What To Wear Home From Hospital After Birth

Wondering what to wear home from hospital after giving birth?

Then let us help you prepare for coming home from hospital after birth with our ultimate guide on what to wear home after giving birth!

As your due date approaches, you start getting extra stressed with thoughts like what to wear home from the hospital after giving birth.

Your body has just gone through giving birth to your precious baby, so it is understandable that it will be sore and swollen.

In fact, it goes through a lot during the whole pregnancy journey. And whilst you are no doubt keen to get out of your maternity clothes and back into your pre-baby clothes, you most probably can’t do that right away, which is perfectly normal.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t look cute!

This guide we help you plan the ideal outfit to wear home from the hospital right after you give birth, ensuring they are comfortable and practical.

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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing what to wear home from hospital after birth

Before we delve into the actual outfit ideas, let’s tackle the five most important things to consider while choosing the ideal postpartum outfit to wear home from hospital. Here’s a list:

1. Comfort Comes First

Comfort is the first factor to consider here. Whether you give birth naturally or via C-section, you’ll still feel fatigued and sore after the delivery.

Your body has just endured a lot and thus changed greatly. Therefore, you should consider comfort above looks in this situation.

For this matter, we recommend that you go for loose items that don’t impose any pressure on any part of your body. Cotton can be the ideal fabric regardless of the weather due to its breathability.

2. Practical Makes Perfect

If you choose to breastfeed then it’s important to think more of practical factors that won’t get in the way of nursing your baby. Nursing tops and dresses are a fantastic option as they provide inbuilt and discreet access to your breasts for feeding.

Even if you choose not to breastfeed, it’s still a good idea to wear practical clothes that would be gentle on your sore body. Whether you nurse or not, your body will still carry the same soreness and scars.

3. Embrace the Situation

You’ve just given birth!!

Your body is incredible, so make sure you give it the love and kindness it deserves.

Don’t panic or get upset because you didn’t get your pre-baby body back the moment you gave birth.

It actually takes around six to eight weeks for your uterus to contract fully and even longer to lose the pregnancy weight.

So, rather than focusing on trying squeezing into your pre-maternity clothes take the time to let your body heal and bond with your baby.

4. Don’t Overspend

It’s easy to want to splurge on a bunch of new outfits and treat yourself to something fancy, but keep in mind that these clothes might only be good for a short period after birth, so there’s no point in spending too much on them.

5. The Weather Matters

Choosing your going-home outfit depends on the weather. However, certain basics work in all seasons.

For instance, you most probably won’t wear a hoodie in the summer or a tank top in winter, but you’ll wear comfortable slip-on shoes in both seasons.

Still, it’s worth noting here that given the changes that occur to your body, you’ll most probably feel a little colder than usual. For that reason, make sure you’re covered.

what to wear home from the hospital after giving birth?

Now, let’s take a closer look at outfit ideas for the journey home from the hospital with your new baby. Remember that comfort and practicality are the two keywords here.

Here’s a list of items you may choose from:

1. Overalls

Maternity overalls can actually do the trick even after delivery. They’re loose enough not to hurt your stitches and strong enough to give you extra support.

However, you should choose overalls of soft material.

For instance, denim can be a bit harsh on your body at this point. On the other hand, jersey and cotton are your best friends in this situation.

2. Oversize T-shirt

Remember when we said that you should choose comfort over style on your trip home from the hospital? Here comes the role of the oversized t-shirt.

Luckily, they’re super trendy now, which gives you the edge of combining both comfort and style. For extra comfort, cotton is the ideal material for this journey. It’s soft, breathable, and lightweight.

3. Pregnancy Pants

Yes, you heard right. Pregnancy pants are an ideal choice in this situation. Better yet, simply jump into the ones you used to wear right before delivery.

They already fit you perfectly and might even be a little loose right after giving birth. Therefore, whether they’re leggings, jeans, or dressy, you can’t go wrong with your pregnancy pants.

4. A Dress

Now, this is a smart choice whether you go for a stretchy dress or a loose one.

For starters, loose-fit dresses can be both comfy and stylish. They would be great to hide the remainder of your bump, giving your body an eye-catching shape.

On the other hand, stretchy dresses can look amazing, especially if you have what it takes. This in itself is a huge advantage as looking good can help you get through postpartum depression.

5. Hoodies Or Sweatshirt

If you give birth in winter, hoodies are here to the rescue. They’re warm, loose, and extremely comfortable. Whether you’ve delivered naturally or C-section, hoodies are a no-brainer.

You can wear hoodies and sweatshirts with pants, shorts, or even a skirt. There are even some super cute ways on how to dress up a sweatshirt, so you can still feel great, while also being comfortable!

We also recommend wearing a zip up hoodie if you are breastfeeding for easy access.

6. Sweatpants or Joggers

Sweatpants or joggers are breathable and light. This makes them really cozy and practical.

If you’re in winter, they work perfectly with hoodies, and in the summer, an oversize t-shirt will do.

7. Ultra Comfortable Shoes

Cozy shoes are a must-have in this situation. You need to get ultra comfortable. Remember, you already have pain in some parts of your body, so let’s not add feet to them, too.

For this matter, you need a pair of running shoes with extra comfortable padding. However, note that your feet are usually swollen at this stage, so better get them in a bigger size.

