50+ Best Baby Names That Mean Balance [Girls & Boys]

Are you looking for the best baby names that mean balance for your sweet baby boy or girl, then you’re in the right place!

Our ultimate list of the best baby names meaning balance if full of names meaning balance to inspire you.

When it comes to finding the perfect name for your baby, you might want to seek inspiration from a name’s meaning.

Afterall, who wouldn’t want a name that means something significant to empower them throughout their life.

And what better way to do that then with a baby a name that means balance!

So, to help you find a name to inspire balance, harmony, and mindfulness in your child’s life, here you’ll find the best boy names that mean balance, girl names that mean balance, unisex names that mean balance, unique names that mean balance, and more!

From boy names like Cosmos, Atalanta, and Wakana.

To girl names combos like Cosima, Harmonia, and Shiva.

To names that mean balance you’ll love like Harmony, Alan, and Vevila.

We’ve done the hard work so you can easily find baby names meaning balance that you’ll love on this list!

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Best Baby Names That Mean Balance

Alan – of Celtic origin meaning ‘Harmony, stone, or noble’
Atlanta – of Old Greek origin meaning ‘equal’
Cosmo – of Greek origin meaning ‘Order or beauty’
Harmony – of English origin meaning ‘balance and order’
Kazue – of Japanese origin meaning ‘Harmony, peace’
Merridan – of unknown origin meaning ‘equal distant from extremes’
Mica– of Hebrew origin meaning ‘one who can be equal to God’
Samta – of Hindi origin meaning ‘equality’
Sarish – of Hindi origin meaning ‘equal’
Shiva – of Hindu origin meaning ‘God Shiva’, who is the master of yoga and other forms of mental conditioning’
boy names that mean balance

Boy Names That Mean Balance

Aadvay – of Indian origin meaning ‘unparalleled’
Annum – of Arabic origin meaning ‘mother like figure equal to God’
Bitel – of English origin meaning ‘equally adaptable and hospitable’
He – of Chinese origin meaning ‘Harmony, peace’
Hitoshi – of Japanese origin meaning ‘equal level’
Honoka – of Japanese origin meaning ‘Harmony’
Isocrates – of Greek origin meaning ‘equal power’
Jingyi – of Chinese origin meaning ‘Harmony’
Mik – of Hebrew origin meaning ‘one who can stand equal to God’
Sial – of Pashto origin meaning ‘a man of equal status’
Wakana – of Japanese origin meaning ‘Harmony, peace’
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Girl Names That Mean Balance

Adalat – of Arabic origin meaning ‘justice or equality’
Adilah – of Indian origin meaning ‘equal’
Alawn – of Welsh origin meaning ‘Harmony’
Annalysa– of Latin origin meaning ‘mother-like figure equal to God’
Atalanta – of Greek origin meaning ‘Equal in weight’
Bebhinn – of Gaelic origin meaning ‘Harmony’
Bekah – of Greek origin meaning ‘equal to weight’
Concordia – of Latin origin meaning ‘Harmony’
Cosima – of Greek origin meaning ‘order’ and ‘decency.’
Evanne – of Greek origin meaning ‘a female young fighter equally good’
Evalie – of Latin origin meaning ‘trying to equalize’
Harmonie – of Greek origin meaning ‘Harmony, agreement’
Taadeel – of Arabic origin meaning ‘moderation, equality’
Vevila – of Irish origin meaning ‘harmony.’
girl names that mean balance

Unisex Names That Mean Balance

Adeela – of Arabic origin meaning ‘equal’ or ‘uniform’
Adila – of Arabic origin meaning ‘equal’ or ‘upright’
Atalante – of Greek origin meaning ‘balanced’ or ‘unyielding.’
Cosmos – of Italian and Greek origin meaning ‘order, harmony and beauty.’
Leebra – of Latin origin meaning ‘equality’
Mekhi – of Hebrew origin meaning ‘equal to the almighty’
Nadidah – of Muslin origin meaning ‘giving equal respect to all’
Narachi – of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘The goldsmith’s scales’
Naya – of Indian origin meaning ‘equal distant from extremes’
Pratibal – of Marathi origin meaning ‘equal in strength’
Samesh – of Indian origin meaning ‘“lord of equality’
Samota – of Indian origin meaning ‘power of equality’
unisex names that mean balance

Unique Names Meaning Balance

Adeelah – of Arabic origin meaning ‘equality’
Adilshah – of Arabic origin meaning ‘king of justice and equality’
Atalanta – of Greek origin meaning ‘equal weight’
Atula – of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘without someone equal’
Harmonia – of Greek mythology origin ‘immortal goddess of harmony and concord’
Kazumi – of Japanese origin meaning ‘peace and harmony’
Libra – of Latin origin meaning ‘the scales, equality’
Nabhya – of Indian origin meaning ‘central’
Nityayuj – of Hindi origin meaning ‘constantly without equality’
Noorali – of Arabic origin meaning ‘one who can stand equal to God’

Final Thoughts On Names That Mean Balance

Without a doubt, choosing a baby name is one of the biggest decisions that new parents will make.

But we hope we were able to help inspire you to find a baby name that you love!

And if you’re still looking for more great baby names, try these unique boy names, unique girl names, and names that mean Earth for more inspiration!

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