You Don’t Need A Mom Tribe, Just A Friend

You can survive without a tribe.

You don’t need a group text, but you do need someone who will pick up the phone.

You don’t need filtered photos for Instagram.

You need someone who makes you forget to take out your camera.

Forget Picking At Salads, You Need Someone To Split Nachos With.


You need a person you can confide in, someone who you can tell your marriage is on the rocks but is rooting for you two to find your way back onshore.

And someone who will be there with you if you don’t.

Someone who isn’t gathering gossip for the group.

A Person Who Notices When You’re Missing From The Table.

Mom Friends

You need someone to pray for you when you can’t.

Even if you’re not the praying kind.

Someone who knows when something is off.

Knows when to push you and when to let it go.

Someone Who Sees You Outside Of Being A Mother And Wife.


What you need more than a girl gang, is a friend.

This post was written by Scarlett Longstreet from I’m That Wife. For more of her work, follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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