To My Child: My Greatest Accomplishment Will Always Be You

If you had asked me a few years ago what I thought my biggest accomplishment was, I probably would have rattled off a bunch of career related successes and financial wins.

Or even something about my worldly travels.

I was full of money driven, ‘success’ driven goals.

I had it all mapped out.

I was ticking off items on my list thinking the more I did the happier I would become.

But, my sweet child, in the short three and a half years I’ve been a mama, 1,352 days to be exact, I have realized something.

Something you need to know.

No Matter What, Nothing I Do In Life Will Ever Be As Great As Being Your Mom.

I Love Being A Mom | To My Child: My greatest accomplishment will always be you

My accomplishments aren’t measured in dollars, they are measured in hugs and kisses. And every time we say “I love you”.

My accomplishments aren’t measured by other people’s praises, they are defined by the fact that I love you and will never stop.

My accomplishments are defined by the truth that I am with you no matter what.

By the truth that I will be your biggest fan.

Your protector.

Your teacher.

Your friend.

Your confidant.

My accomplishments are defined by the truth that I will always be proud of you.

That I will love you unconditionally, always and forever.

Mama Quotes | My biggest accomplishment will never be money. It will be who I raised.

Yes, there are times when I achieve some pretty awesome things in life outside of being your mother.

Moments I celebrate.

Some are money driven, some are career driven, others are just things I’ve wanted to achieve and set out to do so.

Am I proud of those things? Sure I am.

I want to be an example to you that you can achieve anything you want to in this life.

The world really is your oyster.

Those moments though, never even come close to how proud I am to be your mom.

You See My Child, No Amount Of Money In The World Can Buy Me The Feeling Of Your Little Arms Wrapped Tight Around Me.

The feeling of utter happiness I feel when I see you happy.

No amount of money can buy the special bond we have.

My greatest accomplishment will always be you.

I won’t lie, it isn’t always easy.

Sometimes, there are moments of exhaustion.

Moments of frustration.

Moments of tears.

Moments where I desperately needed some ‘me’ time.

But I Will Always Choose You.

Motherhood is Amazing | To My Child: My greatest accomplishment will always be you

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I know some people will not see motherhood as an accomplishment. That it is just something you do as part of life…But they don’t see you like I see.

Some people might wonder why I gave up a successful career to be home with you…But they don’t know you like I do.

They don’t know that I was chosen to be your mama.

That we were destined to be together.

They Don’t Know What An Honor It Is To Be Your Mama.

So my sweet child, here is the truth.

You are my life’s work.

You are my legacy in this world.

You, my child, are my greatest accomplishment and always will be.

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My Greatest Accomplishment