What Should A Baby Wear Under A Swaddle? Here’s the Answer!

Wondering what does a baby wear under swaddle?

Then this guide to what do babies wear under swaddle is for you!

Parents want their baby to be at a comfortable temperature all the time, especially while sleeping, so it’s no surprise that parents often wonder what a baby should wear under a swaddle. We don’t want to use too many layers, or babies have an increased risk of heating.

Sleep sacks and swaddles are great for babies and parents alike; they help babies get more sleep, and parents get more rest.

However, since these act as an extra layer (or two) on your baby, parents often struggle to understand what a newborn baby should wear underneath the swaddle.

The general rule of thumb is to dress your baby in one additional layer beyond what you, an adult, feel comfortable wearing. Putting your baby in a sleeper underneath the swaddle seems appropriate with that rule in mind.

It could be, but it may not be enough for some babies!

Let’s look at how parents determine what a baby should wear under a swaddle.

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what does a baby wear under a swaddle

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How to Use a Swaddle Safely

Before we look at what a baby should wear under a swaddle, let’s go over some important safety information regarding the use of a swaddle.

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises parents that swaddling is an excellent option for parents to help their newborn baby sleep as long as safety recommendations are followed.

  1. A swaddling blanket could come loose at night, posing a serious suffocation risk. So, parents should use proper fitting swaddles and sleep sacks, preferably those with zippers or Velcro, to keep the fabric closed.
  2. Watch for signs that your baby is close to rolling over. Parents should stop swaddling once their baby is rolling over. Some experts recommend that parents stop swaddling around eight weeks old because babies start to roll in that age range.
  3. Ensure the swaddle is not too tight, especially around your baby’s hips and legs. This can cause hip problems as your baby is still developing.
  4. Ensure your baby isn’t overheating by dressing him in appropriate layers. Overheating increases the risk of SIDS.

Swaddling is a safe choice for families as long as these recommendations are followed.

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Can Your Baby Get Too Hot in a Swaddle?

Absolutely! Too many layers of fabric lead to your baby feeling too hot in a swaddle.

This is why the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than one layer more than an adult would wear comfortably.

The swaddle counts as a blanket since loose blankets are a no-no in the crib, and they keep your baby warm. Babies cannot regulate their body temperature, so keeping our infants warm is a priority.

However, it’s easy for parents to get a little carried away with the layers. Avoid keeping a hat or cap on your baby inside, no matter what your grandmother might tell you. Covering your baby’s head and ears traps in the heat, making it harder for your baby to stay cool while in a swaddle.

How to Decide What Should a Baby Wear Under a Swaddle

Keep these considerations in mind as you decide what your baby should wear under a swaddle.

The Room Temperature and Humidity

The ideal room temperature for infants is between 68 and 70 degrees F (20 to 22 degrees C). However, you also want to make sure the humidity level in your baby’s nursery is well-monitored. Too much humidity makes you feel hot and sweaty, even when the room temperature is at an appropriate level.

Keep a baby’s nursery humidity level between 30 and 60% at the most. You want to keep the level at the upper end of this range in the winter because it ensures your baby doesn’t have dry skin problems.

If your baby sleeps in a temperature-controlled area, you don’t have to worry too much about dressing your baby while swaddling. All you need is a footie pajama or long sleeve onesie under the swaddle.

A room temperature and humidity monitor is a great investment to help ensure your room temperature is ideal for your baby!

Current Season and Temperature Outside

The season and outside temperature affect the temperature inside your home and how it feels, even if your home is heated and has air conditioning. So chances are you’ve experienced cold days when you felt like you still needed some cozy socks inside of your home.

Seasons also change the relative humidity in the air, which changes how you dress your baby under a swaddle.

If you feel worried about your baby’s room temperature, consider keeping an indoor thermometer in his room or using a baby monitor with a room thermometer included. These monitors send alerts to the parent unit monitor or phone if the room temp changes too much.

Material of the Swaddle

One of the most important considerations is the material and thickness of the swaddle. In addition, you want to match the material with the current weather to keep your baby feeling comfortable.

Baby swaddles list their TOG – thermal overall grade – on their descriptions. The TOG is a unit of measure used to calculate the thermal insulation of materials. Many brands produce swaddles in various TOGs that can be used in different seasons or room temperatures.

Here are some general guidelines for TOG.

  • 0.5 TOG – Temperatures between 75 and 81 degrees F
  • 1.0 TOG – Temps between 68 and 74 degrees F
  • 2.5 TOG – Temperatures between 61 and 68 degrees F
  • 3.5 TOG – Temps below 61 degrees F

Something else to consider is that you can swaddle your baby only wearing a diaper. If it’s the middle of the summer and everyone feels sticky, strip your baby down to a diaper and swaddle him. He will be happier for it!

During summertime, parents should use breathable swaddles, typically created with muslin cotton for maximum airflow. Synthetic fibers trap in heat and aren’t breathable, so they’re better for winter weather.

How Your Baby Feels to the Touch

Another essential consideration when dressing your baby is how they feel to the touch. Again, you know your baby best and if your baby looks too cold or too hot, dress them based on how they appear.

Flushed cheeks indicate your baby is too hot, and if your baby feels cold, he might need an extra layer.

What Should Baby Wear Under a Swaddle

Now that we covered how to decide what your baby should wear, let’s take a look at some suggestions for layering under a swaddle.

  • 75 to 81 degrees F – put your baby in a diaper, a short sleeve onesie, and a swaddle.
  • 68 and 75 degrees F – put your bay in a diaper, long sleeve onesie or sleeper, and a swaddle.
  • 61 to 68 degrees F – put your baby in a diaper, short sleeve onesie, sleeper, and a swaddle
  • 61 degrees F and below – put your baby in a diaper, long sleeve onesie, sleeper, and a thick swaddle.

Signs Your Baby is Too Cold

Your big concern might be that your baby is too cold in his crib. Aside from checking the temperature of his nursery, there are a few other signs that let you know your baby is too cold and needs extra layers.

  • Cold nose
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Pale skin
  • Fussiness
  • Sneezing suddenly

Signs Your Baby is Too Hot

It’s possible to overdress your baby as well, and in these cases, your baby may end up too hot. Overheating a baby increases the risk of SIDS, so parents need to know the signs that their baby is too hot.

  • Flushed skin
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Sweating
  • Restlessness

Final Thoughts on What Should Baby Wear Under Swaddle

If you’re wondering what your baby should wear under a swaddle, the answer is typically one more layer than you would want to wear. Remember, a swaddle acts as a blanket, so think about what you wear under a blanket, then add another layer.

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what do babies wear under swaddle