Spectra S1 Breast Pump Review

Are you looking for a new breast pump and don’t know which one to choose?

Maybe you have heard good things about the Spectra S1 breast pump and want to know more?

Or are you curious and want to know more? Whatever brought you here today, we have the answers for you! 

When it comes to the world of breast pumps, we know that it can be confusing!

There are so many pumps on the market now, all offering different features and extras that it can be tricky to know which is the right one for you, especially for new mothers. 

You can find yourself overwhelmed, stressed, and frustrated, and that’s before you’ve even purchased the pump!

It can seem as though all hope is lost and you wonder if you will ever find the right pump for you and your milk supply.

And that’s where we come in to save the day! We are here to tell you everything you need to know about the Spectra S1 breast pump!

If you’re interested in learning more about this the Spectra s1 pump, then our spectra s1 review is for you.

We’ve review the Spectra s1 features, pros, and cons so you can decide if this is the right breast pump for you.

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Spectra S1 Review

Let’s start our review with a brief overview of the Spectra S1!

The SpectraS1 is a rechargeable breast pump that has been designed with ease of use in mind.

It features a unique ergonomic design and a comfy handle, and it also includes a variety of features that make it ideal for new and experienced breast pumpers. 

The SpectraS1 works by using suction to extract milk from your breasts.

It uses a single-hand operation, meaning that you only need to use one hand to operate the pump.

You simply place the nipple shield over your nipples, attach the tubing to your breastmilk collection bag, and then press down on the handle.

The SpectraS1 will automatically begin extracting milk from your breasts within seconds.

If you prefer not to use a nipple shield, you can still use the SpectraS1 without any problems. 

The breast pump has been designed with mothers in mind, and is a hygienic and easy pump to use!

Not only is it super portable, but the back compartment allows you to store a spare bottle with ease.

It’s an extremely popular breast pump, and it comes with plenty of customization options that you won’t want to miss out on! 

Spectra S1 Features 

Now, let’s take a quick look at some of the features of the breast pump!

As we mentioned above, the pump comes with a range of features, so let’s take a closer look at them to see if it’s the right pump for you. 

Massage Mode 

First up, we have massage mode. This mode mimics the natural suckling of a baby.

It’s one of the most natural feeling pumps on the market, and is perfect for those looking for a comfortable pumping experience! 

Adjustable Suction

You can make the pump even more comfortable with the use of adjustable suction levels.

Here, you can set the pump to the suction that best suits you, avoiding any pain and ensuring that you can have the right suction for your milk flow.

You can adjust the suction super easily too, although it might take you a few attempts to find the right suction level for you. 

You can learn more about the settings in our guide on how to use Spectra s1.

Single Or Double Pump

Another fantastic feature that this pump has is the ability to single or double pump.

You can choose which you would prefer to do, further tailoring the pump to your needs.

It’s a fantastic option for those that want to double pump and build up a supply of milk or take advantage of a heavier milk supply.

Having the option to double or single pump is one that many mothers look for and a feature we think is worth having! 


The pump also features an auto-timer and display that allows you to keep track of how long you have been pumping.

Having a timer built-in is a fantastic feature that many new mothers will appreciate.

It’s already a tiring and stressful time, so instead of wondering how long you have been pumping, you can set the timer and relax! 

The display also makes it super easy to check the timer and make adjustments too if necessary. 

Quiet Motor 

One of the things that we love about the pump is how quiet it is to use! The Spectra S1 comes with a built-in ultra-quiet motor that won’t disturb anyone.

This makes it the perfect pump to use at night when you don’t want to disturb any sleeping babies! Now, this does not mean that the pump is silent, it does make some noise.

But the sound it makes is so minimal you are unlikely to rouse any sleeping babies or partners. 


So how comfortable is the Spectra 1 pump? Well, it’s comfortable! The SpectraS1 has been designed with comfort as its number one priority. It features an ergonomically designed body, making it very easy to hold.

It also has a soft-grip handle, ensuring that you don’t feel any discomfort when holding the pump.

There are no sharp edges on the pump either, so there’s no chance of hurting yourself or others while using the pump.

Lots of users rave about how comfortable the pump is to use, with very few customers reporting issues of soreness when using the pump.

Of course, if you use it for too long then you might experience some soreness, so be sure to take breaks to prevent your nipples from cracking or becoming sore.


So how does the breast pump perform? Well, it performs brilliantly! We’ve had lots of feedback from our customers who say they were able to produce enough milk within just a couple of hours of using the Spectra S1.

Some people report being able to produce over 2 cups of milk per hour! This means that you should be producing around 8ozs of milk every hour.

If you’re producing less than this then you may need to increase the suction level.

However, if you’re producing more than this then you may wish to consider increasing the speed of the handpiece.

We know that it sounds like a lot, but remember that most women only produce between 4ozs – 6ozs of milk each day.

So, even though you may be producing more than this, you’ll still be producing much less than what you’d get from a hospital-grade pump.

As we mentioned earlier, the pump is extremely quiet too, so you don’t need to worry about waking anyone up!

We bet you won’t even hear the breast pump while you are using it, it’s that quiet! 

In terms of performance, you can’t go wrong with the Spectra S1. There are so few complaints about it online that there is nothing to worry about.

You can expect a reliable performance use after use that you are sure to enjoy.

Size And Weight 

We’ve mentioned that the Spectra 1 is great for traveling with, but just how good is it?

Well, it’s a fairly small breast pump! Measuring 7.9 x 7.9 x 6.7 inches, it’s the ideal size for storing in a bag or taking with you to work!

You won’t need to worry about it adding any extra bulk to your bags and can be stored away discreetly if you wish. It also won’t weigh you down, as the pump weighs a minuscule 3.3lbs!

It’s the perfect lightweight breast pump for you to take with you on your travels! And thanks to the handle, it’s super easy to carry and move around.

The handle is incredibly comfortable too, so if you need to carry it for extended periods, it shouldn’t hurt you. 


As you would expect, the price of the Spectra S1 is quite high. However, it does offer excellent performance and is worth every penny.

For the price, you get a whole host of fantastic features that you are sure to enjoy. 

While we think it’s a fantastic breast pump, it won’t be suitable for every budget.

If price is a concern, but you still want to go with the Spectra brand, then you may want to consider the Spectra S2. Whilst it doesn’t have the same portability options as the S1, it does come with all the great features at a lesser cost.

Final Thoughts on Spectra S1 Breast Pump Review

So, is the Spectra S1 pump worth it? Yes, it is. It offers great value for money and comes highly recommended by all of our customers.

It’s not cheap, but it’s certainly worth the investment. It offers a range of features that make it ideal for both new mothers and experienced mothers alike.

If you are looking for a quality breast pump with a whole range of exciting features, then look no further than the Spectra S1!

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