Our Kids Will Remember How We Made Them Feel

Want to know what our kids remember?

They don’t remember the morning we lost our cool because their bowl of Cheerios landed on the floor, the milk spread to the rug, the dog drank the milk and the cat ate the O’s.

They do remember how we ran to the bus stop with seconds to spare because they forgot their Miss Kitty lunch box on the table.

The bus driver applauded.

So did the kids.

They also remember the love notes we tucked safely inside between the sandwich bags of apples and Cheez-Its.

They Don’t Remember That We Didn’t Have Money To Go To Disneyland.

What Do Kids Remember

They do remember sleeping out under the stars.

The magic of looking up and finding the Big Dipper.

They don’t remember not having a birthday theme party nor the absence of costumed Cinderellas and Snow Whites.

They do remember living room rug picnics during snowstorms.

Blanket forts complete with flashlights and no bogey man to worry about.

Wearing warm fuzzy pajamas all day and hours of Candyland until everyone won at least once.

They Don’t Remember That Their Boots, Coats, Hats, Mittens, Sweaters Were Hand-Me Downs.

Child Making Snow Angel

They do remember running in the rain without jackets on while Grandma fretted that they’d catch their death of cold.

And when she wasn’t looking, jumping in and over puddles.

Making the coolest snow angels.

Catching snowflakes on their tongues.

And coming home to mugs of hot chocolate loaded with mini-marshmallows.

They Don’t Remember That We Didn’t Have A Fancy Car.

Happy Childhood

They do remember road trips to the grocery store waving to every passenger in every vehicle that went by and declaring a winner.

You see, they don’t remember the things we think they do.

The things that we’re uncomfortable with or guilty about.

They Remember Simple, Honest, Day-To-Day Consistency.

Child Feeling Loved By Mother

That they were loved.

That they felt that love under every circumstance.

That they were safe.

That they were secure.

That we represented HOME.

We never again need worry about the shortcomings we hold against ourselves.

We didn’t fail then. We’re not failing now.

Tuck that knowledge away for the future which in our case could be 5 minutes down the road.

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