To My Child: One Day Will Be The Last Day

One day will be the last day,

Of the sweet moments we hold so dear,

Of tucking you into bed,

And chasing away the monsters with cheer.

One day will be the last day,

Of packing school lunches with love,

Of wiping away the tears,

And looking up at you above.

One day will be the last day,

Of picking up Legos off the floor,

Of watching your favorite shows,

And drinking tea with your toys galore.

One day will be the last day,

Of marking your height on the door,

Of checking for loose teeth,

And Making Memories To Adore.

mom measuring childs height

One day will be the last day,

Of buckling you into your seat,

Of pushing you on the swing,

And making sure your meal is a treat.

One day will be the last day,

Of watching you grow up so fast,

Of holding on to these moments,

And Cherishing Them To Make Them Last.

mom kissing toddler

One day you will be all grown up,

Ready to take on the world with a confident strut.

And when that day comes, I’ll still be here,

Cheering you on, and holding back my tears.

For though the last day may be hard to bear,

I know that it’s just the start of a journey so rare.

A journey of discovery, of learning and growth,

Of finding your path in life, and of making the most.

So, Let’s Hold On To These Precious Moments.

child learning to put on sock

And let them weave into the fabric of our hearts.

For they will guide us through the years to come,

As we watch you grow and make your mark on the world.

Yes, one day will be the last day,

Of the little things we do together each day.

But Just Remember, Every Last Day Is A First Day In Disguise

A new beginning, a fresh start, a chance to rise.

So go forth with confidence, my dear,

And don’t be afraid to chase your dreams, never fear.

For you have the strength, the heart, and the will,

To achieve all your goals and climb every hill.

And when you need a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on,

Just know that I’m here, my love, from dusk until dawn.

For you are my precious child, my heart, and my pride,

And I’ll always be here for you, by your side.

This post was written by Allison Banfield from Proud Happy Mama.

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one day will be the last day