Nuna TRIV Stroller Review

Want to learn more about the Nuna Triv Stroller?

Then let us walk you through what you need to know with our Nuna Triv stroller review.

Nuna is a brand name that many parents associate with quality, so when the Nuna Triv compact stroller was announced, it obviously caused a stir among expectant mothers.

But what makes this lightweight design special, and can it live up to the rest of the Nuna brand?

Strollers are a necessity for any new mother, but finding the right one can be a difficult task. A compact stroller is perfect for portability, but it can lack some durability and strength.

Although the Nuna Triv claims to be a stroller for everyday adventure, we want to put that to the test.

No one wants to buy the wrong stroller, and end up struggling to accomplish even simple tasks with a baby on board. In this Nuna Triv review, we cover the Nuna Triv from every angle, so you can decide if it’s worth the price.

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What Is The Nuna Triv?

Nuna is a premium company, offering quality baby gear with a focus on safety and ingenuity.

A global company with roots in Dutch design, Nuna has become an incredibly popular choice for new moms after a luxury stroller.

The Triv is a lightweight and compact offering from Nuna. What this means, for anyone who has never shopped for a stroller before, is it can be pushed and carried easily, and folded down to a small size.

Compact strollers are particularly popular with parents living in the city.

The Nuna Triv is currently the second-lightest stroller Nuna has to offer, weighing slightly more than the travel-sized Pepp Next.

Not a full-feature stroller, but not as light as a travel stroller, the Triv is designed for navigating sidewalks and public transport, day to day errands, and fitting in the boot of the car.

Standing open, the Nuna Triv is 30.5 – 34.5” long, with a width of 20”, and a height of 42 – 43.5”. Folded down, those dimensions shrink significantly, and this is an easy stroller to tuck into the corner.

It’s suitable for holding weight up to 50 lbs, but the basic frame of the stroller weighs just 19.4 lbs.

Nuna Triv Review

So, lets dive in a discuss what we like and the Nuna Triv and what we don’t:

What We Like About The Nuna Triv

The first thing you need to know is that there is a lot to like about the Nuna Triv. The attractive design is immediately appealing, and you can see how easily this stroller will fit into small spaces.

But apart from initial appearance, what else is there to like about the Nuna Triv?


The size and weight of the Nuna Triv is fantastic, which is what you expect from a lightweight stroller.

Folded down, it can easily fit into the boot of many cars, and it can be stored easily in small apartments and houses.

Navigating a busy sidewalk with a stroller is rarely fun, but the Nuna Triv does make it much easier.

The lightweight frame feels sturdy under the hands, and the compact design is easy to weave across crowded streets.

If you’ve been dreading taking your stroller on public transport, the streamlined Triv is the perfect solution.

Easy to maneuver on short flights of stairs, or fit into an elevator, the quick fold and one-armed carry makes running errands with a baby simpler.


One of the things that sets the Nuna brand apart is the quality of materials used, and they certainly haven’t cut back for the Triv.

From the Merino wool insert to the leatherette accented push bar, every section of the Triv is finished with quality.

Breathable fabrics and mesh linings are comfortably cool for the baby during the summer months. When winter creeps in, add the Merino wool insert to keep your child cozy and warm.

The included rain cover is durable, and offers your baby the protection they need when weather conditions are less than favorable.


The UPF 50+ extendable canopy is a real highlight of the Triv design. Canopies on compact strollers can be understated, and lack the size necessary to really keep a baby comfortable.

But the Triv doesn’t have that problem at all. Instead, the extendable canopy offers ample cover for children, with a mesh insert for cooling things down.

There’s also a peek-a-boo window at the back, so you can check your baby is doing fine.

The impressive extension of the canopy – it can extend far enough to almost touch the bumper bar – as well as the breathable fabrics, makes this a stand-out feature.


Folding a stroller is a task none of us look forward to, but the Triv really has made it so much easier. It’s a true one-handed stroller.

To fold, simply press the button on the backrest, push the seat forward, and pull the strap for the stroller to complete the fold.

In the folded position, the stroller can stand upright on its own, which makes storage significantly easier.

The one-handed fold is often something compact strollers claim to have, but the reality isn’t true. But the Nuna Triv really can be operated with just one hand.

And with the lightweight of the frame, it can be maneuvered into a car trunk by even the smallest of mothers.

Seat Design

A reversible and reclining seat, the Nuna Triv is definitely comfortable for your child.

The three reclining positions allow for a laid down napping position, a midway recline for easy resting, and an upright position that suits inquisitive toddlers.

There’s plenty of headroom, so the stroller is adaptable for older children. And there’s also an adjustable calf rest, that really adds to the comfort.

The seat doesn’t fully recline, however, so it isn’t suitable for a newborn.

The reversible seat allows you to have your child facing outwards, or facing towards you. Like the rest of the Triv, the seat is lightweight, making switching positions easy.

Another advantage to the Triv is spring suspension technology under the seat, to soften the bumps in the road. A more comfortable ride for the baby, and an easier time pushing for mom.

All the fabrics used for the seat are comfortable and breathable, with eco-friendly Merino wool that’s soft on your child’s skin.


Lightweight strollers can be lacking storage areas, but the Nuna Triv has more than enough.

The under seat storage basket has plenty of room to fit a good-sized diaper bag, and there’s easy one-handed access.


Telescopic handles adjust to suit the height of the user on the Nuna Triv stroller. Taller parents will find the stroller easy to operate without any backache, while shorter moms can enjoy the compact design.

What We Don’t Like About The Nuna Triv

Although there is much to love in the Nuna Triv, there are some areas for improvement.


The rubberized foam filled wheels of the Nuna Triv are designed for city life. While they can tackle pavements with no issue, longer trips out are likely to lead to some stumbles.

This isn’t an all terrain stroller, it’s decidedly more comfortable on sidewalks and grocery store floors.

The wheels are also a little close together at the back, which can cause the occasional foot fumble. While it does have the advantage of slimming the frame, it’s not an ideal design for everyone.

That said, the wheels are good for a lightweight stroller. Cheaper brands don’t feel as steady under the feet, but the Triv pushes well across lumps and bumps.


The price is a tricky one, and it isn’t exactly a plus or a minus for the Nuna Triv. This is a premium stroller, so it does come with a large price tag attached.

In many ways, it’s easy to justify the cost of the Nuna Triv. The quality of the design, the impeccable materials used, and an assumed durability from a known brand all help to explain the cost.

However, for this amount of money, you could easily purchase a full feature stroller, and lightweight options can be significantly less expensive.

And there are some features to the Triv that need improvement.

Whether the cost is justified depends on just what you expect from the stroller. If you spend a lot of time travelling uphill, and have enough space in the car, the Triv is unlikely to feel worth it.

However, if you require a stroller that weighs little, and does a lot, there are enough features to the Triv to justify the price.

Final Thoughts On The Nuna Triv Compact Stroller

With the Triv, Nuna has created a stroller that really is a pleasure to use.

The stand-out features are incredibly impressive, with the UPF 50+ canopy, one-handed folding, and comfortable fabrics all creating a quality stroller.

Designed for city living, moms running errands will really appreciate the lightweight and portable size of the Nuna Triv. Meanwhile, children will love the soft fabrics, long canopy, and calf rest recline.

An expensive stroller, the Nuna Triv won’t suit everyone. It definitely feels like a city stroller, and rural environments might be heavy on the wheels.

However, if you’re looking for a compact stroller with an impeccable design and quality finish, then the Nuna Triv is perfect.

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