When Can A Baby Go In A Stroller?

Are you wondering when can a baby go in a stroller?

Then let us help you with this guide to when can baby go in stroller!

As new parents, understanding when to transition babies into different situations or to different equipment can be hard without prior experience of parenting.

If this applies to you, then there’s no need to worry, everyone has to start somewhere and educating yourself on these things keeps your baby safe and happy as well as keeping you calm.

One common thing parents often worry about is when they can put their baby in a stroller, there are a few different answers to this, many of which can differ depending on your baby, their individual situation, as well their general age.

While there is a sort of ‘official’ answer, it is important to understand that not all kids are made the same. We all come in different shapes and sizes and grow at different rates, just like our kids do.

This means that one broad answer won’t be that helpful, instead we’ve presented you with things to consider in order to move them to a stroller rather than giving a generic answer, this can help you decide for your child based on their attributes rather than guesswork based on an age range.

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Can A Newborn Go In A Stroller?

Well, technically they can, and you won’t have to consider anything. There is a whole world of bassinet strollers out there which are made to house a newborn baby.

Obviously newborn children should receive close care for the first few months, but even in these situations you could use a bassinet stroller for a gentle walk through the park, you may need it more than them.

Bassinet strollers are often flat to the ground so the baby can lie down, usually have a canopy to help prevent any damage from the sun, as well as lots of useful storage for all your parenting activities.

Suspension wheels are another great feature that adds to the safety.

Clearly, a newborn in an upright stroller would not work, they wouldn’t be able to sit as they can’t support their body weight yet, they would uncomfortably fall through the straps.

Convertible strollers can be bought which accommodate this move from bassinet stroller to upright stroller.

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Things To Consider About When Can Baby Go In Stroller

Consider Age

While age is not always the most clear-cut measure of a baby’s growth, there is a general rule you should be aware of which you can compare your own child to.

In general terms, a stroller is for a baby of above three months.

They don’t need to be able to walk to sit safely in a stroller, the main consideration is if they can hold the weight of their own body and importantly their head, as well as having good control over their muscles.

Commonly, most mothers will start an upright stroller around the ages of 2 – 4 months.

Look For Multiple Recline Positions

If your baby can hold their head up, they still may need to grow to be able to sit upright totally comfortably and safely.

Having these multiple reclining positions can really be a useful thing to make sure you get the most use out of your stroller.

Finding an angle that supports the head of the younger baby can really be paramount to safety and being able to use a stroller safely.

This can be really useful even when they become older, such as a toddler, where strollers are most commonly used.

With these reclining features, your toddler can sleep and nap at their leisure without you worrying about their head rattling around when they are comatosed.

The more reclining positions, the safer it is for a younger baby, essentially, as it reduces the amount of weight they have to carry on their neck.

Can They Be Securely Strapped In At Five Points?

The five point rule is commonly used to see if a baby is secure. As we mentioned, before the age of let’s say 4-5 months, your baby won’t be able to lift that head so easily. This rule helps us see if the baby is secure on all limbs.

Most strollers, or any baby product that requires being buckled in, almost all will come with a five point buckle in order to meet these requirements of safety. This means that in almost any accident, your baby should remain securely strapped into the stroller.

Try A Reversible Seat

A reversible seat is often overlooked for young children in strollers. These reversible seats quite simply mean that you can keep an eye on your little one without fearing too much.

If something bad were to happen, you may struggle to see them when they face away.

If they face towards you, you can put them in a little early, in a reclined position, and simply keep an eye on them. A young baby below the age of five months you should always have our eyes on.

Final Thoughts on When To Start Using Stroller

There you have it, a baby could theoretically move into a stroller as early as 3 months.

There are loads of bassinet strollers and convertible strollers on the market that could technically support your baby from infancy all the way to being a mature toddler.

The main thing to consider here is that beyond a bassinet stroller, a baby could sit in the stroller so long as they have some control of their head and other limbs.

In this situation having multiple reclining positions can be really helpful to ensure safety as well as a five point strapping system to help prevent any accidents happening.

A reversible seat is your best move to cover the safety of the stroller.

This enables you to keep an eye on the baby to make sure any problems are dealt with, this also means you can even talk to them, and they can see you too, enabling you to help them learn about the world as you stroll, taking in the little bit of information they can at this age.

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