Uppababy Vista V2 Double Stroller Review

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Any parent of more than one child will be able to attest that things only get more tricky with two!

Getting out and about with one baby is hard enough, but with two there is double the bottles, nappies and snacks to pack, double the clipping in, fastening and adjusting to do, and double the weight to push and steer!

It takes twice as long to leave the house and twice as long to get your jobs done once you are out. And this is why it is so important to invest in the right stroller to help you and your little ones get about.

Uppababy is a top brand in the baby stroller industry, and its designers have been making premium strollers for over two decades, to great acclaim.

Their Vista V2 double stroller is a new take on their original Vista stroller and it has many innovative features which make it an excellent choice for parents with multiple children.

In this article, we review the Vista V2 in regard to comfort, maneuverability, portability, storage, safety and other features, and give you the lowdown on all its pros and cons.

Read on if you want to discover whether or not this stroller could be the smooth ride you have been looking for.

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Our Top Pick
UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller

Having versatility when it comes to a stroller is paramount and the UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller has versatility in spades!

It can be used as a single, double, or even a triple stroller with the addition of a PiggyBack ride adaptation.

Seats can be forward facing or outward facing and you can use a bassinet or a sit up / reclining seat allowing it to adapt with your growing family.

It is also compatible with MESA Infant Car seat.

And best of all, the new spring-action all-wheel suspension and slightly softer tires make it easy to maneuver.

01/10/2022 01:55 am GMT

Uppababy Vista V2 Double Stroller Review

What We Love

  • 1-3 child versatility, ideal for growing families
  • Comfortable seats with great adjustability
  • Lots of storage space for all your extra items
  • Easy to fold and to set up

What Could Be Better

  • Rather bulky when folded, and large to store
  • A heavy stroller, heavy to steer over uneven terrain
  • Expensive

What You Get

The Uppababy Vista V2 four piece stroller set includes the V2 stroller itself, plus a matching Rumble seat V2 accessory for an additional toddler, a matching Bassinet baby cot and two upper adapters.

All three carriers come with sun and rain canopy, adjustable straps and cushioned interiors. The stroller also comes with a large mesh storage bucket.

Ease Of Set Up

Many premium strollers on the market today offer all the comfort and maneuverability you could wish for but are an absolute nightmare to set up.

Luckily, this is not the case with the Uppababy Vista V2.

This double stroller is incredibly easy to set up, and the smooth mechanisms mean that you don’t find yourself battling the handlebars and frame whilst an entire car park full of people watch on.

It unfolds in two simple steps and locks into place securely, so there is no risk of it collapsing back in on itself as soon as you pop your toddler in their seat.

This ease of setup saves time and effort and allows you to get out and about with as little hassle as possible. You might need to practice on your very first try in order to avoid getting the seat caught in the storage bucket as it unfolds, but you will quickly get the hang of it.

The upper adaptors are very simple to slot into place and they have color coded clips which clearly let you know whether they have locked in or not.

The additional Rumble seat and Bassinet clip into place smoothly, meaning you can switch between a single seat configuration and a double seat configuration as and when you need to.

The upper adaptors are designed in such a way that the seats can be positioned outward facing, parent pacing, or even facing each other.

When parent facing, the lower seat encroaches on the storage bucket quite a lot resulting in far less room to put extra items, so this is slightly less convenient for those with a lot of bags etc.


The Vista V2 stroller folds away as easily as it goes up, and involves a simple two step motion.

You do require two hands to lift the clips and bend this stroller over into its folded position, but the process is very quick and there is very little room for confusion.

The handlebar has to be at a certain height in order for the stroller to fold, so if you find yourself struggling it could be this that needs adjusting.

Once folded, the Vista V2 stands upright all by itself.

This really is an incredibly handy design feature as it allows you to leave the stroller in porches and other small areas without feeling guilty that it is taking up lots of space.

The folded stroller has lots of stability so won’t fall over, and it can be folded with the upper adapters still on, which saves you time when you come to unfold it again.

You will be able to stand this stroller neatly next to your table in a cafe, or in a luggage stand on a train, and not worry that it is too bulky or imposing.

It can also be stored away in the trunk of your car or in a cupboard at home very easily and won’t cause a large encumbrance between uses.


The Vista V2 is not the easiest stroller to push about, especially when compared to other premium strollers with rubber wheels.

The plastic wheels on the Vista V2 are softer and more durable than those on the original Vista, however they struggle slightly on uneven terrain and, in particular, on gravel.

The Vista V2 rolls across grass pretty easily so long as it isn’t very high grass, so this is a good option for those who love to go for walks in the park and in nature.

On roads and pavements it is smooth and centered, and provides a calm and safe ride for your little ones.

