Names That Mean Curious

Looking for the best names that mean curious? The our ultimate list of names meaning curious are sure to peak your interest!

Curious names for babies are so perfect! Children are naturally curious, and what better inspiration for your budding little learner?

People with curious names are naturally inquisitive. They love to solve problems, and are your go-to person when you have a question!

They look at a problem from all sides and can offer a balanced approach!

They are quick to learn and absorb things, and always open minded.

People with names meaning curious are kind and friendly!

From curious boy names like Ciman, Maraq, and Oslac!

To curious girl names like Beneatha, Curiosity, and Jinga!

And the best curious baby names like Syretia, Jinendra, and Tò-mò you’re sure to find a name related to curiosity that you’ll love!

names that mean curious

Best Names That Mean Curious

1. Anabeth

– of Greek origin meaning ‘wisdom’

2. Ciman

– of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘curious; need to know more about something’

3. Curios

– of Romanian origin meaning ‘curious’

4. Jignasa

– of Scanskrit origin meaning ‘girl with intellectual curiosity’

5. Jimmil

– of Arabic origin meaning ‘to have good communication skills and curious to learn and adapt new things’

6. Jinadath

– of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘curious to learn things’

7. Oslac

– of English origin meaning ‘a determined and curious individual’

8. Tò-mò

– of Vietnamese origin meaning ‘curious’

Boy Names That Mean Curious

9. Chiman

– of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘curious personality’

10. Curioso

– of Portuguese origin meaning ‘curious’

11. Jignyasu

– of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘boy with intellectual curiosity’

12. Maraq

– of Azerbaijani origin meaning ‘curiosity’

Girl Names That Mean Curious

13. Beneatha

– of English origin meaning ‘curious’

14. Chimana

– of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘curious personality’

15. Curieux

– of French origin meaning ‘curious’

16. Curiosity

– of English origin meaning ‘a state – of being curious’

17. Jigna

– of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘girl with intellectual curiosity’

18. Meraklı

– of Turkish origin meaning ‘curious’

19. Syretia

– of English origin meaning ‘a serious, independent and curious being’

Names Meaning Inquisitive

20. Ask

– of English origin meaning ‘question’

21. Chihiro

– of Japanese origin meaning ‘thousand questions’

22. Jignesh

– of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘boy with intellectual curiosity’

23. Shael

– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘to inquire’

Names Meaning Curious That You’ll Love

24. Chuman

– of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘curious personality’

25. Curious

– of English origin meaning ‘curious’

26. Gigyansh

– of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘being curious about something’

27. Jinendra

– of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘curious to learn things’

28. Panasaran

– of Sudanese origin meaning ‘curiosity’

29. Utelias

– of Finnish origin meaning ‘curious’

Final thoughts on Baby Names that Mean Curious

Selecting the perfect baby names takes trial and error, and a curious person is certainly going to do a lot of research along the way!  That’s why we’re here to help!

We know you’ll find the perfect inspiration for your baby naming needs!

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names meaning curious