We, at Proud Happy Mama, are incredibly excited to announce the acquisition of Caramel Blue. Carmelblue.com was a wonderful website dedicated to bringing parents the information and care they needed. Everything from yoga classes to prepare for birth to finding sign language courses near their community.

If you are reading this after searching for Carmel Blue, let us explain who we are!

Who Is Proud Happy Mama?

As parents ourselves, Proud Happy Mama’s aim is to uplift, inspire and encourage other mothers through parenthood.

We have created practical support guides and resources to help answer your burning questions and guide you through your parenting journey.

As well as inspirational motherhood quotes and real mom stories to remind you that you’re not alone.

We use our real life experience to help you navigate through the world of motherhood and raising a child.

As the saying goes – it takes a village to raise a child. So, let us be your village.

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How We Can Help You Through Pregnancy

How we can help you through pregnancy

Here you’ll find a wide range of pregnancy articles to help you through every stage of your pregnancy. From getting pregnant to your third trimester to choosing unique baby boy names, cute boy names, or unique baby girl names we want to be there to help guide you through every step of the way.

You’ll find articles such as the best body lotion for pregnancy, best pregnancy safe eye creams, and best body washes for pregnancy to help keep your skin healthy.

Or our guides on when to start buying diapers, best pregnancy pajamas, and things new moms need for themselves.

We even have guides to the best pregnancy journals, best baby books for new parents, and baby items starting with a to z you will need to help you as you start your journey.

And of course, we have a ton of baby shower ideas like what is a diaper raffle, best pregnancy gifts for first time moms, and non-baby gifts for new parents so your friends and family can help you start on the best foot too.

We’re here to support and encourage you!

Choosing A Baby Name

Trying to find the perfect baby name is never easy! But we have curated thousands of baby names and put them into our best of lists so you can easily find a baby name you love!

Some of our popular posts include Biblical boy namesgirl names that start with jcountry boy namesnicknames for girlsgirl names that start with manime girl namessouthern boy names, and boy names that start with cor!

Our Advice On Giving Birth

Preparing for the birth of your child means more than setting up a crib or buying clothes. Whilst these are all things you will need for your baby, don’t forget about things you’ll need for birth and beyond.

From a hospital bag for you to the best postpartum diapers we are here to help prepare you for your birth experience.

If you’re preparing yourself for birth, we recommend reading some of our top guides on the best postpartum teas, best postpartum pajamas, best herbs for postpartum bath, and even new mom care package ideas.

What A New Parent Needs In Their Home

If you have already started buying baby items, then you know that there are a ton of baby products out there.

It can be overwhelming to see the whole list of nursery items and baby accessories and knowing what ones you need. And what the best ones are to buy.

Which is why we have taken the hard work out equation.

We have done the research for you, so all you have to do is read.

For example, here you’ll find a bunch of comparison guides on the best strollers on the market depending on your needs. From the best double strollers to the best sit and stand strollers to the best bassinet strollers we’ve made it easy.

We even have guides on the best all terrain strollers, best beach strollers, best hiking strollers, and even the best stroller car seat combo.

But, it doesn’t stop there!

We have figured out the best accessories for your strollers too. We have reviews on the best stroller fans, best stroller cup holders, best stroller organizers, and more!

And if you prefer a baby carrier, then we have that covered too!

Here you’ll find guides on the best baby carriers for bad backs, best baby carriers for plus size moms, best baby carriers for petite moms, best baby carriers for hot weather, and best baby carriers for breastfeeding.

Even the best carriers for toddlers and best baby wrap for summer.

We even dive into all the practical questions you may have like how long can you carry a baby in a carrier, baby carriers vs wraps, do car seats expire, do strollers expire, or even how to keep a baby warm in car seat.

But if you already know what kind of baby gear you want, then instead, you may be more interested in a review. Here you’ll find our reviews on products such as Bugaboo Fox 3 review, and Chicco Keyfit 30 infant car seat review are often reviewed by us.