The suspension is not as springy as the suspension on some jogger strollers, however there is amble bounce to cushion bumpy rides and prevent children from being rudely awakened once they have fallen asleep.

The steering of the Vista V2 is smooth and accurate when the stroller is on even, flat ground. However, steering becomes slightly more tricky when on an incline or decline, or when on an uneven surface.

The addition of an extra seat also makes steering slightly more tricky as the extra seat elongates the length of this stroller.

This means that you have to turn sooner in order to navigate tight corners, however it is easy enough once you get used to it.

The main reason why the Vista V2 is more difficult to steer than some other strollers is because of its weight.

It is a pretty hefty stroller at 63.2 lbs, and this heavy design can feel a little tiring on the arms over the course of long journeys (especially with two toddlers on board!).

However, the Vista V2 is a narrow stroller, meaning that it is less bulky than many other options out there, and it fits down shopping aisles and through doorways very comfortably.

The brakes on this stroller are secure and reliable.

Better still, the foot activated lock has a color coded design that lets you see clearly whether the brakes have been activated or not.

The lock is at a perfect height for easy, toe-tapping access, and it can be released just as easily when you need to get back on your way.


All the Vista V2 seats are lined with cushioned fabric that is both breathable and durable.

The Rumble seat offers plenty of legroom and length to allow for growing limbs, and the upper adaptors allow for multiple different reclining positions depending on whether your child wants to lie back and fall asleep, or sit up and see the world.

The Bassinet cot is a wonderful, lie-flat solution for babies, and it has a perforated mattress pad for comfort and security, as well as a water resistant cover and cozy knit fabric.

In terms of comfort, the Vista V2 really does score more highly than many of its competitors.

All the seats also come with rain and sun shield canopies which are coated with UV protection and are water resistant.

The really great part is that these canopies are extendable and each reach as far as your toddlers knees when the extra fabric is unzipped.

This is ideal in very rainy or very sunny conditions because it provides total coverage for your children and means there are no sun burnt legs or soggy laps to deal with when you get home. The canopies fold away neaty when you don’t need them.

The straps on the Vista V2 are 5 pronged and include adjustable shoulder pads.

The straps are permanently threaded which we think is far preferable to those that need rethreading each time you try to get your child in the stroller.

The clip has a one-handed functionality, so you will be able to get your child strapped in with one hand when the other hand is busy!

The adjustability of the straps is great and really does allow lots of growing room, so your children won’t outgrow this stroller too quickly.


The storage bucket that sits beneath the seats on the Vista V2 has a 30lbs capacity, which is really impressive and very useful.

The design of the stroller is such that you have easy access to the storage bucket from all angles, and can reach in and grab items without any trouble at all.

You can fit shopping and supplies in the bucket easily, and its mesh design is very durable and robust so won’t tear easily.

The only downside to this storage unit is that the lower Rumble seat impedes it when it is attached in a parent facing position.

However, the little side pockets are a great detail which allow you to stay organized, and overall the Vista V2 scores highly for storage space.


The Vista V2 is compatible with certain car seat brands, making it a highly versatile option for parents who are often on the go.

The simple click-in design means that the positioning of the seats can be configured in all manner or ways, and that you can make this stroller work for you and your children rather than feel stuck in one configuration.

The fact that it is compatible with car seats means that sleeping toddlers can be easily transported from car to stroller and back again without their sleep being disturbed, and it also means that you can save valuable space in the car by leaving the stroller seats at home.


The Vista V2 is made with quality materials that are built to last.

We found that the leather bound handles are particularly comfortable and easy to grip, which is vital on long days when you have to push the stroller about for long times and distances.

The seats are robust and reliable and yet not at the expense of comfort.

The only area that we found the durability could be improved was the wheels, which tend to scuff and mark when pushed over rough terrain.

Our Top Pick
UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller

Having versatility when it comes to a stroller is paramount and the UPPAbaby Vista V2 Stroller has versatility in spades!

It can be used as a single, double, or even a triple stroller with the addition of a PiggyBack ride adaptation.

Seats can be forward facing or outward facing and you can use a bassinet or a sit up / reclining seat allowing it to adapt with your growing family.

It is also compatible with MESA Infant Car seat.

And best of all, the new spring-action all-wheel suspension and slightly softer tires make it easy to maneuver.

01/10/2022 01:55 am GMT

Overall Verdict on The Uppababy Vista V2 Stroller

When you have two or more children, you need a stroller that is easy to set up and fold away, light and nimble to maneuver, comfortable and safe for your children to ride in, and has plenty of storage space for all the paraphernalia that comes with kids!

The Uppababy Vista V2 stroller has all these qualities and more. The excellent versatility of this stroller sets it apart from other similar models and more than justifies the premium price tag.

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