What Is A Diaper Raffle?

Wondering, what is a diaper raffle? And how you host a baby diaper raffle?

Well, you’re in the right place as we are going to breakdown everything you need to know about a diaper raffle!

Diaper raffles are a traditional baby shower game that can be played at a baby shower, baby sprinkle, or even a gender-reveal party.

They are easy to set up and super fun to play.

Plus, they are a great way to give new parents something they’ll actually use and appreciate – diapers!

So, if you’re interested in learning how to host a diapers raffle make sure to keep reading!

And if you’re new to diapers make sure you check out our diaper buying guide for some helpful tips and things to consider when choosing your diapers. Or this guide on buying diapers for a baby shower. You may even like these guides on baby shower cake sayings and baby thank you card wording!

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What Is a Diaper Raffle?

A diaper raffle is a fun activity at a baby shower or baby sprinkle, where guests bring diapers (disposable or cloth diapers) and are entered into a prize drawing during the event.

There are two components of a diaper raffle: tickets and prizes.

To be entered into the diaper raffle, guests bring a pack of diapers and get a ticket for each pack to then to be entered into the drawing for a prize.

One pack of diapers equals one ticket.

What’s the Point of a Diaper Raffle and Why Have One?

The point of a diaper raffle is to get the parents as many diapers as possible while letting guests have a little fun in return.

With diapers being one of the biggest ongoing expenses of having a baby, hosting a diaper raffle helps to:

  • Give new parents something they’re sure to use
  • Save the new parent’s money upfront and overtime by stocking up on diapers
  • Give new parents a chance to try different brands, sizes, and types of diapers to find a brand that works best for their baby
  • Make it easy for guests to buy a useful gift that parents actually need
  • Make for a budget friendly
  • Engage and entertain guest at the baby shower
  • Break the ice if people aren’t mingling as well as you hoped
  • Offer something for everyone at the baby shower (after all, who doesn’t love the chance to win a prize?!)

How Does a Diaper Raffle Work?

As mentioned above, guests that bring a pack of diapers (baby wipes and other diapering items can count, too) are entered to win a prize.

Each pack of diapers counts for one diaper raffle ticket.

If someone brings more diaper items, they gain more entries and improve their chances of winning.

There are three main components of a successful diaper raffle:

  1. The diaper raffle instructions with the baby shower invite (this is important because guests that want to participate need to buy diapers before the event)
  2. The diaper raffle tickets
  3. The diaper raffle prize
Diaper Raffle Ticket

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How to Host a Diaper Raffle for a Baby Shower?

So now you know what a baby diaper raffle is, let’s look at how to host a diaper raffle for a baby shower.

Preparing a Diaper Raffle

Before you create the baby shower invites and diaper raffle tickets, you’ll want to decide a few things, so you know what to say and are properly prepared to host this fun activity.

Things to consider:

  • How you’ll word your diaper raffle invite. It can be cute and rhyme or be straight to the point. As long as it’s clear on how the diaper raffle works and what guests can expect, you’re good to go!
  • Do you want to use disposable diapers, cloth diapers, or a mix of both.
  • If there are any specific diaper brands you want or absolutely don’t want, make a note of them so you can be sure to tastefully mention them on the invites. For example, some parents may only want to use organic diapers.
  • Are there specific sizes that you are going to request.
  • Do you want to include other diaper caddy essentials like natural diaper creams and wipes.
  • What your prizes will be, how many prizes there are to win, and how many drawings you will do.
  • And finally, you’ll want to have any extra items for the diaper table, like a diaper raffle poster, ticket bowl to draw from, extra tickets for those who bought extra diapers or left their ticket at home, pen to write entrée names on tickets, the prize, and any decorations.

How to Set Up a Diaper Raffle

Once you have planned out the above items, there are a few more key steps you’ll need to take to ensure you diaper raffle goes smoothly.

These are:

1. Send Out Your Diaper Raffle Invitations

There are two main options to notify your guests of the diaper raffle:

– Include a little note on the baby shower invite.

– If you want to be a little more creative, you can have a separate diaper raffle card with a poem or step-by-step instructions for guests and have it match the party theme.

Your invitation will need to include information about the diaper raffle, how it works, what counts as an entry, and what the prize will be.

Also, if you have any specific requirements such as cloth diapers, organic diapers, diaper sizes, brands and so on ensure that you include these on the invitation.

Some simple diaper raffle wording could be:

‘We’re having a diaper raffle at the baby shower! For each pack of diapers or diapering items you bring, you get one ticket to be entered into the raffle. One pack of diapers = one entry. The more diapers you bring, the higher your chances of winning!’

2. Purchase Your Diaper Raffle Prize

Nothing would be worse then asking your guest to bring diapers for their chance to win a prize that you don’t have.

So, make sure you purchase your diaper raffle prize ahead of time.

