First Birthday Time Capsule

If your little one’s 1st birthday is fast approaching (or even it’s still few months away yet), you might have started planning how to make their first birthday one to remember!

You’ve probably started to search for creative first birthday themes and cake smash ideas (and if not, a cake smash is definitely a winner!) but one idea you might have not have thought of yet is a first birthday time capsule.

Here you’ll learn what is a 1st birthday time capsule, what to include in a first birthday time capsule, and when you should give your first birthday time capsule box to your child.

So, let’s dive in and take a look at the time capsule ideas for baby to celebrate your little treasure’s first birthday!

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What Is A First Birthday Time Capsule?

A 1st birthday time capsule is a time capsule you put together on your baby’s first birthday that you then pass onto them to open on their 18th birthday.

It becomes this gorgeous step back in time to show your child just how special and loved they are (and have always been).

1st Birthday Time Capsule

How To Create A First Birthday Time Capsule?

The best way to create your time capsule is to ask guests from your baby’s first birthday to contribute something to add to the time capsule.

You may want to set up a special table for this with a box and a note which says something along the lines of:

‘We are making a time capsule for ‘your child’s name’ to be opened on their 18th birthday so they know just how special and loved they are. Please add a special item from today or a note telling ‘your child’s name’ something special about them now or how they make you smile).’

To make it easier you can also get gorgeous customizable time capsule printables to explain it to your guests.

What To Include In A First Birthday Time Capsule?

Apart from the notes and items collected from your guests, you may want to include the following time capsule ideas and items:

Birthday invitation

– Photos from the day including guests

– Guest list

– A newspaper from the day

– A few party decorations

Cake Topper or candle

– Birthday cards from relatives and friends

Letter to your baby on their first birthday (including letters from grandparents)

First birthday outfit

– Any other special mementos (like a personalized 1st birthday book)

Once you have collected all your items you are going to want to find a suitable container to store them all in, label it, and then pop it in a safe place till there 18th birthday!

It takes a little planning, but oh boy does it make for such a gorgeous keepsake for your little one to treasure for years to come.

What Container To Use For A Time Capsule For Baby First Birthday?

I’d recommend investing in a beautiful personalized keepsake box to safely store your items and help make those memories feel extra special.

Here is my personal favorite!

However, you can also use a sturdy box with a lid that is going to stand the test of time and keep your items safe from the elements like a plastic or wooden box.

When To Give The First Birthday Time Capsule Box To Your Child

This is really a personal choice, but most commonly parents wait till their child’s 18th birthday to give them their 1st birthday time capsule box. Alternatively, you could wait for their 21st birthday party or their own child’s 1st birthday.

Either way, I am sure your child receives it, they will love learning more about themselves as a baby and you will love the walk down memory lane.

Final Thoughts on a 1st birthday time capsule

A time capsule for first birthday is a gorgeous way to capture your baby’s first year. What you choose to include in your 1st birthday time capsule is really up to you, but the important thing is that it filled with things that have meaning to you.

We hope this guide has been helpful in explaining what a time capsule for 1st birthday is and what to put in your time capsule for first birthday.

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Time Capsule For Baby First Birthday