How Much Water Does A Diaper Hold?

Wondering how much water does a diaper hold?

Then, stick around as we guide you through the various diaper capacities and factors that influence them.

From diaper size to brand to the materials it is made from, how much liquid a diaper can hold is going to vary based on a number of factors.

So, read on as we explore how much liquid the average diaper holds below, and how these numbers can vary.

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how much liquid can a diaper hold

How Much Water Does A Diaper Hold?

Let’s dive in and take a look at some approximate diaper capacities below:

Diaper SizeFor Babies WeighingApprox. Capacity
NewbornUp to 12 pounds4 oz
Size 110 to 16 pounds5 oz
Size 212 to 18 pounds6 oz
Size 316 to 28 pounds10 oz
Size 422 to 37 pounds17 oz
Size 527 pounds and up20 oz
Size 635 pounds and up26 oz

Factors that Impacts How Much Liquid A Diaper Holds

There are many factors that can influence how much your diaper can hold. These include:


The first factor that can influence the capacity of a diaper is the size of the diaper.

A size 1 diaper is designed for small babies and will have a much smaller capacity than a larger size 6 diaper.

So, choosing a diaper in the right size is an important factor to consider when buying diapers.

Especially if you switch diaper brands, make sure you take a look at their sizing guidelines because not all brands are the same. Your baby might not be in the same size if you change brands.


Not all diapers are created equal and as such diaper absorbency varies between brands.

This is due to the variation in sizes, quality, fit, and materials used.


There are many materials that diapers can be made from which all have variances in absorbency.

From polyethylene plastic to cloth to bamboo you may need to look at making the materials your diapers are made from if you’re having issues with absorbency.

how much liquid can a nappy hold

Type of Diaper

There are a range of different diapers available from regular disposable diapers to pull ups to organic diapers. And that’s not even mentioning all the different types of cloth diapers.

There are also overnight diapers which are designed specifically if your child needs extra absorbency at night.

There are even diapers designed specially for boys and girls which have more absorbency in places where they need them most.

So, the type of diaper you use can heavily influence its absorbency, thus you may want to try out a few different ones to best suit your needs.

Your Baby

Whilst this isn’t directly related to how much liquid a diaper can hold, it does impact if your diaper regularly leaks.

For example, if your baby is a heavy wetter then you may find that their diapers may need to be changed more regularly to prevent leaks. You may even prefer to use diapers for heavy wetters as their additional absorbency capabilities will help keep your baby dry.

Ultimately, most disposable diaper should do their job and absorb liquids and hold in waste, but if you discover you are having regular leaks or needing to change diapers too frequently, we recommend trying a different brand or two.

Final Thoughts on How Much Liquid Does A Diaper Hold?

As we’ve discussed, diapers come in all shapes and sizes and as such all have difference absorbency capacities.

So, when choosing a diaper for absorbency you may need to try a few different styles and brands to find one that best suits your needs.

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how much liquid does a diaper hold