Moses Basket Vs Bassinet: Which One Is Best?

Have you been trying to decide between a moses basket vs bassinet?

Then let us help you decide which one best for you with our bassinet vs moses basket guide!

A moses basket and bassinet are both different types of temporary sleeping furniture for newborns up until around your baby reaches 4 months old.

But what is the difference between a moses basket and bassinet?

And which one should you choose for you and your baby?

Well, we are going to answer those questions and more in this bassinet or moses basket guide.

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Is a Moses Basket the Same as a Bassinet?

First let’s take a look at is a moses basket the same as a bassinet.

Whilst they have similarities, no they are not the same.

A moses basket is generally made from natural materials such as wicker, woven together to make a basket. This is in contrast to a bassinet that is made from plastics and other materials.

Whilst both a bassinet and moses basket are designed to be easily maneuvered, a moses basket is generally more potable as they have two handles to lift and carry the basket. Where as a bassinet will generally come with casters to push it from room to room.

That then leads to the frame. A moses basket is not fixed to a frame, however they can generally be purchased separately. The frames for moses baskets are commonly made from wood and are fixed into position.

Where as a bassinet comes fixed to a frame and the frame can usually be adjusted in height.

What Is A Bassinet?

In general, a bassinet is an umbrella term for a type of furniture which acts as the first sleeping place for a newborn baby. Another term used for this kind of furniture is cot or cradle.

For many parents, when they first come home from the hospital, this will be the first place their baby will live.

These temporary abodes are made to keep your baby safe, sometimes putting your baby into something larger can put them at risk of SIDS as would sleeping in your bed.

A bassinet is made to sleep in the same room as you, and more modern styles can even act as a bedside sleeper so you can be closer to your baby without the risk of rolling onto them during the night.

Bassinets are great during this newborn period, and are super helpful when you are resting and recovering from labor.

Your baby will stay in the bassinet until around the 4 month when they begin to roll over. When your child starts being able to turn over and lay on their side a crib is recommended in order to prevent any chance of SIDS or injury.

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What Is A Moses Basket?

Made from natural materials like wicker, a moses basket is a type of bassinet which can stay on the floor or on a stand and is more mobile and versatile, perhaps, than a normal style of bassinet.

As you may have already guessed, the actual origins of the moses basket seem to root all the way back to the bible.

There is a story in the bible about Moses being left in a reed basket by the river Nile after the pharaoh ordered the death of all the first born male children. This is where the name comes from, someone seems to have found this design practical.

Moses Basket Vs Bassinet: Which Is Best?

We are going to compare these two styles, the generic bassinet and the Moses basket, to see which works best in different circumstances. The best way to compare them is by looking at the desirable features of each.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of a Moses basket is that you can pick up and go with your baby at any time you want to or need to, there is no annoying set up of any frames or detaching joints, just pick up and go.

This can be ideal for a mother on the go, if you are moving houses or something similar in the first few months of the baby’s life, a common occurrence, you may find that something like a Moses basket may be a useful tool.

A generic bassinet is often a static structure, that is to say that it can’t be moved without lifting the whole frame up and moving it. Some mothers may enjoy this static nature of the furniture for safety and other reasons.

However, you could purchase a bassinet that has wheels on and has a mobile design. This can mean you can double it up as a bedside sleeper as well as wheeling it into other rooms. A bassinet such as this could be wheeled around.

Where the Moses basket wins in this regard is that a Moses basket could easily be taken out the house, into the car, etc, with measurable ease in comparison to a bassinet which you would have to deconstruct in most cases.

If mobility is what you are looking for, a Moses basket may be your best option.


The generic bassinet is so popular mainly for the safety they can bring. The whole point of a bassinet is to let your baby sleep in your room safely and so you can make sure they are safe when they are sleeping, as to avoid SIDS.

We can only imagine some mothers would feel the Moses basket may not be in the safest place on the floor, which may detract their desire to purchase one. Moreover, a Moses basket may be seen to be more likely to tip over if that situation arose.

It stands to reason that this generic bassinet design has more potential for safety than the Moses basket. A generic bassinet can have lots of features added which makes it safe.

A really strong frame, mesh sides for airflow, sides with easy access, inserts, mattresses. It’s safe to say there are less options for this with a Moses basket.

For Small Spaces

This can be a mute point, but in general a Moses basket will work really well within small spaces. It can go basically anywhere on the ground which can be really helpful when you are dealing with a tricky space.

Yet, there are certainly generic bassinet styles out there which could potentially save even more space than a Moses basket. This bassinet, for example, could be better at saving space than a Moses basket in different situations.

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Which will fit your space better will depend on your own situation, but both are suitable for small spaces.

As A Bedside Sleeper

One thing many mothers look for in any sort of bassinet is how it could potentially double up as a bedside sleeper. A bedside sleeper is sort of ideal for any bassinet as it provides optimal safety and peace of mind for the mother.

Most modern bassinet designs will nearly always double up as bedside sleepers. Here is an example of a popular 2 in 1 design. These bedside sleepers are an ideal piece of furniture for mothers who have recently had a C section or are having trouble breastfeeding, these easy access bassinets are great.

The other side of this is that a Moses basket may struggle to be a bedside sleeper in the sense we want it to be.

Technically, a Moses basket placed by your bedside will still provide a clear line of eyesight to the baby but the ease of access is not the same, and isn’t ideal for mothers who want breastfeeding to be a little easier, or if you are bedridden as a result of a C section.

A Moses basket should never come up on your bed for risk of falling off, this isn’t a possibility with a bassinet that has a frame.

If you want your baby to be easily accessible to you then a bassinet that doubles up as a bedside sleeper may be a better choice for your situation. If you want to keep your child away from your bed but still have eyes on them then a Moses basket may suit you better.

Final Thought on Bassinet vs Moses Basket

We’re not here to tell you which is best for you, as a parent you know your own situation and hopefully through these descriptions you can figure out what features you are looking for in a bassinet of any kind.

Once you can figure out what you need out of a bassinet, which is not always easy to predict, you can decide for yourself which best fits your situation.

A Moses basket may be the ideal piece of furniture for a parent who is in a small space or one who is traveling a lot during this period of the baby’s life.

A Moses basket is the most mobile of all bassinet designs, but if you are in a small space there are still generic bassinets which work well.

The generic bassinet listed is perhaps the most ideal for most situations, they can fit small spaces, and there are many different designs that can suit different situations and mothers, we hope that these descriptions and comparisons can help you decide which type of bassinet is ideal for you.

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