To The Little Boy Who Made Me Mom

To the little boy who made me mom,

It often feels surreal looking at you now and knowing I gave you life six years ago.

I can still vividly remember the days I would lay in bed extra long in the morning to feel your kicks.

Or the first time your little hand met my face.

Your fingertips feeling my skin and the love that poured in.

Now I Stare And See My Eyes And Smile That Fill Your Face.

Mother And Son

But I also see you.

Your free spirit and need to explore.

Your innocence and untainted heart.

I know one day you’ll have more questions.

You’ll see and hear things and you’ll experience moments where the world is ugly.

Each year goes quicker than the last.

Soon you’ll be leading on your own.

How do I help you find your way back to your pure heart?

How do I raise you to be a good man?

I’m Not Sure I Have All The Answers But There Are 15 Things I Will Teach You To Stay True To:

Mom And Son

1. You are important. Never underestimate your worth.

2. People will always remember how you made them feel. Always leave them better.

3. Racism is real. Speak up and take action against it. Treat everyone equally. Be the change.

4. Keep God close. He will protect you, guide you and fight for you. Prayers are free.

5. A growth mindset is essential to success.

6. Be whatever you want to be. Be whoever you want to be. Just be a good person while doing it.

7. It is a person’s soul and heart that make them. Always look for inner beauty first.

8. Sensitivity is a good thing. Feelings are a good thing. Communicate. The world needs more people who care.

9. Dream. Dream big. Then chase that dream till it comes true.

Mom Quotes | My hope is to raise my children so they love themselves so fiercely that they refuse to settle for anything less than they deserve.

10. “I love you” are not just three words. Say it only if you mean it.

11. No ALWAYS means no. Plain and simple.

12. It’s okay for you to say no. Don’t listen when they call you names for it. That is their insecurities, not yours. Peer pressure is lame.

13. Cheating, lying, and hiding things do not make you a man. You are above that.

14. Show up. Actions always mean more than words. Always.

15. I will forever love you, be your safe place and biggest fan.

I pinky promise.

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