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William means “Strong-Willed Warrior”, so it is no wonder that it has been used by kings, knights, and princes throughout English history.  

The name is derived from the Old Germanic name Wilhelm. And is translated into French as Guillaume…so it’s easy to see how nicknames for the name William like Gill and Will came about!

Of course by good ol’ Medieval nickname letter switchery, Bill and Billy became popular William nick names, too!

The name William has been popular in English speaking countries for over 1000 years!  It’s been used for kings, knights, dukes and princes, and is currently the name of the 2nd in line for the British throne!

Speaking of name royalty, the name William has reigned in the top 10 names for boys for as long as names have been recorded, up until 2018 when it dropped down to the top 25 names. So, William is certainly a popular name deserving of a great nickname!

So, we’d like to help you on your quest to find the best nickname for William!  Here you’ll find cute nicknames for William, funny nicknames for William, cool nicknames for William, and even famous people named William!

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William Nickname

Best Nicknames For William

  1. Belson
  2. Wellem
  3. Bill
  4. Wiley
  5. Billson
  6. Wilfredo
  7. Billster
  8. Wilhelmus
  9. Billy
  10. Wilhem
  11. Billy the Kid
  12. Wilkie
  13. Gee
  14. Wilkin
  15. Gill
  16. Will
  17. Gullen
  18. Willie-O
  19. Gwilym
  20. Willy
  21. Helms
  22. Willy-um
  23. Iam
  24. Willy-Yum
  25. Illiam
  26. Wilt
  27. Kirk
  28. Wim
  29. Lam
  30. Wooly
  31. Lia
  32. Wull
  33. Liam
  34. Wullie
  35. Wally
  36. Wylie
  37. Wammy
  38. Wym
  39. Weilian
Funny Nicknames For William

Cute Nicknames For William

  1. Bella
  2. Little Willie
  3. Bill-um
  4. Little Willy
  5. Billa
  6. Prince
  7. Billbur
  8. Prince William
  9. Billford
  10. Vilhjalmur
  11. Bo
  12. Vilho
  13. Bylie
  14. Viliamu
  15. Bym
  16. Viljami
  17. Goulielmos
  18. Viljem
  19. Gugghiermu
  20. Ville
  21. Guglielmino
  22. Villem
  23. Guglielmo
  24. Vilmos
  25. Guildhelm
  26. Vilyam
  27. Guilherme
  28. Vilyim
  29. Guillaume
  30. Waljan
  31. Guillermo
  32. Wallam
  33. Lil’ Bill
  34. Willa
  35. Lil’ Will
  36. Yum
  37. Lily Billy
Famous People Named William

Funny Nicknames For William

  1. Big Willy
  2. Silly Willy
  3. Bill be back
  4. Smiley Billy
  5. Bill-i-um
  6. Tuck
  7. Bill-ionaire
  8. Wil Yam
  9. Billy Boi
  10. Wilbur
  11. Billy Willy
  12. Wilburt
  13. Billy-Bear
  14. Wild Bill Hickock
  15. Billy-Beer
  16. Wileen
  17. Billy-Bob
  18. Wilemina
  19. Billy-Boy
  20. Will be back
  21. Buffalo Bill
  22. Will Hill
  23. Buffalo Will
  24. Will Zeal
  25. Buzzard Bill
  26. Will-um
  27. Chilly Billy
  28. Will-Yum
  29. Dollar Bill
  30. Willamette
  31. Drill Bill
  32. Willie-1
  33. Dubs
  34. Willionaire
  35. Frilly Billy
  36. Wimp
  37. G-Will
  38. Wiriamu
  39. Schrill Bill
  40. Wombat
  41. Silly Billy
Cute Nicknames For William

Cool Nicknames For William

  1. Bell
  2. Viho
  3. Billiam
  4. Vilhelm
  5. Billie
  6. W
  7. Bills
  8. Whim
  9. Bilson
  10. Whit
  11. Bim
  12. Wikes
  13. Bisons
  14. Willard
  15. Good-Will
  16. Willem
  17. Goodwill
  18. Willian
  19. Grill
  20. Willie
  21. Gui
  22. Willow
  23. Guy
  24. Wills
  25. GW
  26. Willster
  27. Hillbilly
  28. Willum
  29. Kill Bill
  30. Wilma
  31. King
  32. Wilmar
  33. King William
  34. Wilmo
  35. Uiliam
  36. Wilson
  37. Ulick
  38. Wimmy
  39. Um
Cool Nicknames For William

Famous People Named William

  • “Billie Joe Armstrong” Wilhelm Fink (American musician and lead vocalist of the rock band Green Day)
  • “Billy the Kid”  Henry McCarty (American outlaw in the Old West)
  • “” William James Adams Jr. (American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer)
  • Billie Holiday, American jazz singer who influenced the genre
  • Billy Bones (Fictional, character from Treasure Island)
  • President William “Bill” Jefferson Clinton (42nd president of the United States)
  • Prince William (Duke of Cambridge, 2nd in line to the British throne)
  • William “Bill” Murray (American actor, comedian, and writer)
  • William “Bill” Nye (Bill Nye the Science Guy, American scientist and television presenter)
  • William “Bill” S. Preston (Fictional, character from “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure)
  • William “Billy” Franklin Graham Jr. (American evangelist)
  • William “Buddy” Hobbs (Fictional, character from “Elf”)
  • William “Will” Arnett (Canadian-American actor)
  • William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody (American Old West figure)
  • William Golding (British author)
  • William Michael Albert Broad “Billy Idol” (English musician, singer, songwriter, and actor)
  • William Pitt the Younger (Prime Minister of  UK, 1804-1806)
  • William Shakespeare (English playwright)
  • William Shatner (American actor)
  • William the Conqueror (French duke who led the Norman Conquest of England in 1066)
  • William Thomson, Lord Kelvin (Scientist who developed the Kelvin temperature scale)
  • William Wallace (Scottish hero who inspired “Braveheart”)
  • William Wilberforce (British politician known for fighting to end slavery)
  • William Wordsworth (English poet)

Final Thoughts On William Nicknames

Finding the perfect nickname is never easy but we hope we were able to help inspire you to find a nickname that you love!

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Nicknames For The Name William