Alternatively, you can opt for sandals, loafers, crocs, or slip-on shoes. It pretty much depends on your outfit. Just make sure you wear whatever makes you comfortable on your way home.

If you’re not sure about the size or don’t want to purchase a new pair, you may settle for your old pregnancy shoes, but make sure they still fit you comfortably.

02/21/2024 12:03 am GMT

8. Breast Pads

It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing on the outside. Breast pads are an important addition to your outfit right after delivery, especially if you’ve already started breastfeeding.

Breast pads are mostly used for practical reasons as they can help absorb any breast milk leakage. Simply insert a pad into each side of the bra.

02/22/2024 02:03 pm GMT

9. A Nursing Bra

A nursing bra is a new addition to your closet. See, babies tend to get hungry at the oddest of times and places. Therefore, a nursing bra is very practical and will make you ready for breastfeeding anytime.

Typically, nursing bras don’t have underwires for increased comfort. They’re flexible with removable front parts to facilitate breastfeeding.

We definitely don’t recommend that you use your old bra because your breasts change drastically with pregnancy and birth, especially if you choose to breastfeed. In this case, your usual bra won’t fit and may even hurt.

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10. Cozy Underwear

Whether you opt for comfy cotton panties or disposable underwear, make sure they’re flexible and breathable.

For this matter, you need a relatively large size that can accommodate the extra weight. Moreover, you must consider the material. Don’t choose a material that can harm your sensitive skin, which is why cotton is the best option here, too.

Don’t forget that these are the only items of clothing that may get in contact with your stitches. Therefore, it’s a good idea to invest in them.

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11. Nursing Top

This is another practical item to add to your closet. After birth, nursing tops will be your best friends if you choose to breastfeed as they allow you to do it anywhere.

This can come in handy that first time you go out with your baby. Therefore, consider a nursing top for your going-home outfit.

Fortunately, nursing tops come in different shapes and models. There are nursing t-shirts, shirts, tunics, and even tank tops. Therefore, no matter what the weather is, you’ll find a nursing top to go home into.

12. A Loose Cardigan

No matter what you choose to wear, a loose cardigan can be a great addition to cover up any undesirable bumps.

In addition, a loose cardigan can also be a good idea since your body isn’t in its normal state.

In fact, right after giving birth, most women feel a bit colder than they usually do. This is where a cardigan can come in handy to ward off any chilly breezes on your way home.

13. Winter Accessories

In winter, remember to do whatever keeps you warm. Your body is a little weaker than usual, so make sure you pack some warm gloves, socks, and a scarf.

For starters, gloves are an important addition to your winter outfit. In fact, flip-back finger gloves can be an ideal choice. They combine both warmth and freedom of movement.

In addition, your winter outfit should include extra warm socks that both help you overcome the cold and provide extra cushioning for your shoes. We recommend that you choose cotton or soft wool socks.

Another important item to add is a scarf. This can come in handy on cold and windy days. It protects your entire body, especially your breast area, against the cold weather. There are plenty of cozy materials to choose from, such as:

  • Silk
  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Cashmere
  • Pashmina
  • Alpaca
  • Satin
  • Jersey

14. Summer Accessories

If you give birth in summer, you need protection against the scorching sun. For instance, you should add sunglasses and a hat to your outfit.

Sunglasses are important to protect your eyes from the sun. We recommend that you opt for polarized sunglasses as they can offer extra protection and stronger visibility.

Moreover, depending on your outfit, you may include a hat to protect your head from the harsh sun rays. Perhaps a sun hat or a baseball cap can be the best choice for that matter.

15. Bag

Every mother-to-be invests in preparing the hospital bag. Therefore, this is just a reminder that you should choose a large bag to accommodate everything.

For instance, a weekender bag can be the ideal choice after birth. This way, you won’t be bothered with multiple carry-ons.

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FAQs on what to wear at hospital after delivery

Should I Wear My Maternity Clothes After Birth?

Yes you can wear your maternity clothes after birth! Your body still looks different at this point. In fact, you might seem like you’re five months pregnant.
The catch is that some new mothers, especially first-timers, don’t want to wear maternity clothes for psychological reasons. This may be one form of the baby blues.
You’re probably thinking that this isn’t you. However, you won’t know whether you’re one of them until you give birth, so don’t count on your old maternity clothes.
We recommend that you treat yourself to a brand-new outfit. This will have a great influence on your mood after you deliver your little one.

What Size Should I Get For My Postpartum Outfit?

There’s no clear answer to what size should I get for my postpartum outfits. Some women gain weight more than others during pregnancy.
The bottom line is that you’ll certainly be bigger than your pre-baby body and it takes six weeks to eight weeks for your uterus to contract.
As a general rule of thumb, the outfit you wear home from the hospital after birth should still be larger than your normal size before pregnancy. However, it should be a size smaller than your size during the last couple of months.

Final Thoughts on what to wear coming home from hospital after birth

Wondering what to wear home from the hospital after birth? You have several options. However, most importantly, you need to consider factors related to comfort and practicality.

There are basic items to wear regardless of the season such as a nursing bra, nursing pads, slip-on shoes, and comfy underwear.

As for the rest of the outfit, it depends on the season and your new body size.

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what to wear home after giving birth