Motherhood Doesn’t Get Easier, It Just Changes

Motherhood is a journey of endless surprises,

Of laughter, tears, and constant compromises.

But through it all, we hold on to the love that we’ve found,

A bond that’s unbreakable, forever profound.

From the endless nights of rocking your crying baby to sleep,

To the 10am mornings when your teenager still hasn’t made a peep.

As they grow, so does the nature of our tasks,

From wiping runny noses to helping with homework tasks.

It’s A Job That’s Never Done, Never Complete

mom and daughter doing homework

With every stage and age, a new challenge we meet.

From toddler tantrums to teenage rebellion,

We weather the storms, and find our resilience.

We learn to be selfless, to put their needs first,

To nurture their dreams and quench their thirst

For knowledge, adventure, and life’s many thrills,

To give them roots and wings, to explore the hills.

For motherhood is a journey that never stays the same,

With Each Passing Day, It Shifts And Rearranges Its Game.

teaching daughter to cook

From making their meals to teaching them to cook,

To navigating their teenage dramas with a patient look.

We learn to love unconditionally, to forgive,

To offer a hand, a shoulder to lean on, and to live

With a heart that’s open, compassionate, and kind,

To cherish every moment, and leave nothing behind.

It’s a journey of love, patience, and growth,

Of letting go and holding on, with a heart that’s both

Full of joy and sadness, hope and fear,

As we watch our children grow year after year.

The Challenges May Vary, But They Never Quite Fade

mom and newborn baby

As mothers, we learn to adapt and constantly upgrade.

But the truth is, motherhood doesn’t get easier, it just changes,

From sleepless nights to fleeting teenage exchanges.

So, let us embrace the changes, the challenges, and the joys,

And celebrate the journey, with all its ups and downs and noise.

For motherhood doesn’t get easier, it just changes,

And we are all the better for it, with love that rearranges.

This post was written by Allison Banfield from Proud Happy Mama.

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motherhood doesnt get easier