Mission Critical Baby Carrier Review

Interested in the mission critical baby, but not sure if it is right for you?

Then let us help with our mission critical baby carrier review!

The Mission Critical S.01 Baby Carrier is the first baby carrier that has been designed with dads in mind.

By specifically catering to dads at every stage of the design process, this baby carrier addresses issues that are unique to men and is absolutely the baby carrier for dads we have been looking for. 

So, let’s take a look at why you may want to buy this action baby carrier!

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Mission Critical Baby Carrier Review

Here is everything you need to know about the Mission Critical baby carrier:


The Mission Critical S.01 Baby Carrier is suitable for children from 8lb to 35lb so you can spend a good few years in love with this carrier.

This tactical-style carrier is easy to put on and adjust, focusing on comfort for both dad and baby while allowing your little one to easily face in or out as they grow. 

Changing the way your baby is facing is incredibly easy, even on the go, as you just have to unclasp, flip and buckle back up.

We found the big and bold buckles a great source of comfort as they make a loud click when properly secured.

With only minimal practice you will be able to attach the carrier and load it up without any external assistance and be sure everything and everyone is 100% safe.


The carrier is made from 1000D nylon, a truly indestructible fabric that we find the ideal solution for coping with all of our adventures. Adventures that we are well equipped for, thanks to the MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) webbing system.

The MOLLE webbing system at the front of the carrier is completely customizable, letting you pack every essential you need for your baby and for yourself.

Because MOLLE is used by militaries, you can be sure that your items will be secure and easily accessible at all times. Say goodbye to rummaging around the bottom of your diaper bag! 

The attachments available for this carrier are incredibly versatile. We found the S.01 Action Insulated Bottle Holder a particularly useful attachment when out and about as we always had a bottle on hand.

The holder is compatible with any 12oz baby bottle and the insulation did a good job of keeping the bottle at the right temperature during our trip, and the wipe-clean interior was a real bonus. 

We also loved the S.01 Action Adventure Patches, especially the patch for a pacifier and your keys – the perfect solution for a more forgetful parent!

The rear of the Action Baby Carrier also has a MOLLE system and is compatible with the Mission Critical Daypack.

The backpack itself has enough pockets for all the essentials – including a few extras – and is designed with more MOLLE attachments, meaning any accessories bought for your baby carrier are also compatible with this backpack.

As the backpack can be worn as part of the carrier or by itself, we found this extra storage extremely helpful. 

We really loved the liner that this carrier comes with. The liner itself is incredibly soft, perfect for baby, and washable, perfect for parents!

It is so easy to take out for cleaning, just undo the snaps, and you even have the option of purchasing a spare for peace of mind in the event of an emergency.


You can really tell that this carrier has been designed for dad, and not just because of the tactical gear-like appearance and color choice! The waistband sits higher on the waist compared to other baby carriers which gives brilliant freedom of movement.

We were actually able to bend over with this baby carrier on and did not have to do the awkward bob to the floor, thanks to the higher waistband and much higher distribution of weight.

As men tend to carry weight on their shoulders more comfortably than women, this higher waistband means dad will find this baby carrier much more comfortable than other carriers available on the market.

We found that the increased pressure at the shoulders was not uncomfortable at any point, due to the incredible padding along the straps.

For maximum, all-day comfort, pair with the Mission Control Daypack as this will give the effect of a counterbalance and keep your posture from hunching forward. 

Breathability is what can turn an ok baby carrier into a brilliant one, but here it really sets apart a brilliant baby carrier from others available on the market at the moment.

All of the parts of this carrier that touch dad are lined with a thick layer of staircase air mesh and perforated foam. This adds a layer of padding for added comfort and a layer of insulation to help maintain temperature.

This keeps the carrier extremely breathable and, even on a hot day, you should not get too warm and we did not feel cooked alive at any point wearing this carrier.

Do not worry – baby has most definitely not been forgotten even though dad is well and truly catered for! The extra-wide padded gusset at the bottom is guaranteed to keep your passenger comfortable at all times. 


We all know the importance of keeping our little ones out of the sun, and it has never been easier thanks to the built-in sun shield in this carrier.

The zippered pocket at the front holds the foldable sun shield that is pulled out and then attached to the shoulder straps.

We think this is a really useful feature during day trips when the weather is warmer – constant shade means baby does not get burnt even when outside all day, without the need for constant sunscreen battles.

Mission Critical is undeniably designed for dad but does not skip any safety specifications. All Mission Critical Carriers exceed Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Soft Infant & Toddler Carriers regulations.

This standard, as well as the company’s own rigorous testing procedures, give great peace of mind that this carrier is incredibly safe.


Lastly, we love this carrier simply because it is super fun! 

The cool design is unique amongst baby carriers and with any number of accessory options, you are sure to stand out from the crowd.

The dad-in-mind background of this product guarantees superior fit, allowing dad to spend much more time with his children than he would otherwise be able to in a traditional baby carrier. 

Key Points

First-Wear Fit

For the first wear, we recommend that dad has someone on standby to help out.

To achieve the outstanding custom fit, the straps of the carrier need to be tightened on first wear that is much easier to achieve if someone else helps while dad and baby get comfortable. After that, you are good to go! 

Mission Critical Carrier Daypack

For the best weight distribution, we recommend wearing the Mission Critical Dayback on the back of the baby carrier as much as possible.

You should obviously try to avoid overloading yourself, but using the carrier and backpack together you distribute weight evenly which is better for your back and helps you stand up straight.

All this means that the carrier is outstandingly comfortable and ideal for all-day wear.


We love the wide range of accessories available for this baby carrier, and the Optional Accessories Bundle includes some of the best of the range and can all be attached thanks to the MOLLE system. Accessories included:

Rectangular Pouch

Designed for quick access and ideal for baby wipes, car keys, and anything else you need on hand. It has drain holes for accidental spills and easy cleaning and can be attached anywhere on the MOLLE system.

Square Pouch

This pouched can be attached anywhere on the carrier and is low profile so will not draw unwanted attention. The dual cord zipper pulls ensure this pouch will remain secure for as long as you need.

Foldable Pouch

This is by far the most versatile storage accessory available. The pouch is designed with reinforced MOLLE attachment points for flexible but durable placement and will expand to carry anything you need.

Bottle Holder

Insulated for temperature retention for both hot and cold; be it a warm bottle or cold beer. The reinforced attachment points let you connect to any MOLLE area of the carrier but are durable enough for all-day wear.

MOLLE Webbing System

This system is great for carrying all the essentials and awesome accessories available from Mission Critical.

As this system is universal, you are not limited to just Mission Critical products and you can attach a diverse range of extras – whatever you can think of to attach you probably can!

Best Features

The accessories available for this baby carrier have to have a mention as a best feature, and we found that the Optional Accessories Bundle had everything we needed.

We also really loved the overall fit of this carrier for both mum and dad – everyone benefits from breathability and padded designs! The higher waistband is also a big draw but as a comfort feature is going to be better for dad.

In short, this is a truly incredible baby carrier that will make the perfect gift for any father. We have found that it addresses all shortcomings of other baby carriers and think it has revolutionized baby carriers and accessories.

Final Thoughts on Mission Critical Baby Carrier

The Mission Critical baby carrier is a great baby carrier designed for dads! It comes with a ton of great features as well as optional accessories.

We hope this guide has been helpful in helping you to decided if the Mission Critical carrier is the right choice for you and your baby.

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