Diaper raffle prizes ideas you may want to consider include:

  • Gift baskets
  • Gift Cards and Vouchers
  • Alcohol
  • Electronic items
  • Coffee mugs or wine glasses
  • Movie tickets
  • Coupon books
  • Gift certificates (this can be for services like house cleaning, car washes, massages – and anything in between!)
  • Themed box (like a movie night theme with popcorn, candy, code for a free movie on Amazon Prime, etc.)

If you’re doing more than one prize, you may want to do a tier of prizes, like first-place is the biggest gift, second-place is a medium gift, and then the third-place would, of course, a smaller gift.

3. Set Up Your Diaper Raffle Table

On the day of your baby shower, you’ll want to have a diaper raffle table set up for your guests.

The diaper raffle table include:

  • A bowl or jar for the tickets to go in (make sure it’s easy to put your hand in to pull out the tickets!)
  • Raffle tickets and a pen so people can complete their entry. Guests will fill it out with their information and put it in the drawing bowl at the baby shower.
  • A diaper raffle sign with simple instructions to let guests know that this is the diaper station and how they can play! You don’t want it to be a cluttered mess or anyone getting confused and missing out on the fun. You can have a simple paper that says “Diaper Raffle Station, One Pack of Diapers = One Entry” or something that’s themed and cute.
  • Any centerpieces or decorations
  • The prize so people can see it up close. This will get them even more excited to participate and give guests something to talk about (aka, no awkward silence!)

How to Host the Diaper Raffle Game for a Baby Shower

Playing the diaper raffle game is even simpler than setting it up!

Once you are set up, the final step it to draw your diaper raffle prize.

During the baby shower, you simply announce to guests that you’re about the hold the drawing and draw a ticket (without looking!) from the ticket bowl.

If you are drawing more than once for more than one prize and winner, you can split the different drawings at different intervals during the event or do it all at once.

That’s it! Whoever got their name drawn is the winner! Simple and fun, right?

Should You Host a Diaper Raffle or a Diaper Fund?

A diaper raffle and a diaper fund are two different things, and each has its pros and cons.

In a diaper raffle, guests bring packs of diapers for the parents and get the chance to win a prize in return. Whereas at a diaper fund, guests can give money or gift cards for diapers for the parents to use when they need them.

A diaper fund gives parents flexibility when buying the diapers and gives them the option to buy as they go, which is great because you never know when babies will outgrow a certain size of diaper or how their skin will react to a certain brand.

Diaper funds are also convenient if the parents don’t have much room to store diapers since they’ll be buying diapers as needed and not having a bunch already stored from the raffle.

Yet, hosting a diaper raffle tends to be more engaging and fun for everyone with guess getting the opportunity to win a prize.

Whether you should host a diaper raffle or a diaper fund will depend on your personal preference.

FAQs on a Baby Shower Diaper Raffle

What happens at a diaper party?

Diaper parties are just like regular baby showers, just with a diaper theme.  A diaper party includes snacks, games, and gifts, while making gift giving very easy for guests!  Diaper parties can take lots of forms like a Diaper Raffle or a Diaper Shower, but the goal is the same: Get as many diapers for the baby as you can!

Do you wrap diapers for the diaper raffle?

Wondering do you wrap diapers for a diaper raffle? Ideally, you do not wrap them completely as you will need to show how many packs of diapers are in the gift, so you know how many raffle tickets to get! However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make them look like a gift. You can add a bow, use a gift bag, or even turn them into a beautiful diaper cake.

What is a diaper raffle shower?

A diaper raffle shower is a type of baby shower where you ask your guests to bring diapers or diapering items in exchange for diaper raffle tickets. When guests arrive, they receive a raffle ticket for each diaper pack or diapering item they bring.  After you play a few games, eat delicious snacks, and snap pictures with the beautiful mom-to-be, you draw for the diaper raffle!

How do you ask for diapers and wipes instead of gifts?

There are several ways you can ask for diapers and wipes instead of gifts for your baby shower. You can add your preferred diapers and diapering essentials to your baby registry and advise guests of your registry. When you send out your baby shower invites, simply add the request for diapers and wipes as a preferred gift item. Or you could host a diaper raffle. 

How much should a diaper raffle prize be?

There are no set rules on how much a diaper raffle prize should be, but a good guideline would be $25-$50 for the prize, especially if the diaper raffle is the main event. Of course, you know your audience, and a gift certificate for a massage for $100 or a well put together basket from the dollar store or Etsy can be fun and exciting, too!

Final Thoughts On Hosting A Diaper Raffle For Baby Shower

A diaper raffle is a fantastic way for guests at your baby shower to have some fun and for new parents to stock up on much needed diapers before the arrival of their newborn.

The great news is they only require a little bit of DIY party planning to be a great success!

We hope this guide on how does a diaper raffle work has been helpful!

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