Luca Name Meaning

Have you been considering the name Luca for your baby boy, but want to learn more about the meaning of the name Luca, its origin, and popularity?

Then let us help answer your questions and more with our Luca name meaning ultimate guide!

Choosing a simple yet charming name for your baby is never an easy decision, yet we think the name Luca ticks all the right boxes.

People who are named Luca are known for their compassion.

They are sympathetic and supportive.

They are generous and practical.

And they are recognized for their kindness and honestly.

So, if you’re thinking about naming your little boy ‘Luca,’ then you’re in luck. Here you’ll learn what does the name Luca mean, the origin of Luca, different ways to spell Luca, names like Luca, nicknames for Luca, middle names for Luca, sibling names for Luca, and even a few famous people named Luca.

Keep reading to discover if Luca is the perfect name for your baby boy!

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Origin Of The Luca Name

The most popular origin story of the name Luca is related to Luke the Evangelist, which explains why this name is quite popular among people of the Christian faith. He is one of the Four Evangelists, the author of the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostle.

Luke the Evangelist is considered a saint, and many people believe that he died as a martyr. He’s also celebrated for being a historian and artist who successfully recorded details about the life and death of Jesus Christ.

He was a Greek physician who lived in ancient Syria, and his writings and the vocabulary he used show that he was an educated man. He was present with the Apostle Paul by the time the latter was killed in Rome.

Luke’s writings accurately describe cities and people during the first century AD, and some scholars regard him as one of the world’s greatest historians. Some historians also consider him to be the first icon painter who painted pictures of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary.

To honor him, the Accademia di San Luca, or The Academy of Saint Luke, was established in Rome in the 16th century. This academy protected painters and collected their work, and the tradition spread to other European cities.

Pronunciation Of Luca

Wondering how to pronounce the name Luca?

The name Luca is pronounced L OO – k aa.

Luca Name Meaning

Luca is a popular name of Latin or Italian origin. It simply means “Bringer of Light,” so a lot of people love it because of its positive interpretation. Some people think that this name is derived from the Latin word “Lucus,” or sacred wood.

People usually choose the name Luca when they’re looking for a boy’s name. The feminine version of the name is called Lucca. However, in some countries, like Hungary, Luca is used as a girl’s name but has a different pronunciation. 

In Italian traditions, this name might be a different spelling of “Lucere,” which means to shine or bright. Some people also believe that the name refers to someone from Luciana, a historical region in Southern Italy. The Lucanians lived in this region after conquering the indigenous tribes in the 5th century BC.

How Popular Is The Name Luca?

Over the years, the name Luca has maintained its status as one of the most popular boy’s names. A lot of famous people chose to give their kids this name because of its beautiful meaning and because it’s not as common as other Western names.

Luca is currently listed as the US’s 42nd most popular boy’s name and the 178th most popular girl’s name. The name and its variations are also popular in several countries, including England, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, and Belgium.

The name is especially popular among people of Italian heritage or those who want to celebrate Italian culture. It’s also common among Christian people who live in different parts of the world.

Luca As a Girl’s Name

Luca is used as a girl’s name in the Balkans. It’s mostly popular in Hungary and Croatia, and it’s considered the Eastern European version of the English name Lucy. However, it’s pronounced differently.

Nicknames For Luca

Choosing a nickname for your child gives them a sense of priority. They feel that this is an exclusive name that is only used by the ones who love and care about them.

Nicknames are fun and personal, and they can also be easier to pronounce and write, so your kid can use them later on with their friends or even at work. Although the name Luca is pretty easy to spell, there are several cool alternatives you can try if you want to find a suitable nickname.

  • Lu is a popular nickname, mainly because of how it’s pronounced. It can be a great nickname for your toddler if they have trouble pronouncing their full name.
  • Lou is another short and funny nickname. It’s also easy to pronounce and spell.
  • Loki will be a good nickname if you’re a Marvel Comics fan. He is the God of Mischief and a popular character that appeared in several movies.
  • Lukey is a nickname that you can use if you choose a different variation of Luca, like Lukas or Luka.

Variations of Luca

Although the name Luca is trendy, other variations have spread throughout the years. Most of these alternative versions have the same meaning as the name Luca, while others can be slightly different.

