Ways To Organize Baby Clothes

Looking for ideas on how to organize baby clothes?

Then you’re in the right place, as our guide is going to have you organizing your baby clothes like a pro!

From bodysuits and onesies to sweaters and cute dresses it isn’t hard to accumulate a ton of baby clothes. Especially when they are just so adorable!

But, how do you organize your baby clothes to ensure they are actually worn?

Afterall, baby clothes are expensive so you don’t want to just throw them in a closet and then by the time they are rediscovered your baby has long grown out of them.

So, keep reading to learn the best baby clothing storage ideas from experienced parents!

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ideas for storing baby clothes

How To Organize Baby Clothes

Firstly, when it comes to organizing your baby clothes there is no right or wrong way.

You may choose to fold or hang baby clothes, use a dresser or a closest, or even storage organizers or baskets.

How you will organize baby clothes will depend on how many baby clothes you have, sizes, fabrics, season, and what storage items to have available.

But, there are several ways that you can organize your baby clothes in the nursery to make your life easier.

So, you won’t even need to think about where they go and where to find them in a hurry for your next diaper change.

Let’s dive in an take a look at some clever baby clothes organizer ideas!

Ways To Organize Baby Clothes

We’ve broken down the best ways to organize baby clothes based on your preferred method of storage.

Organizing Baby Clothes In A Dresser

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If you’re using a dresser to organize your baby clothes then here are some handy ways to organize your baby clothes for easy use.

1. Group By Outfits

The simplest way to organize clothes in a dresser is to group your baby clothes by the type of outfit. Place all your onesies together in a drawer. All your baby socks in another. All your pants in another and so on.

Group the baby outfits together in drawers so you know exactly what drawer to reach for when looking for a piece of clothing.

2. Organize Baby Clothes By Size

Like most new parents you probably have multiple different sizes for your baby clothes. So you might want to consider organizing your baby clothes by size and then storing each size in a dresser drawer of it’s own. They way you’re not going to be reaching in for a onesie only to realize it is the wrong size and won’t fit.

3. Use Drawer Dividers

Let’s be realistic, you probably have a ton of baby clothes and baby dressers are really not that big. So giving size 1 onesies a drawer to themselves probably isn’t very practical. That’s where drawer dividers can be a fantastic solution!

They help break up your nursery dresser drawers into compartments so you can sort your baby clothes and store them separately in the one drawer. Got 5 different sizes of onesies? Then use a drawer divider to store them all in the one drawer but separated into their different sizes.

4. Label The Dresser Drawers

It can be easier to forget what you have organized in each drawer, so rather than open each drawer trying to find the item you’re looking for, label your drawers as a quick visual reminder!

You can go all out and paint your drawers with chalk paint or simply use one of these adorable nursery drawer labels.

File Fold Baby Clothes

5. Choose To File Fold Baby’s Clothes

File folding is a folding method from Marie Kondo that is used to take up less space and so you can easily select the clothes you need. Basically, when your clothes are folded this way and placed in your drawers, they resembles files in a filing cabinet.

Organizing Baby Clothes in the Closest

6. Group By Outfits

Just like in your dresser drawers, you’ll probably want to organize your baby clothes into groups depending on the type of outfit. That way you know exactly where to reach for when looking for a piece of clothing.

Some parents may also prefect to group outfits by color.

7. Organize Baby Clothes By Size Using Baby Closet Dividers

Again like your dresser drawer you will have multiple different sizes for your baby clothes to organize in your closet. So you might want to consider organizing your baby clothes by size using baby closet dividers.

You simply use the dividers to separate and hang baby clothes according to their size,

8. Use Hangers for Baby Clothes

If you’re using a closest for your baby clothes then no doubt there will be a hanging rail to hang baby clothes on. But the thing about baby clothes, as you’re aware, is that they are much smaller than adult clothes. Which means that they won’t fit your adult size hangers.

So you’ll need to invest in some baby hangers and ensure that you have enough for all of the baby clothes you wish to hang.

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9. Use Hangers with Clips To Hang Outfits Together

Sometimes the hardest part of getting your baby dressed is reaching into several spots in your closest picking out the separate pieces you need to get them dressed. Especially if you have a set pair of leggings or pants to go with that super cute top.

Que, hangers with clips! They allow you to simply hang your baby clothes together as an outfit rather than storing them separately. This also has the added bonus of increasing the storage space in your closet as you require less hangers overall.

