What to Wear in the Hospital After Giving Birth

Wondering what to wear in the hospital after giving birth?

Then let us help you prepare for giving birth with our ultimate guide on what to wear after giving birth!

It can be daunting to pack for the hospital when you’re expecting. However, there are several essentials you should keep in mind as a mom-to-be.

When considering what to bring to the hospital, you’ll want to prioritize comfort. After all, you’ve just delivered a tiny human being.

But what do you wear after giving birth?

In this guide, we have put together a full list of what to wear at hospital after delivery to help keep you comfortable during your postpartum recovery.

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what to wear after giving birth

What to Wear in the Hospital After Giving Birth

After giving birth, you’ll want to wear the coziest clothes. Not only because you’re trying to protect sensitive areas, but you also want a sense of comfort.

Here is our list of the 9 things you’ll want to wear after giving birth:

1. Disposable Undies

Whether you like it or not, you’ll probably spend a few days wearing disposable underwear.

That’s because there will still be a good amount of fluids coming out of you even after birth. On top of that, some women also have to deal with urinary incontinence.

You can expect a continuous flow of discharge to occur if you had a vaginal delivery. That’s completely normal. However, you’ll want to protect your bottoms from getting stained.

So, it’s a good idea to opt for disposable undies. Sometimes, people call them postpartum underwear as well.

The great thing about this type of undies is that they’re made to accommodate large pads that you’ll have to use. Some types already have built-in absorbent pads too, so you can readily wear them.

What makes disposable undies fantastic is that they’re much more comfortable than what you’ll get in the hospital. Plus, you won’t have to worry about washing them after, especially if they get stained. You can simply crunch them up and throw them in the bin.

Depending on the brand, you can also find ones that accommodate C-sections.

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2. Nursing Bras or Nursing Tank Tops

Moms usually have to feed their newborns within the first hour after giving birth. So, it’ll be more convenient if you wear a nursing bra underneath your shirt.

Alternatively, you can also choose to wear a nursing tank top. Typically, they already come with paddings, so you won’t have to worry about wearing a bra underneath.

Either way, having a nursing top ready for breastfeeding is an amazing way to bond with your baby. Not only do these tops have more support, but they also make it easier to expose the nipple.

When bringing a nursing bra or top to the hospital, try to choose what works best for you.

Nursing tops can come in different opening and closing styles. For bras, you can select between zip, snap, or hook designs. On the other hand, tops come in clip-down, pull-down, and double-layer forms.

One thing to consider is your breast size. You may want to get a top that’s larger than your usual size to accommodate your swollen breasts after giving birth.

If you’re choosing a nursing bra, make sure that the band doesn’t dig into your skin. When this happens, there’s an increased risk of developing mastitis, which can lead to sore breasts.

As long as you’re comfortable with your choice, you’ll want to have this in your hospital bag.

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3. Maternity Pajamas

Maternity pajamas, are an essential part of comfortability. That’s why you’ll need to bring many of these to the hospital.

You probably won’t have much mobility yet after giving birth. So, it’s important to wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes.

Loose-fitting pajamas will also give you more than enough room to move around. Plus, they have less chance of touching your sensitive areas, thanks to the spacious legroom.

If you want the ultimate comfort, go for cotton pajamas. They have a soft and breathable fabric that’s perfect for sensitive skin.

Just because your pajamas are comfortable doesn’t mean they have to be hideous. You can pack some stylish pajamas with an elastic waistband, for example. Choose a pair that’s several sizes larger for extra free space as well.

Alternatively, you can pick ones that have a string in the waistband so you can adjust them as you lose the pregnancy weight.

However, try not to wear pajamas that can compress your stomach. Wait until most of your stitches heal before switching to postpartum leggings with compression features.

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4. Comfortable T-Shirt

If you only have a nursing bra, you’ll need a comfy nursing t-shirt on top of that. This item of clothing is probably one that you can easily get from your closet.

Make sure that your shirt is as comfortable as it can get. You won’t want something that hugs your body or squeezes your belly, especially if you underwent a C-section.

The best type of shirt after giving birth is one that you can fit another person in. This way, you know that it’s large enough. Plus, you’ll get to hide your healing body in case you’re feeling a little insecure around people.

If you’re not too picky about styles, then this type of clothing is one of the easiest ones to bring.

However, some moms may prefer incorporating built-in bras with their t-shirts. Not only is it easier for them to nurse, but it’ll also lessen the amount of clothing they’ll have to wear.

Either way, you’ll want to opt for a cotton t-shirt, much like your pajamas. With this, you’re guaranteed to feel cozy in the hospital.

5. Postpartum Gown

If you prefer not to have the hassle of putting on a shirt and a pajama, then a postpartum gown may be for you.

Typically, the hospital will give you an open-back gown for delivery. However, this can be uncomfortable, especially if it’s not made with a hundred percent cotton.

The fantastic thing about postpartum gowns is that they come in different styles. You can even choose the design and color of your gown.

One thing they all have in common is the easy access underneath. Nurses and doctors won’t have a hard time checking up on your sensitive areas if you’re wearing a postpartum gown.

