What To Do With Old Cloth Diapers

Wondering what to do with old cloth diapers?

Then keep reading as we list out what to do with used cloth diapers and clever ways you can repurpose old cloth diapers!

If you baby has outgrown their cloth diapers or you no longer need them then no doubt you’re looking for the best ways to repurpose them.

After all they were a hefty investment and took a lot of effort to keep in good condition.

And let’s not mention the space they take up in your closet!

So, instead of simply throwing them away, are there any other ways that you can repurpose them? If so, what should you do with them?

If you are currently wondering on the different uses for old cloth diapers, we are here to help!

As it turns out, their are several ways old cloth diapers can be put to use. 

Below, we are going to be sharing with you ways that you can repurpose your cloth diapers and breathe new life into them! 

In addition to that, we are also going to be providing you with some helpful advice on how to sustainably dispose of them if you no longer want them anymore.

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What To Do With Old Cloth Diapers

Let’s dive in and look at things to do with old cloth diapers.

1. Store Your Old Cloth Diapers for Your Next Baby

If you plan to have another baby soon, it makes the most sense to keep your cloth diapers rather then invest in new ones when your baby arrives.

We recommend placing them in a vacuum seal bag and storing them in a cool, dark location to help prolong their quality.

2. Give Them to a Friend

If you no longer want to keep your cloth diapers then you may be able to bless a friend with them!

Post on social media to see if your friends have a baby in a similar size or give the cloth diapers to an expecting mother you know.

You never know someone’s financial situation, so providing them with a bundle of cloth diapers could be a significant help.

3. Donate Them To Your Local Daycare

Whilst not all daycares will accept cloth diapers, some may be able to advise you of some local families that use cloth diapers and would welcome the donation.

4. Ask at a Women’s Shelter

Ask your local women’s shelter if they take cloth diapers. It might be a shelter for women, but the women often come in with babies and nothing else with them. A cloth diaper stash could be a really helpful way for one of those women to start providing for their children without the huge expense that comes with buying disposable diapers.

Chances are you won’t be able to enter the shelter due to security reasons. Give them a phone call and ask if you can leave it on their porch or if a worker can meet you outside.

5. Sell Your Cloth Diapers

There is a huge market for used cloth diapers, especially if they are in great condition. So why not recoup some of the dollars you spent on buying your cloth diapers.

You can try selling them in your local buy, swap, sell Facebook groups or look for dedicated cloth diaper sales groups.

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6. Compost or Recycle Them

If your cloth diapers have really had it and aren’t worth trying to save, then you donate them to a clothing collection bin for recycling.

Any all-natural fibers, such as wool, is also compostable.

7. Repurpose Them

There are several ways you can get creative and repurpose used cloth diapers. These include:

Use Them As A Back Up Cover

Of you have just one or 2 cloth diapers that are no longer fit for every day purpose then you may want to use them as a back up instead. You can never go wrong having a spare cloth diaper in the car or your diaper bag for those unexpected moments.

Using Them As Cleaning Clothes

Your prefolds, flats, and microfiber inserts can easily be repurposed as cleaning cloths around your home. They are used in cloth diapering for their absorbency so it only makes sense that they would be great for cleaning up spills and wiping down surfaces.

Let Your Kids Play with Them

Give the diapers to your children to use during playtime. Baby cloth diapers work well on baby dolls. They can pretend to diaper the baby doll and hone in on their pretend play skills at the same time.

Use Them as Stuffing

If you’re looking for a fun DIY project you could use your old cloth diapers as stuffing for a pet bed or some outdoor cushions. They are sure to be extra cozy.

Use Them for Craft Projects

Cloth diapers covers normally come in adorable designs and colors, so why not cut them up and use the material for your next craft project.

Make Puppy Pee Pads

If your cloth diapers are too stained to donate, then a fantastic way to repurpose them is to sew a few together to make reusable puppy pee pads! If you don’t have a puppy, then you can ask your local animal shelter if they accept donations. This idea also works for rabbit “carpets” or at the bottom of litter boxes.

Final Thoughts on What to do with Used Cloth Diapers

There we have it! We hope that this guide has helped you to learn some ways that you can repurpose your baby’s old cloth diapers rather than just adding them to landfill.

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what to do with used cloth diapers