09/20/2023 01:03 pm GMT

10. Add More Closet Rails

If space is an issue in your closet then consider adding an additional closet rail or two. Baby clothes are much smaller than adult clothes so you don’t need as much distance between rails for hanging.

These don’t have to be fixed in instead we recommend getting an adjustable rail that just hangs on your existing rail. That way when you’re baby grows or if they move rooms the closest can easily be returned to it’s original state.

11. Hang a Clothes Organizer

When it comes to using a closet for your baby clothes, the one thing you’ll find is that it’s not practical to hang all baby clothes. For example you’ll need to find a storage solution for your baby socks.

And that’s where a hangable clothes organizer with drawers is perfect! It lets you organize all your smaller baby items neatly whilst also giving you easy access.

12. Use an Over The Door Organizer

If you’re limited on rail space in your closet then you may want to look at adding a door organizer (or adding it as well as a rail hanging organizer). They are perfect for giving you the additional space you need in your closet for all the smaller baby items that are not easily hung such as socks and shoes.

13. Get Baskets

When you have a small closet or want it to look neat and tidy then baskets are your best friend! They are perfect for storing more bulky items such as baby blankets up high or down low and out the way until you need them.

Plus they can really add to the décor of your nursery!

09/25/2023 09:03 am GMT

Organizing Baby Clothes on the Floor

14. Add a Cube Unit

Rather than add a second dresser to your nursery, why not consider adding a storage cube for bulkier clothes and baby items such as baby blankets. They are cheap, effective, and with some cute cute storage baskets can be a gorgeous edition to any nursery.

On the plus side, as your baby grows they can double as a toy storage unit.

09/22/2023 09:03 pm GMT

15. Add A Utility Cart

A utility cart is perfect for storing all your day to day baby clothes and diaper caddy essentials. It’s portable so you can move it around to where you need it most for quick access.

You can even add storage dividers to give you better storage capacity.

16. Use Vacuum Seal Bags Or Bins For Clothes Baby Can’t Use Immediately

No doubt you’ll have a ton of baby clothes on hand for when your baby goes up a size or for when the seasons change. But, as these are not being used you may want to consider storing them in vacuum seal bags at the top of your closet or in labelled clear stackable storage bins until they need to be used.

This way you’re going to reduce the clutter in your baby’s closet or dresser, but also make sure the clothes are stored properly to ensure they aren’t damaged by the time you want to use them.

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17. Use a Clothes Hamper

So we’ve talked about ways to store clean baby clothes, but what do you do with them all once they are dirty? Rather than letting them pile up on the floor or transporting them directly to the laundry, you can use a clothes hamper to store them in till you are ready to do the laundry.

18. Have A Cast-Off Bin

A cast of bin is used to put in the baby clothes that you no longer wish to use. Maybe the clothes are too small, the wrong season, they have been stained beyond repair, or you just decided you don’t like them.

Whatever reason, a cast off bin is a great idea to place those old baby clothes in when you decide you no longer want them. It stops them making their way back into your nursery dresser or closest and instead can be sorted to pass on or bin.

You can simply choose to use a second hamper or opt for a double hamper a use one side for laundry and one side as a cast off bin.

Organizing Baby Clothes on the Wall

19. Use Hanging Baskets

If you’ve got plenty of wall space in your nursery then you can easily utilize it for additional clothing storage by using hanging baskets.

We love using the wire baskets as then you can easily see what’s inside.

09/25/2023 01:03 pm GMT

20. Use a Door Organizer

A door organizer isn’t just for the back of your closet door! They can be added to the back of your nursery door to create additional space for organizing your baby clothes and items. Just ensure that the door organizer is not too bulky that it prevents you from opening the nursery door.

21. Add More Shelves

Shelves are a great way to create extra storage for all those baby clothes and items that you don’t use on a day to day basis such as baby blankets. They can be neatly folded and stacked, and when paired with a few nursery toys and keepsakes can really add to the décor of your nursery.

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22. Add a Hanging Rail or Hooks to Shelves

Want hanging space but you don’t have a closet? Then why not add a rail or hooks to the bottom of a shelf and put your gorgeous baby clothes on display! It makes them easy to access as well as a gorgeous statement piece in any nursery.

Final Thoughts on How To Organize Baby clothes

There are tons of different ways to organize baby clothes and we hope we have sparked a few ideas for you!

Just remember, the trick is to decide on what method or methods will work best for your nursery and circumstances and then add smart features such as drawer dividers to maximize your storage space and make finding your baby clothes a breeze!

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How To Organize Baby Clothes