  • Lucca is the closest variation to the original name Luca. It has the same meaning in Latin and Italian, and in French it means “laid back.” This name variation is more common in The Netherlands and France.
  • Luka is another close variation, and it’s more common in English-speaking countries. It’s also popular in Poland, The Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, and The Netherlands.
  • Luc is the French variation of the name. It’s also popular in Vietnam, probably due to the French occupation of Vietnam that lasted almost 27 years, from 1958 to 1985. However, this name has no meaning in the Vietnamese language.
  • Luke is another French version of Luca. It’s common in the US, France, England, and Greece.
  • Lucan is the Irish version of the name, and it means “Light” or the “Bringer of Light.”
  • Lukas is the German version of the name. It simply means the man from Luciana and refers to Saint Luke, the patron of artists, creatives, and doctors.
  • Luchas is more popular in England.
  • Lukus is the Greek variation of the name.
  • Lucius is a popular English variation of Luca.

Name Like Luca

  • Luca
  • Luke
  • Luna
  • Liam
  • Mika
  • Lukas
  • Lucian
  • Leo
  • Arlo
  • Finn
  • Nico
  • Theo
  • Miles
  • Milo
  • Hugo
  • Levi
  • Jude
  • Enzo

Middle Names For Luca

  • Albie
  • Jace
  • Adam
  • Jude
  • Alexander
  • Kai
  • Andre
  • Matthew
  • Beau
  • Nathan
  • Benedict
  • Ray
  • Benjamin
  • Remington
  • Bennett
  • Samuel
  • Blake
  • Scott
  • Charles
  • Spencer
  • David
  • West
  • Dean
  • Wyatt
  • Duke
  • Xavier
  • Elliott
  • Zac
  • Holden

See our full list of middle names for Luca!

Sibling Names For Luca

When people choose baby names, they sometimes want to make sure that the names are close or related. So, if you’re looking for other Italian, Latin, or Biblical-inspired names, you can choose one of the following.

  • Abraham
  • Alexander
  • Anthony
  • Arianna
  • Emma
  • Gianna
  • Ezra
  • Liam
  • Noah
  • Sophia

Famous People Named Luca

Here are some famous people who carry this name.

  • Luca Pacioli was an Italian scientist and Mathematician who lived in the 15th century. He’s considered to be the father of bookkeeping and accounting and the first European to publish a book about this science.
  • Luca Giordano was a famous Italian painter. His famous work includes the Adoration of the Magi and The Fall of the Rebel Angels, and he’s considered by many as the ideal rococo artist
  • Luca della Robbia was an Italian sculptor who lived in the 14th century. He was celebrated for his colorful terracotta statues.
  • Luca Toni is a former Italian football player who scored a total of 322 goals and ranks as the fourth-highest-scoring Italian player of all time.
  • Luca Ranieri is a famous Italian soccer player who plays for Fiorentina.

Celebrities Who Chose the Name Luca for Their Children

In other countries, many celebrities chose the name Luca for their kids because of its positive and uplifting meaning.

  • Famous American actress, Audrey Hepburn, named her second son Luca. She married Italian psychiatrist Andrea Dotti and gave birth to Luca in 1970. Today, he lives in Rome and works in the movie industry.
  • American actress and singer Hilary Duff gave birth to her first son Luca in 2012.
  • Gabriel Macht, the American actor, and his wife Jacinda Barrett chose this name for their baby boy, who was born in 2014.
  • Colin Firth, the famous English actor, chose the name Luca for his second son. Luca is Firth’s first son with his Italian wife, and he was born in 2001.
  • Rebecca Minkoff, an American fashion designer, gave the name Luca to her son, probably because she lived in Italy after getting married. She gave birth to baby Luca in 2020.

Luca In Pop Culture

The name Luca has recently become so popular that it has been widely used in video games, movies, and TV shows. Here is a list of fictional characters called Luca.

  • Luca Abele from the video game Dishonored 2
  • Luca Balsa from the video game Identity V
  • Luca is a princess from the video game Final Fantasy IV
  • Luca from the videogame Angry Birds Stella
  • Luca from the mobile game Dragalia Lost
  • Luca Brasi from The Godfather novel, movies, and videogame
  • Luca Esposito from the manga series Astra Lost in Space
  • Luca from the movie series Planet of the Apes
  • Luca Paguro from the animation movie Luca
  • Luca, the octopus, from the animation movie Shark Tale

Final Thoughts On What Does The Name Luca Mean

Luca is an ancient yet popular name that has been widely used for more than 2000 years. If you’re looking for a name that has a positive meaning, Luca won’t disappoint you, as it means the Bringer of Light. It’s also attributed to Saint Luke.

Choosing a name for a baby can be a little challenging. But Luca checks all the boxes because it works for boys and girls and is easy to pronounce. Moreover, if you’re looking for a different name variation, there are plenty to choose from, and there are multiple cool nicknames to try until one sticks.

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