200+ BEST Nicknames For Husband [Sweet, Romantic, & Funny]

Want to find the best nicknames for husband?

Then you’re in the right place, this ultimate list of the best husband nicknames is full of great nicknames to inspire you!

When it comes to your husband, there are a ton of other names for husband that can be used!

From sweet nicknames like sweetie, Romeo, and muffin.

To romantic nicknames like McDreamy, my all, and my heart.

To alternate names for husband you’ll love like baby, love, and dearest.

So, no matter if you’re looking for a term of endearment, something a little funny, a name for husband in other language, or a romantic nickname, we want to help you find that perfect husband nickname!

So, to make your search easier, here you’ll find cute nicknames for husband, sweet nicknames for husband, romantic nicknames for husband, funny nicknames for husband, contact names for husband, and more!

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Best Nicknames For Husband

Baby Honey
Blue eyes Hottie
BooHubby Wubby 
Brown eyes Lovie 
Gummy Bear Papa Bear 
Hon Bun 
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Cute Nicknames For Husband

BabooFunny Bear 
Baby Bear Golden Bear 
Bad Kitty Love Bear 
Bambi GizmoPanda Bear 
Big Kitty Pooh Bear 
Boo Bear Pookie Bear 
Boogie Bear Pookie Bunny 
Care Bear Snowflake 
Cuddle BearSnuggle Bear 
Cuddle Bunny or just Cuddie Cuddlie Snuka Bear 
Cuddle CakesSugar Bear 
Cute PantsTeddy Bear 
Cutiehead Yummy Bear 
Foxy Panda 

Sweet Nicknames For Husband

Brown Sugar Sugar
Choco Sugar Lips 
Chocolate Bunny Sugar pie
Chocolate Drop Sugar snap pea
Fruit Cakes Sweet Kitten 
GumdropSweet Love
Honey Bear Sweet Pea 
Honey Bee Sweet Potatoe 
Honey butter biscuitSweet Tart 
Hot ChocolateSweetheart
Pancake Waffles 
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Romantic Nicknames For Husband

Love Angel My Dear Boy 
Love of my lifeMy Defender 
Lovey doveyMy Drug 
McDreamyMy Encyclopedia
My All My Everything 
My Angel My Heart 
My belovedMy Hero 
My Beloved My Hoover
My Buttercup My King 
My Champion 
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Funny Nicknames For Husband

BingoMovie Buff
Boss ManNemo
BubblesOld man
Cupid Prince Charming
Dream BoatRockstar
Duck (a cute name for a strong man who loves his Duckling)Scooby
EmperorSir Crankster
Heart Breaker (but not of your heart)Snoring Lion
Macho ManWuggle Bear 

Contact Names For Husband

BumblebeeMy Love 
CaptainMy Only One 
CookieMy Sunshine 
GenieMy Sweet Boy 
GigglesMy Sweet Prince 
Luckie Charm My True Love 
Mr. BeanMy Valentine 
Mr. PerfectMy World 
Mr. RightOther half
My Knight Speedy Joe
My Lion Stud-muffin
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Names For Husband In Other Languages

Amor – “love”
Amore Mio – “my love”
Bébi – “baby”
Cariño – “darling”
Corazón – “heart”
Elskede – “beloved”
Habib albi – “love of my heart”
Ko`u aloha – “my love”
Mi Amor
Mia kara – “my dear”
Mon amour – “my love”
Mon chéri / ma chérie – “my dear”
Stella / stellina – “star”
Yeobo – “darling”

Final Thoughts On Husband Nicknames

Finding the perfect nickname is never easy but we hope we were able to help inspire you to find a nickname that you love!

And if you’re still looking for more great nicknames, try these nicknames for boys, nicknames for Grandpa, and nicknames for brothers for more inspiration!

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