Some gowns are also made with multiple access areas. This way, you won’t have to worry about how to unfasten your gown when breastfeeding. What’s more, a gown makes it more uncomplicated for you when you go to the bathroom.

Additionally, most postpartum gowns have strategic zips or buttons that you can easily unfasten during breastfeeding. They also come in cotton fabric, making them the ideal type for comfort.

6. Maternity Robe

Hospital rooms can get cold, so you’ll want an extra layer of clothing to keep yourself warm. One way to do this is by wearing a fluffy maternity robe.

Alternatively, you can bring a thin and simple robe to replace a postpartum gown. By doing so, you’ll also have easy access to all the necessary areas, without exerting much effort.

With maternity robes, you can expect more fabric, especially around the waist area. The strings that go over the waist will then be longer.

Even if you tie the strings, you’ll be able to adjust the top with ease. Plus, it’s a good way to cover yourself up if you feel a little exposed.

The versatility of maternity robes makes them an attractive choice of wardrobe after giving birth.

7. Soft Socks

Another way to keep yourself cozy is by wearing soft socks. Socks can help regulate your temperature in a cold hospital room.

When choosing the right socks, opt for longer ones instead of ankle socks. Additionally, you’ll want these socks to be snug around the legs. This way, you won’t feel suffocated, especially if your ankles are a little swollen.

On the other hand, you may want to wear non-slip socks if you’ll be walking around the room. By doing so, you won’t accidentally slip and slide on the floor.

8. Slippers or Sandals

Eventually, you’ll have to stand up from the hospital bed. When you do, you’ll want easy-slip slippers or sandals to protect your feet from the cold ground.

The easy-slip feature comes in handy for those who underwent C-section or had painful tearing during delivery. Since you’ll have to stand up when going to the bathroom, slipping your feet can save you time and effort.

What’s great about this is that you won’t have to remove your socks when wearing them.

9. Hair Ties

While hair ties may not seem essential, they’re actually one of the most important things you shouldn’t forget to pack. During labor and delivery, you’ll want your hair out of your face. Similarly, you’ll also want a clear view of everything after giving birth.

Some moms prefer their hair in a bun. That way, all hair strands will be out of the way.

With many different hairstyles and types of hair ties out there, you can choose what works best for you and your comfort. However, the easiest and most common way to collect your hair is through a ponytail.

For shorter hair, a headband may be more appropriate. Not only does it do the job of collecting your hair, but it can also be a cute accessory while in the hospital.

02/11/2024 12:03 pm GMT

Other Essentials

Aside from essential clothing, you’ll also have to consider what else you’ll need in the hospital. Typically, these are more personal items that you wouldn’t want to leave behind.

1. Identification Card

Having an identification card, or ID, is relatively self-explanatory. For one, you’ll need it to check in at the hospital.

By having your ID ready, the paperwork can proceed without any trouble.

You may also want to bring any necessary papers to process your insurance.

2. Birth Plan

If you’ve got a birth plan, it’ll be helpful to bring it with you. This way, your healthcare team knows what you prefer after delivering your baby.

Since each birthing experience is special, you’ll want yours to be smooth and hassle-free. With a birth plan, you’ll be able to properly communicate what you want.

On the plus side, you won’t have to worry about repeatedly informing any nurses of what you need if they have access to your birth plan.

It’s a great idea to bring more than one copy just in case you’ll need to give them to different healthcare personnel.

3. Medications

Having your medications with you is important, especially if they’re for maintenance. Although you’re at a hospital, forgetting your meds can be a hassle.

Hospitals may also sell your prescriptions at a higher price. That’s why it’s recommended to keep a stash when packing your hospital bag.

What’s more, some hospitals won’t have all types of meds. So, if you’ve got special ones, they may be harder to find.

4. Personal Toiletries

Although the hospital can provide you with some necessary toiletries, they won’t be as good as those at home.

If you have a preference for shampoos or toothpaste, then pack your own toiletries. They can be in travel-sized containers, so you won’t have to buy new ones.

Some moms want to feel and look good after giving birth too. If that’s the case for you, bring a small makeup kit and some lip balm to complete the set.

5. Pillow

Hospitals will provide you with a couple of pillows. However, they may not be as comfortable as your favorite one.

That’s why it’s better to pack your own. Try to slip it into a colorful pillowcase, so it can stand out from the basic hospital pillows.

Having soft pillows can also comfort you on the car ride home.

6. Phone and Charger

Some of the essentials you shouldn’t forget are your phone and charger.

Your time at the hospital may be longer sometimes. By having your phone, you can entertain yourself as you pass the time after giving birth.

You may also want to consider some small gifts for labor and delivery nurses as a thoughtful thank you!

Final Thoughts on what to wear after giving birth

Whether you’re a new mom or an nth-time mom, you deserve comfort from the moment you conceive until after delivery. That’s why it’s vital to prioritize practicality and ease when considering what to wear in the hospital after giving birth.

So, if you’re nearing your due date, make sure to prepare these nine essentials on your way to the hospital. That way, you may lessen the pain and hassle of healing after childbirth.

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what to wear in the hospital after giving birth