What Size Comes After 5t?

If you are noticing that your toddler is outgrowing their 5T clothing, then it is probably time to size up.

Though, we are guessing that you are wondering where to go after your child outgrows size 5T.

Don’t worry, you are not the only parent who is trying to work out what comes after size 5T.

Children’s clothing sizes are incredibly confusing. Most parents, experienced and new ones, will find themselves struggling to know which sizes to pick for their children.

Especially after they no longer fit 5T clothing.

So, if you are finding yourself in this predicament where you are trying to work out what size comes after 5t in clothes, keep reading on so you can shop with confidence.

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Why Can’t You Find The Size After 5T? 

If you are a new parent to toddlers then you might be having difficulty trying to find the next size after 5T on the clothing racks in the toddler section.

It can seem as though not one of the clothes you can see on the rack is getting bigger. Well, that is because the clothes on that rack are not getting bigger. 

In fact, there is a very simple reason you can’t find the next size up after 5T on the toddler rack. It is not there.

Once your toddler outgrows size 5T clothing, it is now time to move them on to kids’ clothes. This means that you have to shop in a different section to find the size after 5T.

Not only that but you now have to shop in the clothing section that separates girls’ kid clothes from boys’ kid clothes. 

What Is Size 5T?

Before we look at what comes after size 5T, let’s wrap our heads around what size 5T is. To understand what 5T is, it is best to look at the measurements of 5T.

In terms of height, 5T clothing works for 41 to 43.5 inches. The chest size of 5T clothing ranges from 23 to 25 inches. 5T clothing works for a weight range of 38 to 44 pounds.

And in terms of the waist, 5T clothing requires a range of 21 to 22.5 inches. 

These measurements can help you to work out which size comes after 5T clothing. Some people often get confused between 5T and size 5 clothing.

Some parents think they are the same but there are a few differences between them. In fact, noting the difference between the two can help you to understand what size 5T is exactly. 

The first thing to note about the size 5T and size 5 is that size 5 clothing is usually considered to be bigger than size 5T.

However whilst size 5 clothing is a little longer, size 5T actually has more room in the pant region so the pants can be pulled up over diapers.

Essentially, size 5T is usually for toddlers that are not potty-trained as they have more room in the diaper area and they also have the cuffed ankles that a lot of toddler clothing have. 

However, size 5 doesn’t have room to allow for diapers so they are better suited to children who are potty-trained. 

What Size Comes After 5T? 

So that we know exactly what size 5T is, we can work out what size comes after it. In most cases, children will be recommended to move on to size 6 after outgrowing size 5T.

Though the jump from size 5T to size 6 is big. To help us get a clearer picture of the difference, let us look at the measurements of clothing for size 6. 

In terms of height, size 6 clothing will fit those between 47 and 51 inches. This is clearly quite a bit bigger than size 5T clothing, so you can expect size 6 to be longer.

When it comes to the weight size 6 fits a weight between 42 and 50 pounds. The waist size for size 6 clothing is between 22 and 23 inches which is not much of an increase from size 5T.

In fact, in terms of the chest size, it is 23 to 25 inches for size 6. This is the same size for size 5T clothing. 

So since some clothing sizes for size 6 are similar to size 5T, this would be the next size for many parents to pick for their children. 

However, since size 6 clothing is quite a bit longer than size 5T, some parents will choose to go to a size 5 instead, if their child is out of diapers.

This is because size 5 clothing is longer than size 5T by a little but they are not as long as size 6. 

Though this choice is completely dependent on the parent since it might be more beneficial to move your child up to a size 6 since they are likely to outgrow size 5 quite quickly. 

what comes after 5t clothes

When Is It Time To Move On To A Different Size? 

So now that you know which size to move to once your toddler has outgrown the last toddler size, when should you move to a different size?

You may think that you would move to a different size when the clothes no longer fit, and this is definitely something you should do.

However, there may be signs you need to move to the next size before the clothes don’t fit at all. 

The earliest sign that you need to move your child to a bigger size is if their wrists or ankles are exposed.

Their wrists should not be hanging out of their tops, just like when we purchase tops for ourselves we wouldn’t have the sleeve not meeting the wrist.

This is a clear sign that it is time to move on because although your child can still get into their clothes, the top is clearly becoming too short. 

Not only should you be looking out for your child’s ankles being exposed, but you also need to make sure the top of their bottom isn’t exposed. If you find this to be the case, it is time to size up. 

We know how uncomfortable it is to wear clothes that are too small for you, so keep an eye out for these signs.

The most obvious sign that their clothes no longer fit them is if they are finding it hard to put them on and take them off. 

Final Thoughts on What Comes After 5t Clothes?

Sizing up your child’s clothing can be very difficult and confusing. There are so many different sizes with all sorts of meanings, things can get a little overwhelming. 

However, once you get past the labels it can be quite an enjoyable experience to see your child grow and enjoy new clothes.

Make sure to keep an eye out on how well the clothing fits your child as we all know how quickly children grow!

We hope that this guide has left you feeling less confused about children’s clothing sizes and more confident about choosing the next size for your child.

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