This Is What Motherhood Looks Like When Nobody Is Watching

THIS… is real life.

This is what motherhood looks like when nobody is watching.

When nobody is there to judge her for her clothes, or her hair, or her makeup, or her Pinterest looking house, or ensuring her darling kids are just “SO well-behaved.”

This is after a full day of work, daycare pick-up, two tantrums in 20 minutes.

This Is After Cooking Supper, *Trying To* Clean The House, Giving Baths, Holding One And Soothing The Other.

Exhausted Mother | To Every Exhausted Mama Out There, You Are Not Alone

This is exhaustion.

This is overwhelmed.

This is the feeling of defeat.

This is loving my babies so much, with every fiber in me.

This is trying so hard with every bone in my body to do my very best day in and day out, to give my kids all they need.

Even if I am melting inside.

This Is What It Looks Like For A Mom To Need Just Two Minutes Of Silence.

Exhausted New Mom | To Every Exhausted Mama Out There, You Are Not Alone

Away from the world.

To take a deep breath.

To regain strength and continue on the mile-long list of things she has yet to do before finally and quietly sliding into her bed at night.

Then she stays up, even though she’s tired, wondering if she was enough for her kids today.

THIS is behind the highlight reel of social media.

Beyond the beautiful, styled photos.

To every single mom, I know you read it nonstop and take it with a grain of salt.

But Please Believe Me When I Say — You Are Not Alone.

Exhausted Mom | To Every Exhausted Mama Out There, You Are Not Alone

You never will be.

There’s a world of moms out there, incredible moms, who also are having THESE moments.

And even when we are engulfed in these soul sucking moments, we still breathe, rise, and greet our babies with love, reassurance, and the biggest smile.

If you’ve stuck with me to read all of this, I just want to tell you that you can get through whatever it is that feels tough and numbing.

Close your eyes.

Say something positive of yourself, for yourself.

Encourage yourself.

Get back up, mama.

This post was written by Erin Barsness from Mama Bear Bliss. For more of her work, follow her on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram.

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