50+ Mountain Baby Names With Meanings [For Boys & Girls]

Are you looking for the best mountain baby names for your baby boy or girl?

Well, search no further!  We’ve put together a list of the best mountain baby names with meanings!

Having a baby is a mountain top experience!  It’s 9 months of hard work for the mama, followed by an intense labor situation and then the baby’s first cry!  Joy!  Excitement!  Elation!  

Why not commemorate that mountain top experience with a baby name that means mountain?  

Mountain boy names and mountain girl names are anything but boring.  They’re exciting and adventurous and speak to more mountain top experiences to come!

We’ve searched through the valleys, craigs, and peaks to find mountain inspired baby names you’ll love!

Here you’ll find the best mountain boy names, girl names that mean mountain, and mountain inspired baby names!

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Baby Names Meaning Mountain

Best Mountain Baby Names

Arlo: fortified hill
Birtle: hill of the birds
Eron: mountain of strength
Fremont: freedom mountain
Giri: mountain
Kendrick: hill; power
Kia: hill
Kipp: pointed hill
Montgomery: of the mountain
Shail: mountain
Shasta: teacher
Slate: gray rock
Vermont: green mountain
Winslow: hill of victory
Mountain Baby Boy Names

Mountain Boy Names

Aaron: high mountain
Bartholomew: hill
Brandon: broom-covered hill
Brent: steep hill
Brian: high hill
Clinton: town on a hill
Gordon: from the cornered hill
Hamilton: beautiful mountain
Houston: hill town
Landon: long hill
Monserat: jagged mountain
Monte: mountain
Montel: pointed hill
Pike: a spear
Sheldon: protected hill
Slade: child of the valley
Mountain Baby Names

Girl Names That Mean Mountain

Bree: hill
Brynley: high hill
Brynn: high hill
Hailey: residing in a nook or remote valley
Himalaya: home of the snow
Moriah: the hill country
Olympia: from the Mount Olympus
Sahira: mountain
Samara: mountain
Shyla: daughter of the mountain
Sierra: saw-toothed mountain range
Taia: valley field
Tarrah: rocky hill
Taya: round hilltop
Tully: little hill
Zaltana: high mountain
Mountain Baby girl Names

Mountain Inspired Baby Names You’ll Love

Beaumont: beautiful mountain
Bergen: mountain dweller
Denali: the high one
Elbio: he who is from the mountain
Estes: of the East
Everest: dweller of the Eure River
Geva: hill
Hilton: manor of the hill
Knox: round-topped hill
Montana: mountain
Parvati: mountain stream
Summit: peek or top
Weldon: hill near a spring

Final Thoughts On Names That Mean Mountain

Without a doubt, choosing a baby name is one of the biggest decisions that new parents will make.

But we hope we were able to help inspire you to find a baby name that you love!

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Mountain Inspired Baby Names You’ll Love