Nicknames for Lily

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Lily is a beautiful girl’s flower name that refers to the lovely white flower. It symbolizes innocence and purity. Lilies are often associated with the Virgin Mary. Lily is often used as a nickname for other names, but is a gorgeous baby girl name in its own right!

Lily became a popular girls name in the 1800’s when floral girl names were all the rage.  It has had a recent surge into the top 50 names for baby girls since 2005! And currently is ranked as the 24th most popular baby girl name in 2022.

So, if you’re looking for Lily nicknames that are lovely and inspiring, then you’re going to love these cute nicknames for Lily, funny nicknames for Lily, cool nicknames for Lily and even these famous people named Lily!

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Funny Nicknames for Lily

Best Nicknames for Lily

  1. Chill Lil Lilias
  2. Chillie Lilium
  3. Chilly Lill
  4. E Lilli
  5. El Lillie
  6. Ellie Lilly
  7. Ells Lillz
  8. Ils Lilsy
  9. Ils Lils Lily Bug
  10. Ilsy Lily of the valley
  11. Lee Lilypad
  12. LeeLee Liz
  13. Leez Lizzie
  14. Li Lu
  15. Lia Ly
  16. Lilia Ylil
  17. Liliana
Famous People Named Lily

Cute Nicknames for Lily

  1. Flora Lily Bear
  2. Floral Lily Boo
  3. Flower Lily Boo Bear
  4. Flowery Lily Flower
  5. Lil L Lily Loo
  6. Lil Nugget Lilybug
  7. Lilianna Lilykins
  8. Lilicita LIttle Lil
  9. Lilita Little Lily
  10. Lilith Lollie
  11. Lillia Lolly
  12. Lillian Lollypop
  13. Lilliana Sweet Lil
  14. Lils
Cute Nicknames for Lily

Funny Nicknames for Lily

  1. Chil-Lila Lily Billy
  2. Chili Lily Lily Pad
  3. L Dawg Lily Philly
  4. Lello Lithium
  5. Lellow Silly
  6. Lills Bills Silly Lily
  7. Lilso
Cool Nicknames for Lily

Cool Nicknames for Lily

  1. Chill Lilie
  2. Chilly Lily Lilika
  3. Ell Lilley
  4. Elle Lillington
  5. Elly Lills
  6. Il Lilo
  7. Illy Lilster
  8. Ily Lilya
  9. L Lilz
  10. Lees Lis
  11. Lil Lisy
  12. Lilac Lizzy
  13. Lili LuLu
  14. Lilian Lye
Best Nicknames for Lily

Famous People Named Lily

  • Lili Rabe (American actress)
  • LIli Taylor (American actress)
  • Lilian “Lily” Par (English football player)
  • Lilith (Figure in Jewish mythology)
  • Lillian Roth (American actress and singer)
  • Lily Allen (English singer)
  • Lily Bouwmeester (Dutch actress)
  • Lily Braun (German writer and politician)
  • Lily Collins (English actress and model)
  • Lily James (English actress)
  • Lily Loud (Fictional, character from “The Loud House”)
  • Lily Owens (Fictional, character from “The Secret Life of Bees”)
  • Lily Potter (Fictional, character from “Harry Potter”)
  • Lily Tomlin (American actress, singer, writer, and producer)

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