there are a number of important factors that you have to consider.


Avoid placing the monitor in a position where it might fall on the baby, or could be easily knocked off. You don’t want it to be leaning directly over the crib.

Leave a little distance, so if the baby monitor falls over, it won’t hit your sleeping toddler on the head!

If there are cords and cables, make sure they’re tucked away. Even wireless baby monitors often come with a charging base, and there’s a good chance you’ll keep this in the nursery. The cables should be out of reach of the crib, and not lying loose on the ground. 

Camera Angle and Zoom

Getting the angle correct is much more important when you have a video monitor instead of an audio monitor. But there are reasons to be careful when choosing an angle for both.

When positioning an audio monitor, you have to make sure that the baby unit is accurately capturing even quiet sounds from within the room. Avoid placing the monitor too close to sources of ambient noise, such as windows and doorways.

When you’re placing a video monitor, you have to make sure the camera is far back enough to capture the full view of the bed.

The angle must capture every inch of the crib. For toddlers, the angle must also account for when they stand up!

Some smart systems will require slightly more finesse when positioning a baby monitor. Systems such as the Nanit Pro use smart technology to read data from sleepwear in order to monitor breathing.

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Power Source

Unless you have a travel baby monitor that runs of batteries, where you will place the baby monitor will be impacted by where your power outlet is.

This may mean you need to rearrange your nursery layout or even add an additional power outlet to ensure that your baby monitor is placed in the best place possible.

Signal Strength and Range

Make sure the monitor has a strong and reliable signal, and that it can reach the areas of the nursery where you will need to hear your baby.

If you have a large house or property and you can not get a strong signal/range you may need to consider upgrading your baby monitor to one of the best long range baby monitors .

You will need to factor in signal strength in terms of WiFi connection, unless you are using a non WiFi baby monitor. If you have a poor WiFi connection you may need to look at moving your router or getting a repeater to extend the WiFi range.

Additional Features

Some monitors come with additional features such as temperature and humidity sensors, night lights, and lullabies.

These features may influence where you want to place your baby monitor.

Where To Mount Baby Monitor

When mounting a baby monitor in a nursery, it’s important to consider the best location for both safety and functionality. Here are a few suggestions for where to mount the baby monitor:

Wall Mounting A Baby Monitor

The best thing to do with a baby monitor is to wall mount it. Wall mounting secures the baby monitor in the perfect position — knocks and bumps won’t move the baby monitor and lose the angle.

Also, you can often get a higher angle with this method, for a better view of what’s happening inside the crib.

The biggest disadvantage to wall mounting is that once the baby monitor is in place, it pretty much has to stay there.

If you decide to reorder the nursery, you’ll have to take the baby monitor down and start the mounting process again. You won’t be able to travel with it!

Many camera monitors come with options for wall installation, and this is the method we recommend using. To wall mount a baby monitor:

  1. Test the audio and video feeds before you get started, and make sure the baby and parent units are connected.
  2. Find the best spot in the room to mount the camera/microphone. This is generally on the wall, looking down on the crib. Have one person hold the baby unit, while the other checks the feed on the parent unit.
  3. Mark where on the wall you want the monitor to go.
  4. Attach the monitor to the wall using the base, screws, or whatever method works best for your chosen monitor.
  5. With the monitor secured to the wall, check the connection again. If the camera has tilt or pan capabilities, check these are working.
  6. Use a cord protector or cable cover to hide any dangling cords. 

Using A Shelf To Mount Your Baby Monitor

Not all baby monitors are suitable for wall mounting. The best alternative is to mount the baby monitor on a shelf.

This will allow you to achieve the high angle that wall mounting provides, without damaging the unit.

If you’re lucky (or a master of advanced planning), you might already have a shelf in the right position.

The shelf should be high enough and far enough away from the crib to provide a complete view of the sleeping area.

If your shelf is a little too low, stack some books, and place the baby monitor on top!

While wall mounting is definitely best for creating and maintaining the perfect angle, if you travel frequently, stick with the shelf method. This way, you can take the baby monitor with you when you go!

Using Furniture To Mount Your Baby Monitor

For rental properties, and places with limited wall space, the best place to put the baby monitor is on furniture already in the room. 

Dressers and wardrobes are often tall enough to provide the correct angle, and less likely to get knocked as you move through the room.

The biggest disadvantage to using furniture to position the baby monitor is the risk the unit will fall over.

If you do put the baby monitor on furniture, consider using a sticky pad to hold the unit in place!

Using Tripod To Mount Your Baby Monitor

Similar to using furniture, using a tripod allows for easy adjustments to the camera angle and positioning, but it should be kept out of the reach of the baby.

This is a great option when you are in a rental property or you’re limited with wall space.

Where You Shouldn’t Put The Baby Monitor

When you’re placing your baby monitor, there are a few things you should avoid:

Near Windows

If the monitor is placed near a window, the signal may be affected by interference from external sources, such as other electronic devices or radio waves.

Near Other Electronic Devices

Avoid placing the monitor near other electronic devices, such as televisions or computers, as they may also interfere with the signal.

In A Corner Or Behind Furniture

A monitor placed in a corner or behind furniture may not have a clear view of the entire nursery, making it difficult to see your baby.

In An Area With Poor Ventilation

Avoid placing the monitor in an area with poor ventilation, as it can overheat and malfunction.

In Direct Sunlight

Avoid placing the monitor in direct sunlight as it can cause damage to the device and affect the battery life.

Out Of Reach

The monitor should be placed in a position that is easily accessible for you to adjust settings or move the camera as needed.

Where The Baby Can Reach It

Keep the monitor out of reach of the baby to prevent any accidents.

Final Thoughts On Where To Put Baby Monitor

Finding the right place to put your baby monitor will give you an uninterrupted feed of your little one’s activities, so you can respond quickly when there might be a problem.

The best place to put the baby monitor is several feet from the crib, at a high angle. Check the feed from the camera and audio in your parent unit to help you find the perfect place.

We hope this guide will help you find the right place for the baby monitor in your nursery.

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