We even give detailed reviews comparing similar brands like Uppababy Vista vs Cruz, Nuna vs Uppababy, Lillebaby vs Tula, and Bugaboo Donkey Vs Uppababy Vista.

If you have any questions about car seats, strollers, or baby carriers we’re here to help!

Our Advice On Feeding Your Baby

Our Advice On Feeding Your Baby

Whether your breastfeeding, formular feeding, or mixing it up we want to help support you!

Afterall, fed is best!

As a new parent, we expect you have a lot of questions. Even as an experience parent, each baby is different so you may find yourself facing new feeding challenges.

That’s where we step in.

We answer all your baby feeding questions, like how to warm bottles on the go, how many burp cloths do I need, and how many pacifiers do I need. To some people, the answer is the same as “how long is a piece of string,” but we aim to give you real advice to help you gauge what is expected of you.

We even have answers to questions you might not have thought of, like does baby formula expire, do pacifiers expire, and do baby bottles expire.

Or how to use a power pump with Spectra S2, what the best pumping bras for Spectra, or even what are the best bottles for breastfed babies!

Got questions about nursing bras, like how nursing bras do I need, best nursing bras for large breasts, and what are the best bras for post breastfeeding? We’re here to answer them all!

Or maybe you’re looking for product reviews like Lansinoh breast pump reviews, best freezer for breast milk, best mini fridge for breast milk, best bra for Elvie pump, best pacifiers for tongue tied babies, or the best nursery gliders. Well, we have those covered too!

If you’re trying to choose between certain brands then we can also help with our comparison guides on Spectra S1 vs S2, Elvie vs Spectra, Elvie vs Willow, and Motif Luna breast pump review.

Being mothers and parents ourselves, we know all the questions running through your head. We also know it’s not always easy to just ask a friend or family member without feeling judged or getting unwarranted opinions. So, that’s why we make it simple to get the answers you need to give you peace of mind.

Helping Your Baby Sleep

Getting your newborn to sleep can be one of the biggest challenges that a parent can face. Not only is it essential to keep your baby happy and healthy, but you need sleep to function too.

If your baby doesn’t sleep, neither do you.

That’s why we’ve put together a bunch of tips to help your newborn sleep!

Firstly, you will need to consider where your baby will sleep once you bring them home.

If you’ve not decided yet, then you’ll love reading through our guides on the best bassinets for c section, best mini cribs, best rocking bassinets, best cribs with changing station, and best SNOO alternatives.

Afterall, each child and your needs can be so different! For example, your child may not sleep in a crib for each nap time as they sleep in a playpen whilst at Grandma’s house.

And then comes choosing which baby sleeping accessories you need to help you and your baby both sleep sound from best blackout curtains for nursery to best nightlights for baby to the best baby monitors.

And if you’re not sure what type of baby monitor you need, then our guides on the best long range baby monitors, best baby monitors with WiFi, best non WiFi baby monitors, best travel baby monitors, and best baby monitors for twins are sure to help give you the information to help you make an informed decision!

Or even these comparison guides on high tech baby monitors such as Nanit vs Owlet, Miku vs Nanit, and Snuza vs Owlet.

So, no matter if you are counting sheets, cleaning mattresses, or sleeping in playpens, we are here to help you and your child.

And let’s not forget safety measures while your baby is asleep.

We know that sleeping is also a dangerous time for newborns as they do not have the strength to look after themselves or move a blanket that could cause problems.

That’s why you’ll also find advice to help you learn when to when can babies sleep with a blanket and how many blankets does a need. Or how to dress a newborn for sleep so they don’t over heat or wake up due to the cold.

Final Thoughts

Carmel Blue was a company dedicated to helping families. We are very happy to announce our acquisition of the business and cannot wait to join communities. 

Here at Proud Happy Mama, we have answers for all your concerns – whether they are about keeping your child healthy, finding the best deal on a product, or understanding the different options you can take. There is no right way to be a mother; all you have to do is try and give your child the best life you can.

Our advice can help you do that. Remember that you cannot possibly know everything, and you will need help every now and then. Use this village of resources whenever you need a hand, and we will be there to support you through this wondrous journey.