To My Child: You Never Have To Walk Alone

It was in the moment I first heard your little cry that I knew you needed me.

You were scared.

You needed me to comfort you and let you know that you would be ok.

So I wrapped you in my arms and held you close.

I watched as a wave of calm came over your perfect little face.

You stopped crying.

You were no longer scared.

You Were Right Where You Belonged.

Motherhood | To My Child: I Am With You No Matter What

It was in that moment, I knew that no matter where you went or what you did, I was always going to be there for you when you needed me.  

When you achieve the things you set out to achieve, no matter how big or small, I will be there to cheer you on.

I will delight in your joy.

I will revel in your happiness.

I will be proud in your successes.

Proud Mom

I Will Always Be Your Biggest Cheerleader.

When life doesn’t go the way that you plan it to, when you fall down, or even when you fail, don’t worry my darling.

I will be right there to help you get back up.

I will give the you the hug you need.

I will continue to be your safe place like I was the day you were born.

I will always have your back!

When You Just Need A Friend Or Someone To Listen To You, I Will Be There.

I'm Only Ever Going To Be in 1 of 3 Places Quote

I will listen.

I will give you advice when you ask for it.

I will be your shoulder to cry on.

I Will Never Let You Walk Alone.

I can’t promise that life will always be easy.

We all need to grow and learn from our mistakes.

But I can promise you, that there is nothing that you could do that will ever make my love or support for you ever go away.

Your mama will always have your back! 

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