To The Mama Struggling In The Darkness

The birth of a child, a moment so bright,

But for some, it marks a darker fight.

A struggle that’s hidden, out of sight,

A battle against postnatal fright.

A mother’s love is meant to be strong,

But the grip of depression can last so long.

The weight of sadness feels so wrong,

And in her mind, it plays a haunting song.

The baby’s cry, once a joyful sound,

Now a source of stress, making her feel bound.

The guilt she feels is so profound,

It’s Hard To Find Peace, To Be Unbound.

mom struggling

The world keeps spinning, life moves on,

But the mother’s heart remains withdrawn.

She tries so hard to carry on,

To find the strength to fight the dawn.

Every day is a struggle anew,

To push past the darkness, to find the true.

To be the mother she always knew,

She could be, strong, and loving too.

The days are long, the nights are worse,

Her Soul Aches From The Endless Curse.

mom sad

The fear she feels is like a hearse,

Dragging her down into the earth.

The stigma attached is hard to bear,

The shame she feels, she cannot share.

The judgment, the stares, the whispered snare,

It’s hard to find someone to care.

But Mama You’re Not Alone, There Are Others Too.

child hugging mom

Women who’ve faced this battle anew.

Women who’ve found the strength to pull through,

To overcome the depression’s glue.

For every struggle, there’s a way,

To find the light, to see the day.

To push past the darkness, to find the play,

To find the joy in every way.

For the love of your child is a shining light,

A beacon of hope in the darkest night.

And though the struggle may be a fight,

You’ll find your way to the shining light.

This post was written by Allison Banfield from Proud Happy Mama.

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mom depressed