200+ BEST Nicknames For Wife [Sweet, Romantic, & Funny]

Are you looking for the best nicknames for wife?

Then you’re in the right place, as our ultimate list of the best wife nicknames is sure to inspire you!

When it comes to your wife, there are a ton of other names for wife that can be used!

From sweet nicknames like beautiful, darling, and my love.

To romantic nicknames like my girl, sexy lady, love of my life.

To alternate names for wife you’ll love like gorgeous, my queen, and babe.

So, no matter if you’re looking for a term of endearment, something a little funny, a name for wife in other language, or a romantic nickname, we want to help you find that perfect wife nickname!

So, to make your search easier, here you’ll find cute nicknames for wife, sweet nicknames for wife, romantic nicknames for wife, funny nicknames for wife, contact names for wife, and more!

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Best Nicknames For Wife

AngelHoney bunches
Angel EyesMy dear
BabesMy one and only
BabyMy Queen
Baby AngelMy Soul
CherubNutter butter
Dream GirlSugar Bear 
First LoveSweet pea
HeartbeatSweetie honey pie
Honey BunTeddy Bear 
Honey BunchYummy Bear 
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Cute Nicknames For Wife

Apple of My EyeEvergreen
BelovedGolden Bear 
BunnyHoney Bee
ButtonLove Bear 
CandyMy Drug
CharmingPanda Bear 
Cheeky ChimpPeaches
Cheeky MonkeyPeanut
Cheese BallPooh Bear 
CherrySexy Mama

Sweet Nicknames For Wife

Baby BearBlossom
Baby BooBon-bon
Baby CakesBoo
Baby DollBoo Bear
Baby FaceBoo Boo
Baby GirlCuddles
Baby KinsCupcake
Baby LoveDarling
BambiMy Love
BeanySnuggle Bear 
BearSnuka Bear 
Better Half
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Romantic Nicknames For Wife

BeautyLove of my life
DreamgirlLovey dovey
Honey Bunches of OatsMcDreamy
Honey BunnyMrs. Cuddles
Honey CakesMy Addiction
Honey PantsMy All 
Hot LipsMy Angel 
Hot MamaMy Beloved 
Hot PantsMy Buttercup 
Hot StuffMy Girl
Love Angel Sexy Lady
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Funny Nicknames For Wife

BubblesGummy Bear
Care BearLady Luck
Cherry BombMrs. Dynamite
Cuddle CakesPudding
Cute PantsShorty
Cutiehead Superwoman
Foxy Panda Tinkerbelle
Funny Bear Twinkle Toes

Contact Names For Wife

Angel FaceMermaid
Angel HeartPikachu
Angel of My LifePookie Bear 
BabePookie Bunny 
DearSweet Love
Dear HeartSweet Pea 
DearestSweet Potatoe 
Dearest oneSweet Tart 
cute nicknames for wife

Names For Wife In Other Languages

Amor – “love”
Amore Mio – “my love”
Bébi – “baby”
Cariño – “darling”
Corazón – “heart”
Elskede – “beloved”
Habib albi – “love of my heart”
Ko`u aloha – “my love”
Mi Amor
Mia kara – “my dear”
Mon amour – “my love”
Mon chéri / ma chérie – “my dear”
Stella / stellina – “star”
Yeobo – “darling”

Final Thoughts On Wife Nicknames

Finding the perfect nickname is never easy but we hope we were able to help inspire you to find a nickname that you love!

And if you’re still looking for more great nicknames, try these nicknames for girls, nicknames for Grandma, and nicknames for boys for more inspiration!

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