When To Stop Using A Baby Monitor

Wondering when to stop using a baby monitor?

Then let us answer your question and more in our guide on how long do you use a baby monitor.

Baby monitors are a wonderful piece of technology that allows a parent to keep tabs on their young children, whilst enjoying their own space whilst being able to get on with their own tasks and activities around the home.

Because of how popular they have become in the last few decades, many forms have come about and are seen across the globe.

Nobody is arguing that these devices aren’t great and that they shouldn’t be used for as long as you see fit, however, there comes a time when people stop using them and allow their children to grow on their own.

On top of this, it allows the parents to realize that their kids are growing up.

Follow the rest of our guide to find out what a baby monitor is, the benefits of using them, and when is the best time to stop using a baby monitor. 

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What Is A Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor is a device that can be placed within your home or office and will allow you to listen in on your little one’s sleeping patterns.

The most common use of a baby monitor is to ensure that your child is safe while you sleep.

This way, if something were to happen during the night, you would know immediately without having to check on your child yourself.

The first baby monitors came into existence back in the 1950s and 1960s, and since then, the technology has improved significantly.

Back then, they were extremely simple pieces of technology. Today, we have high-definition cameras, baby monitors with WiFi, and even apps that allow us to watch live footage from the camera.

Why Use A Baby Monitor?

The main reason why you would want to use a baby monitor is that it allows you to monitor to your child, regardless of where you are in the house.

You don’t need to worry about waking up every hour to check on your child, instead, you can just place the device anywhere in the room and watch or listen in on everything going on.

They are especially useful for children up until they start sleeping through the night or can easily communicate with you.

When To Stop Using Baby Monitor?

There is no set rule as to how long you should use a baby monitor, however, many parents stopping their baby monitor around 18 months old.

At this point, your child will be old enough to walk, crawl, and climb, and you will no longer need to keep track of them as closely when sleeping.

However, there is no rules to say that you can’t use your baby monitor for as long as you like, it really is a personal preference.

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Reasons To Keep Your Baby Monitor

You live in a large house

If you live in a larger home where you can not easily hear your child from their room, it might make sense to continue using your baby monitor.

Your child has transitioned to a bed

Transitioning to a bed is a big milestone for any child! It is exciting but also come with the hazard of them potentially rolling out of it as they get use to their new space. Keeping your baby monitor switched on helps you keep an eye on their transition.

Your child has health conditions

Whether it is short term or long term health conditions, turning your baby monitor on can give you peace of mind and enable you to act fast in needed.

You’re a heavy sleeper

If you’re a heavy sleeper you may not wake if your child cries out for you from another room, however having a baby monitor with the volume turned up may be enough to arouse you from a deep sleep.

Sleep training your toddler

If you’ve chose to sleep train your child then using your baby monitor might be a fantastic way to keep an eye on them from a distance while they learn to self settle.

You’re nighttime potty training

Night time potty training can get messy but a baby monitor can be helpful in allowing you to assess the situation and move fast.

Your child sleep walks

If your child sleepwalks then you may want to continue to use your baby monitor for an extended period to keep an eye on them for their safety.

Your child has nightmares

If your child has regular nightmare or night terrors then using your baby monitor can help you to act fast to help settle your child.

Final Thoughts on How Long Do You Use a Baby Monitor

In conclusion, we hope that this article has helped you to understand when to stop using a baby monitor.

We’ve covered everything from why you shouldn’t use one anymore, to when you should start letting your child explore their surroundings.

Hopefully, you now know when to stop using a monitor and can enjoy some free time with your child without worrying about them wandering away.

As they get older, your child will want to stretch their legs more and explore their surroundings. You can make sure that you join in and play a part in your child’s development!

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how long do you use a baby monitor

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