What To Put In A Baby Keepsake Box

Have you started or thought about starting a baby keepsake box?

I think they are perfect place to keep all those gorgeous first memories that you want to treasure but are too big to fit in your baby memory book.

However, when it comes to creating your baby memory box, it can be difficult to know what to keep and what to pass on, especially with all those adorable baby photos and outfits.

Obviously, it will come down to personal preference, as your baby memory box should be as unique as your little one. So, there really are no strict instructions on what you should put into it.

But that said, you probably don’t want to go too overboard and find yourself holding onto every little thing your baby has touched as you could end up with boxes and boxes of items and no where to put them all.

What Is a Baby Memory Box?

A baby memory box or baby keepsake box is a special box used to store all your precious baby mementos and baby items that you want to hold onto.

Keepsake Box For Baby

What To Put In A Baby Keepsake Box

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Here are some great ideas that you might want to include:

– An ultrasound picture

– Birth announcement

– Baby’s hospital wristband

– Your favorite baby quote

– Their coming home from the hospital outfit and shoes

– Congratulations cards from when they were born

– A newspaper from the date of your baby’s birth

– A coin made the year they were born

– Their first photograph as a newborn

– Their first tooth

– Footprints and handprints (you can get some great baby hand and footprint kits to help you capture these)

– Their first dummy

Their first toy

– Their first lock of hair

– Their favourite book

– Their first drawing

First baby blanket

Baby memory book and/or journal

Letter to your baby (including letters from grandparents)

– Photos of special moments

– First special occasion mementos i.e. First Father’s Day and Mother’s Day cards, First Christmas Keepsakes

And of course, any other special moments that you want to treasure.

What Box To Use To Store Baby’s Keepsakes

I’d recommend investing in a beautiful personalized keepsake box to safely store your items and help make those memories feel extra special.

Here is my personal favorite!

However, you can also use a sturdy box with a lid that is going to stand the test of time and keep your items safe from the elements like a plastic or wooden box.

When To Give The Baby Memory Box To Your Child

This is really a personal choice. Some people like to share their baby memory box with their son or daughter once they are at an age where they start becoming interested in learning about themselves, others wait till their child’s 18th birthday, and some even wait till their child has children of their own.

Either way, I am sure your child receives it, they will love learning more about themselves as a baby and you will love the walk down memory lane.

Final Thoughts on Baby Memory Box Ideas

A baby keepsake box is a gorgeous way to capture your baby’s first year and beyond. What you choose to include in your baby memory box is really up to you, but the important thing is that it filled with things that have meaning to you.

We hope this guide has been helpful in you decide what to put in baby memory box and inspired you with some sweet memory box ideas for baby.

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